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Response Pleb

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  1. Response Pleb

    Police assessment centre

    Get some coaching. I used a company called Talking Blues based in the North West; they prepared me for the assessment centre and I passed the whole thing first time. It's well worth investing in your future.
  2. Start Running... Start doing press ups to improve your upper body strength and learn about fitness. The entry fitness test is easy; but chasing down criminals whilst wearing body armour and belt equipment, sometimes for several hundred metres, is difficult. The fitter you are, the better you will enjoy the demands of the job. It's a 'Nike' moment...Just do it!
  3. Response Pleb

    University Based Entrance

    The Job have just started a 'different' way of bringing in new officers. I must admit to being a bit dubious about it, because it is so unusual. New recruits enroll in the University on a 2 year programme that costs £9,000. They are attested as Special Constables at the same time. They spend their first academic year receiving lectures and in the May of the following year, emerge from year 1. They then come to the Job for their 10-week in-company phase with an Assessor/Tutor Constable. It's the role of the Assessor to take them to becoming an Independant Officer. In their 2nd year they work for the Constabulary full time completing their NOS competencies. The unusual thing is that they aren't being paid by the Job, they are still Special Constables throughout. At the end of the 2 year process they are then eligible to apply for a full time post as a Police Officer. It's different...but despite this there seem to be huge numbers of people wanting to be Police Officers and requests to join the programme are over subscribed.
  4. Response Pleb

    Vests or Belts?

    We're experiencing some sort of retro feeling from the Job at the moment, whereby the equipment vests we were issued now seem to be going 'out of style'. I wear a vest and, as i work response, it works a treat; all my equipment is where I need it to be and it's comfortable to wear in or out of a car. We're now being pushed back towards belts, which are uncomfortable to wear when zipping about in a car; you end up with all of your gear pushed to the sides or digging into your groin (which gets a bit irritating). I can see the attraction if you are a neighbourhood officer on foot for the majority of the time, but I find them uncomfortable and back-fatiguing over time. Whats the consensus out there?
  5. Response Pleb

    Powers of Entry Scenario

    If you were out and about and you observed four people in a dwelling smoking cannabis together; would you have the power to make entry in order to deal with them? Real life example; I have my own opinion but I'm interested in what you would do. If you go in, what power of entry are you using? If you don't go in, what's your rationale for that action?
  6. Response Pleb

    Police uniform.

    Shirts and Ties under body armour look ridiculous; I cannot imagine how much washing officers forced to wear this must do! The black wicking shirts are useless in the summer; they are horrible to wear and the body armour prevents any wicking from happening! Polo shirts would look OK; but in the winter would offer no warmth. I tend to wear a black roll neck under my wicking shirt, which works a treat in cold weather. I saw an NYPD Police officer wearing something similar in the winter; their roll neck base layers have 'NYPD' embroidered in the neck. If we had to wear something better than the wicking shirts; why not issue a black twill cotton shirt?