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  1. muay

    Judges win pension case

    Interesting this! I've been away for a while. Had a problem inside my old swede and was away with the fairies for a good while. Eventually retired on Ill health grounds - well I actually resigned and took early access to my deferred pension as I had the certificate of disablement from the SMP. This of came at a significant loss to me financially although my mental health was and is worth more than anything. I was put on zero pay due to sickness and nearly became both homeless and bankrupt as a result. Ex wife had to bail me out a few times by paying the rent on my behalf. Thats the caring service for you. Spinal injury on duty, a head full of Devils and they stick a knife in you by cutting pay to half before twisting it all the way by cutting it to zero. I was forced to resign and claim early payment of deferred pension so I could try and earn some money online. Regs prevented me from earning in a second job so I was stuffed. Oh yeah before I resigned they decided to retain me despite the SMP stating I was permanently disabled - but they didn't offer me any alternative roles or actually have an idea what I could or should do. They saved money by forcing me out! Papers are in with the lawyers! Will be watching with interest as to how the Government will respond to this and whether it will have any effect on what I was given as a pension? Im still fighting for justice but at least I am free of the handcuffs and slowly recovering my mental fortitude and dignity! Keep safe folks and be careful of the HR dept as they do not care about you one little bit!
  2. Turn the lights off in the toilet when your 'sitting down'
  3. muay

    Limit on RDIL & TOIL

    Feel sorry for PSU with every weekend cancelled due to football and other events, lack of officers will only mean more squeeze on resources and less opportunity to take owed days etc. They certainly don't make things easier with these new procedures that get devised! Good luck to the OP reply here with the response from your HR or boss. I spoke to a mate of mine the other day who is a response Sgt and he said that whilst having officers knowing regs well can sometimes cause him a challenge or two, he now ensures all his shift are aware of regs and actively encourages them to study regs in work time where able. His attitude is that we should all know our protection and conditions of service as well as the laws that we enforce and in these times it is even more important!
  4. muay

    Limit on RDIL & TOIL

    I think regs say a maximum of five days but must be a very good reason. The days are gone of banking an extra two or three weeks leave. This has been done before but you should request the time off that you want, if it gets refused then record it. After three months present it for payment, if it gets refused record it and keep on going on that merry dance. They have done the same in our farce as the new computer system can't deal with the carrying over of leave, so instead of getting a program written that can cope with such issues as being sick on leave, carrying over of leave, part time hours etc they send out moral boosting emails like the OP recieved just to make the system 'work'. You cannot lose annual leave if you have asked to take it and were not allowed, however if my memory serves there may have been a recent case where the employee lost because he/she was given a window of opportunity to take the leave but failed to take it as it didn't suit. The company policy was as in many companies 1 week autumn/winter 2 weeks summer and 1 week spring and the particular employee wasnt happy with that 'flexibility' on the part of his/her employer. The case was found in favour of the reasonable employer as they had shown the opportunities had been presented to the employee in meetings etc.
  5. muay

    Pension Challenge

    I haven't made my mind up about whether this challenge is a good or bad thing to be honest. I saw the overturning of the first judgement recently on A19 and that wasn't really good for us I am sure that the Govmt won't take a challenge very well especially as the fed negotiated our 'concessions' and for a rogue group to go against the deal struck may just be the final pull on the tigers tail! This will cause a big split in the service and we will become even more divided if it doesn't go the way it should. I feel challenging S2 in the European Court on the basis that the federation failed to consult its membership before signing away the protection afforded by S2 is or was the way to go about any challenges. That the deal between HMG and Pol Fed was unlawful as there was no consultation with the members. It will be argued that the fed are trusted to protect our interests and the deal was a good one but the pension issue is far more important than the length of a meal break or how much can be claimed for meal allowance!
  6. muay

    Pension Challenge

    An idea for a motivational poster "Challenge The Pension Change - join now and fight against the shafting. I am sure these wouldn't be allowed anywhere near a nick wall in any part of the country! Those posters would hopefully motivate the ones who couldn't be bothered to vote for or against industrial rights........................but wait ............................ There werent any posters about that vote anywhere to be seen either............No 'everyone's a leader! Be careful on Social Media................ Blue Sky thinking at its best. Got it back on topic
  7. muay

