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  1. Backlash

    Judges win pension case

    The Employment Tribunal decision concerning the transitional arrangements for the 2015 Firefighter’s Pension Scheme was handed down yesterday (14 February). The Tribunal concluded that these arrangements did not discriminate on the grounds of age, sex or race. https://www.fbu.org.uk/news/2017/02/15/fbu-deeply-disappointed-pensions-ruling
  2. Backlash

    In or Out

  3. Backlash

    Promotion Boards

    My force is currently going through the new step 3 process. In my force this means that promotion to Sgt will be by way of competency based application form and paper sift, followed by 12 months temporary promotion and on job assessment (substantive promotion if you are part 2 qualified). No assessment centre, no promotion board. So before you spend your hard earned cash, check with your HR Dept what the new process in your force will mean :)
  4. Backlash


    The 3 month rule for payment is in regs - however it is my understanding that local agreements exist in some forces that allow toil to be banked, when in others it falls off for payment once the toil is 3 months old, or hits a certain threshold - e.g. any toil over 80 hours fall off as payment...
  5. I totally agree with this...thanks for your effort Kenworthy
  6. Remembering fallen colleagues , today is national Police Memorial day ‪#‎NPMD15‬ ‪#‎LestWeForget‬ ‪#‎PoliceLivesMatter‬
  7. Backlash

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Snap...actually I did get something...I was asked to stop 'scaremongering' when I attempted to explain the situation.
  8. Backlash

    Pension Challenge

    That is my experience also...and unbelievably, there are still Officers who have no idea about how changes have affected them, and when asked cant tell me their pension contribution rate.As always, complacency is the enemy...too many officers are happy to sit on their hands and let others do the legwork, we only need to look back at the vote for industrial rights for recent evidence of that.
  9. Backlash

    Limit on RDIL & TOIL

    Right To Carry Forward Leave To The Next Year And To Bring Forward Leave This comes from Annex O 3) In the case of a member of a police force of a rank not higher than that of chief superintendent, the chief officer of police may, in his discretion and subject to the exigencies of duty - a) notwithstanding anything in paragraphs (1) and (2),where he is satisfied that, in any leave year, the member has not taken the full period of annual leave specified in those paragraphs, grant the member, during the following leave year, additional days of annual leave not exceeding the number of days not taken, so however that he shall not exercise his discretion so as to grant more than 5 additional days of annual leave to a member unless he is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances and that it is in the interests of efficiency to do so; b ) grant the member not more than 5 additional days of annual leave, to be taken in the last month of the leave year, subject to a corresponding reduction being effected in the member’s period of annual leave under paragraph (1) for the following year. This is straightforward. If an officer has been unable to take all of his/her leave allocation in the year to end 31st March, s/he may apply to carry forward up to five days. In practice, this is automatic. However, should the number of unused days be more than five the officer will need to account for why they have not been taken and, probably, specify when s/he wants to take them within the first few months of the next year. If you find yourself short of leave, you can apply to bring forward up to five days from the next annual leave year. However, you can only bring them forward into March. There will have to be good reasons.
  10. Backlash

    Limit on RDIL & TOIL

    I think that I am correct in saying that there is no provision in Police regs for 'banking' rest days, it is by local agreement only (so speak to your local fed about the banked rest days, and what your local agreement is). Any TOIL over 3 months old should be submitted for payment, again anything banked beyond that is by local agreement only. If it were me, I would be submitting all of my TOIL for payment tomorrow (so long as it is over 3 months of age)
  11. Backlash


    John, Housing cannot be increased, it was frozen in 1994. To play devils advocate, does your argument mean that if it were to be removed, those still resident in Police owned accommodation should also be evicted?
  12. Backlash


    Plus those in receipt have also lost: SPP - Lost CRTP - Lost (albeit phased) increase in pension contributions from 11% - 14.25 %
  13. Backlash


    I do struggle with the concept of of officers calling for colleagues to have allowances removed. There is a distinct difference between 'payments (SPP, CRTP), and allowances (part of basic conditions of service). Those in receipt of housing allowance is an ever reducing number. Those not in receipt knew their conditions of service when they joined, however some clearly have no concept of why those in receipt are / were in receipt. My own circumstances are that when I joined the job I was posted to a Police outstation for 4 years, and was instructed that my private house had to be sold. Four years later when I came to move from the outstation and buy a private house of a similar standard to the one I had been made to sell cost me £46000 more than the house I had been made to sell 4 years previous. Under the terms and conditions I joined I was told I would be provided with either a Police House OR a housing allowance. If they wish to remove my housing allowance crack on, but I will be asking for a Police house as per my conditions of service. Oh hang on, they have sold all of those haven't they! My own thoughts are that we should all get what we signed up to, and any changes should be for new recruits only. I for one will continue to fight for 'Colleagues', and will not be campaigning or canvassing for a reduction in any officer salary or allowance paid !
  14. Backlash


    There is a theme here. I never used to claim, but now claim everything to which I am entitled. I also cashed in my TOIL account for payment. I am sure if all cops nationally did the same it would cost a pretty penny...I work to live, not live to work...
  15. Backlash

    So, how has the job changed?

    Discretion....it no longer exists.