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  1. SuperSarge

    Windows 7 anyone?

    Nope, their Returns Policy expressly forbids it : The following items are non returnable unless in their original packaging and unused DVDs Books ► Sex Toys Condoms Lubricants Massage oils
  2. Very good point! They didn't, because as soon as they had paid me, they swapped the wheels and tyres for round ('ish) slabs of stone. When I asked them about why they had done that, they both agreed that the roads should be made of rubber and the wheels should be made of stone. Actually, that made very good sense at the time and so I wished them a safe drive home. ps. They both looked a bit odd though; both were dressed in animal skins which is sooo .. 1960's and totally passée!
  3. I had a MGB in '77. It was unique in so much as it had a sun-floor. In the end, I flogged the car to a couple of blokes called Fred and Barney. They loved it !
  4. SuperSarge

    What would you do?

    Given the chance again, I would work towards promoting a whole day of Christmas cheer, providing a decent meal and some Christmas-pop to all the homeless, elderly without family, and families on low income. Big marquee (Army), lots of helpers, music and Christmas ambiance. Food ? Mump it from all the big supermarkets. Drink ? Same, plus the breweries. Catering equipment ? Army. Publicity ? Local press and radio stations. Venue ? Free, donated by the owner. First-aid ? Red-Cross. Transport ? Free for the day by the local bus company to and from the venue. If that can't be done, pick them up in the Police vans. This would be a massive boost for local Police public support and a boost for every contributor by way of donating to such an event. Sponsors of local and national businesses would be falling over themselves to get publicity. Even just sponsoring a barrel of beer would be snapped up. Ultimately, your Commander and Ch Supts are to get involved with this so as to carry some weight, especially with the sponsors, press and local council. Sister Purity this doesn't answer your question but let me say this. I was bullied as a young constable into doing things that I didn't want to do, especially an event such as you describe. As my service age progressed, I would simply say no thanks and leave it at that. Whilst I do enjoy a beer or three and a party, to share an evening getting pissed with the people that you work with everyday, is not what I like to do. Many folk forget what Christmas is about and some use it as a lever, or an ideal about what should be done at Christmas time. Tell you what, the two best Xmas Police doos I did attend was a knees-up and plate smashing at a local Greek restaurant and the same at an Indian restaurant (but no plate smashing!). Good food, good company, talk, and beers aplenty. Everyone signed-off and went home at 11-30pm. Sweet ! Sister Purity, never agree to do anything that you feel uncomfortable in doing. Making a personal fuss will, ultimately, fall on deaf ears. I find racism abhorrent. I am half German, my grandfather was French and I am married to a lovely lady whose first language is not English. My children are trilingual both in custom, and languages. Don't be troubled by the odd plebeian. Surf that wave! :-)
  5. SuperSarge

    Windows 7 anyone?

    Pb, perhaps I have downloaded a recent product upgrade, or something ? ... I know 999tommo probably thinks that we should get a life and do better things in our spare time, but have you explored this in it's entirety, especially their MAC-cleaning app. too! : http://www.piriform.com/products Nick. ps. I'm gonna sign-off now as it's way past my bedtime. I don't need beauty sleep, but sleep helps me fight-off the monsters that want tea, toast and cereal every morning! If I don't get that sleep, I is a well-moody-angry guy!
  6. SuperSarge

    Windows 7 anyone?

    Pb, nope. Downloaded from http://crystalmark.info/software/CrystalDiskInfo/index-e.html Click language on the top toolbar. Most langs. are supported.
  7. SuperSarge

    Windows 7 anyone?

    Pb, just done that. HDD Seek and read error zero on this (vista) machine, Temp 34c. But, I can see how it might come in very handy! ;-) And, it's in French too, which is super. It also by-loaded DriverScanner which needs closer examination. Thanks. Nick. Nope, wait a minute, it has just refreshed itself. Ahh, see what you mean ! :-)
  8. SuperSarge

    Windows 7 anyone?

    Apologies for the delay in answering, I don't get a chance to get on the web until late evening when the young-uns are in bed, and have stopped using my bandwidth for their on-line games! Sorry Penbwlch, that'll teach me not to use my reading specs whilst looking at the screen! (I thought the lowercase L was an I). Agreed using Unix stuff to probe Windows tho. It's the only way of opening a dead Win install. When you say that a re-install is the only way, the problem is that most of all the 10 year old (and more recent) Win product keys are now on the web and used by people who want something for nothing. a.k.a Pirates. The upshot of that is that none of my old and genuine Win XP product keys work any more! Searched for the unattend.txt in the install CDs and loaded the bottom-lines as a search querys in Googy. Snap, snap, snap in every case! All on the web! In the end, I had to phone MS for a brand-new Product Key for a Win XP Prof. install. Nice lady. And, t'was FOC too, which is great. Many thanks for the info about your rates etc. (mine are much the same). Talking about the Welsh and Scottish folk, always reminds me that my bestest mates (from 16 years of age) were/are either Welsh or Scottish, never English. And I do not know why? Even at my current tender young age of 53, it still baffles me! Mind you, I don't invite them over too often because they drink all my beer. 999tommo, don't forget, you are only as old as the port you feel! :-))) Nick
  9. SuperSarge

    Windows 7 anyone?

