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  1. Gore999

    PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Must you submit to a BMI test? Is this pass or fail?? They have been letting obese people in to the PSNI for years. They had no fitness test to even get in to the PSNI. Rather one to get out of the Police College. I wonder why they are bringing standards like this in for transferees???????
  2. Gore999

    What people are worth.......

    If peope are unhappy with their wages, find another job, get better qualified, or become a caretaker.......
  3. Good mitigation if I ever need it.
  4. Gore999

    PCSO may be given powers of arrest

    A way round it would be.... PCSO's have Powers of Arrest when on duty and in uniform. Like the Full Time, Part Tiime Reserve RUC or Special Constables. I hope it doesn't happen. Errosion of the Office of Constable.
  5. Gore999

    Margaret Thatcher

    Seeing some of the trash celebrating the death of Baroness Thatcher is disgusting. She was a democratically elected leader serving the public. She made decisions, no-one will agree with them all. RIP.
  6. Gore999

    Robbery suspect dies.

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind. No real great loss to society there.
  7. I have no knowledge of this Officers character or physical make up. From experience however, seeing other persons claims in the past these claimants are normally fat, unfit and have a questionable work ethic. They tend to blame everyone but themselves. My question to the Officer concerned would be... "Where was your issue torch?"
  8. Gore999


    Good riddence to her. A disgusting set of circumstances. I would not employ her to stack shelves. Trash.
  9. Gore999

    Self Inflicted Death

    The good thing is that he only caused his own death. How much worse would it have been if mother and baby was killed by this idiot?
  10. Gore999

    Margaret Thatcher

  11. Gore999

    Common Law Powers

    Section 1 of the Barbed Wire Act 1969 states, "Any Constable can do anything they deem fit in the course or pursuance of their duty".
  12. Gore999

    Chris Huhne/and ex

    Liar Liar, Pants on Fire !!! I hope that he has time to reflect at Her Majesties pleasure.
  13. Gore999

    Career In Police

    Yes. For me Policing was something I always wanted to do. 10 years, 1 month and 1 week to retirement. Sounds like I am not enjoying it? Some of it is rubbish, some is good, some is excellent with intermittent brown pants in between. Money is a factor, it pays the bills. The only way I could earn more is to leave and got to hot climes were my life would be more at risk. Wifey has twenty nine and a half to do. No-one has that long left..... My advice, find something you love doing, get there and stay there.
  14. Gore999

    Man with Knife Tasered by Police

    Loud clicks tend to indicate a lack of a good circuit. This is generally caused a miss or by the barbs not making good enough contact with the person due to clothing etc. Recently the taser target has been changed so now the clicks are quiet with a good circuit as opposed to the old silver ones that were noisy with a good circuit. This means that the user is more attune to the actual and correct noise that this system makes when effective and functioning correctly.
  15. Gore999

    What's Brilliant about Policing

    Roger d. I didn't read the prior posts, just the opening statement. We don't have PCSOs here. We have a cancer spreading through our force though. Our authorities bring in civvies to teach use of force (psp) and firearms. Some of these people are retired Police. Some have never been Police, and have never actually performed the skills they are delivering training in! Zero credibility to a high proportion of Police.