    Hi Pb Just had an interesting old Win XP in today. After booting, had a repeated “chkauto not found” reboot cycle going on. Despite all of my knowledge, handy fix-discs and a perusal of the web for a fix (all of which didn't work), I had to mount it in a Unix environment, copy all the partition data over to a spare USB HDD and re-install Windows XP (SP2) on the primary partition but, without a serial number, (pukka OEM disc though!!). Nightmare. If that customer had to actually pay by the hour (€30) they could have bought a brand-new pc. She's a local church organiser, so me being a softy, I wouldn’t go there with an invoice in 3 figures, although, I should! This is the problem about TS. You can normally save it (the dead computer) with tips, tricks, knowledge and know-how, and very quickly, BUT, if they all don't work then, Aarrgghh! Jeez, today really took the biscuit. And just this minute trying to download the gigantic (for me-and-my-bandwidth anyway) Win XP SP3 to get system updates. Hopefully, the customer will not be too annoyed at having to re-install their printer, scanners drivers etc. but pleased that I rescued (“just” though – it crashed twice during) migrating all their data. Penbwich, (to call you Penbwich is a bit of a mouthfull for a South-Londoner and, as I am not Welsh, I don't know how to pronounce your name? - Is it like with a silent "b" and sounds like the English word, "penwich"? - Sorry, just asking here so as not to offend ... ! And, just also thought to ask you politely what your hourly, and minimum bench-charge was? And whether you get days like this or go straight into “Window re-install mode” without a second thought. Personally, I do try and fix the existing Windows install, but today? Forget it. Impossible as the boot section and associated DLL's were either missing, or damaged. Thankfully, Win 7 is generous in a repair scenario, but Vista is still a PITA. 999tommo, just practice and synaptically interface with your computer and all it's secrets will be revealed :-) ps. Police Service guys and gals, don't be gad-zooked by this geek-speak. It is only intended to convey the SP in the shortest possible time. For a an example, you use the terms, body, gaff, drum, stop, check, horty (does the HORT1 still exist?), spin, score, runner, RC, ditched, R&R, double-bubble, stuffed-it, nick, etc. to convey your SP in your shortest possible of time. And I am sure I have forgotten many, many more! Yours T, SuperSarge (aka Nick ; no pun intended)
  10. SuperSarge

    Windows 7 anyone?

    Hi Penbwich, My mistake, I should have expanded more on that rather than using that blunderbuss of a sentence about support ending for XP. I thought that development support, for example; where they hot-fix operating errors, had already stopped and that only security updates would continue until date 'X'. But apparently, MS has extended both types of support (bug-fixing AND security) by popular demand (sorry, I can't find the article on that at the mo.). Support for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 finished in 2010. There's no Service Pack 3 for the 64-bit version of Windows XP. But if you ARE running the 64-bit version of Windows XP, MS promise that they will support it and you'll get security updates up until April 2014 which is 6 years after 32-bit SP3 was released. They go on to say that, Support ends 24 months after the next service pack releases or at the end of the product's support lifecycle, whichever comes first. For more information, please see the service pack policy at http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/#ServicePackSupport . CHECKING YOUR VERSION OF WINDOWS XP So anyone reading this post and using Windows XP should check their version now. To do that, press the Windows key and the Pause key at the same time. A window will pop up and it should say Windows XP blah-blah (ok, it might not actually show the word blah, followed by another blah-type word! :-) Service Pack 3, (it will also tell you if you have a 32-bit or a 64-bit processor installed). If it doesn't show Service Pack 3, then scream, do a little dance and go Start ► Windows Update when you'll be re-directed to the Microsoft update website page and simply follow the instructions on the screen. Something has gone wrong with your Windows Updates set-up because this Service Pack 3 has been around for a while and should have been sent down the pipe to your computer automatically. It is well worth taking a few moments to thoroughly check the Windows Update settings. If you have several SP2's to upgrade to SP3 then you can download the entire XP Service Pack 3 from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=24 Hi 999tommo, Thanks for welcoming me aboard. I am quite sure that Penbwich knows tons more than I do !!
  11. SuperSarge

    Drink Drive Charge

    Sentencing seems grossly unfair for just a Police stop and breath-test if that is the simple case. Any aggravating circs there? A, “well-over-the-top”, a.k.a - driving unfit? (incoherent, unable to walk in a straight line) = (in my opinion though) the, slammer for sure and good riddance for a month, but, for just a pint over the top though, is harsh! Very, very harsh indeed! Perhaps Sweden has an ongoing issue with alcohol consumption? Google and Wiki that subject to discover more (if you want). Post-Note: This sort of hideous punishment stuff makes me cringe. I used to be a Met. black-rat for 3 years and my comrades were a whole bunch of proper gentlemen. I often wonder if dropping the car-keys down the drain or keeping them as property found in the street still exists, or keeping them in your locker until the next day, still goes on? Young-uns, this is not standard Police procedure of course and you will get into trouble if you do this. Question ! For The Young Coppers: You stop the,“Best-Man” on the way home from a wedding. Although smartly Suited-and-Booted, he blows a positive just over what you might expect. He's ok, not leery, no issues. And all his docs are pukka, his car is good, and, he passes your attitude test. What do you do next?
  12. SuperSarge

    Windows 7 anyone?

    Hi folks, Just thought I would chip-in here... The problem with upgrading the OS is/are the drivers that support communication between it (your peripheral - whatever it may be) and your PC. For example; Win 8 is the latest, however, upgrading from Vista or 7 might seem appealing at first glance but you cannot thoroughly test if every software application that you have on the old OS still works with the new OS without actually doing an upgrade (and testing if it still works). For example ; you have wi-fi drivers that work great with 7 but if you upgrade to 8 they may not work and you’re stuffed because the manufacturer of your wi-fi hardware has not issued an “8” sofware driver yet. So that, is a consideration. Win XP Professional (for example) is a very fine piece of software kit but MS have stopped supporting it now. That is, they have stopped issuing fixes when operational user-issues are found. The same will happen to Vista eventually. Normally the OS product support life-cycle is around 10 years or so. The bottom line here is if it ain’t' broke don't try and fix it. You want 8 ? OK, so go and buy an 8 machine, brand-new. Less of a headache trying to migrate your peripheral software which it may not support anyway, (and perhaps no hope of an "8" driver release because perhaps that company has merged, or folded?) A SuperSarge way of explaining this; Think of your computer operating system (be that XP, Vista , Window 7 etc, as a gun). Now, this new "gun" can only fire square bullets! Your peripherals, printer, camera, fax, CD-ROM, USB keys ... blah, are only used to using round bullets. Therefore your peripherals cannot be used with the operating system because they are incompatible. You cannot load a round bullet when the chamber (the new OS) only expects square bullets to be loaded. So, whilst the opportunity of upgrading your OS is tempting, just be wary that all the things you used to attach to your « old » system may not work any more. Companies that supply peripherals are always chasing the OS to provide « drivers » to stay communicated with the new OS in native mode. Compatibility mode is a big, “perhaps” but is not a solid-gold solution and rarely works. So folks, you can test-drive the newest OS if you want but things may not work as they used to be. Of course you can install another OS (Operating System) on a unique hard-drive partition, called a, "dual-boot". But that sort of stuff is for an enthusiast. As someone above said, wait a year at least before installing a new OS because that should be enough time for the creators (Microsoft) to iron-out any user issues, and, for the peripherals companies to issue a new driver for that OS so that things that you used to attach to your computer, now still work! Have fun! Bio = Very proud to have served and retired from the Met. Police after a solid 12 years service. 6 years pc, 6 years ps. I have been self-employed within, “everyday” computer IT support since 1990 and building websites / forums too.
  13. SuperSarge

    Windows Live Mail.

    Hi, Regardless of what it calls itself, Windows Live Mail is the current name for what used to be called Outlook Express. Of course, over the years, it has been "improved" with gismo's that I never use. The problem you may be experiencing is that you have an email server keeping copies of your mail and delivering your new mail, plus the old stuff that you have already seen. If it is a regular ISP (Internet Service Provider) you have to check if it's their server that is retaining the old stuff. Your email client (Windows Live Mail) may well be switched to NOT retain copies BUT if their email server does not understand the instructions given to it by your email client (perhaps Windows Live Mail), nothing will be sorted. And, you will still continue to get all the old stuff. For example, you need to check your ISP's email handling. To do this, you need to login to your account at their URL they provide, with your particulars (user name and password). Check your email settings there. Uncheck any box that says, "Keep email copies on the server" , or words to that effect. Because once your email client (Windows Mail etc) has requested a message, and it has been delivered succesfully, it SHOULD be deleted automatically from their email server queue as have being, "delivered" to you. So, that I think is your issue. Check at both ends. That being, your email client AND your email server. IMAP generally leaves copies of emails on your email server although this is not generally used these days for small accounts. Generally, SMTP to send, and POP to receive. HTH Note: If you have a website hosting provider handling your email, this is another avenue of investigation as to what is happening to email-forwarding to you at their end. TOP EMAIL AND EVENT-CALENDAR TIP? Use Thunderbird and Lightning (it's free).