    Pension Challenge

    Those posters are sublimal advertising they speak to your subconscious that's why they are everywhere. It's like any advertising - the more you are exposed to the bull poop the more your subconscious believes it as being true. Much better when they've been amended by the troops and the creative use of Biro! They would put them on the inside of toilet doors if they thought they would get away with it. Anyone remember crime stoppers number and logo being sprayed on the ceiling of cells? The marketing branch had the idea that as soon as the eyes of the prisoner would open they would read the number and be more likely to call! Best place for those posters are the shredder, if they really want to motivate staff then improve the conditions we are working under and stop kicking us every day.
  8. muay

    Pension Challenge

    In an ET you will only be responsible for the other sides costs if your claim is vexatious or you engage in unreasonable behaviour as part of your litigation otherwise it's usually costs neutral. It's very rare that a case gets past the pre hearing stage where complainant costs are likely to be incurred. Judges are very good at spotting lemons before they reach a hearing!
  9. I thought people on this site kept up with current affairs and yet all this, 'someone got an extra pip', 'Bramshill high flyer idea', 'WMP should be ashamed of themselves'! Have a look at Home Office publication, 'The Government Response to the Consultation in changes to the Police Disciplinary System' It dictates that all hearings from 1 May 2015 should be in public by default. Chairs of panels will be legally qualified, from 1 Jan 2016. Protection for police whistleblowers. Allow compensation to withheld from chief officers. So no police bright idea resulting in promotion, no blame on WMP - all forces must go the same. It's all thanks to your old friend the right honourable Theresa May MP. My response was in the perverted selling or issuing of tickets via an event management company by all means a small advert in the local reds or on the force Internet sites is acceptable as in the case of bankruptcy proceedings and similar. My gripe is that these event management companies are a 'for profit' organisation that have giant mailing lists of 'leads' to whom they send out daily emails about their promotions, each email is littered with ads for other 'promotions'. It's a crass and perverse way of dealing with such a sensitive issue where one of our own may or may not be found culpable! Many of us have been subjected to malicious complaints that have been heard in front of the chief con and his panel. Those complaints usually only often got there to appease some focus group or other influential party! I have faced one such witch hunt in my 20 year career after making an enemy of standards and exposing a weakness and flaw in the evidence of the chief inspector leading the investigation against me. He was pissed that I found him out- i was fully exonerated at the hearing but I would be furious if the great unwashed and friends of the idiots who made false allegations were allowed into the kangaroo court jeering and laughing at my apparent undoing!! Family of the accuser, maybe the press if it's really Newsworthy and human rights groups and similar may have a genuine interest to attend such a hearing, but the local police stalker (I am sure every force has one) should not be allowed to witness an officer facing the sack or worse. JMHO on the matter
  10. To be fair I think that whoever the officer is that is subjected to this farce should automatically instigate proceedings against WMP. A spare courtroom or even a £80 per day hotel seminar room is a good enough venue for a disciplinary with a few spectators. The listing could be publicised on the force Internet site for any nosy mop that wants to observe the hearing. Kangaroo courts and senior officers posted far and above their capabilities spring to mind here. I wonder if WMP were getting commission for the tickets for this circus. What a shocking way to treat an officer of the law! This job is FUBAR
  11. Ah, this was posted on facebook and shared yesterday. If it's old news then mods can lock the thread. Thanks for pointing that Cheese. I wonder why it's raised its head just recently?
  12. If you add http:/ before the code below then the link should show. Whilst I don't agree with the anti Muslim rhetoric of the many posters who commented on You tube etc it seems a growing number of people in the UK are growing very tired and angry at the way certain members of the community behave. There were a lot of comments. Try the link below with the http:/ at the start /youtu.be/PBtct-z9JS8
  13. The link automatically posts the video up on here but I'll try it again.I agree the police were doing very well, however it seemed they were outnumbered and therefore either orders or forced to retreat due to know aid being available. I've seen three incidents over the past two to three months where we have struggled to get a grip on public order situations early on. I fear with further cuts our resources will be unable to cope with the riots that occurred a few years ago.
  14. I agree with Zulu here. It seems that the Police have lost some control here, having been inolved in Policing demos and football crowds with far greater numbers and only a handful of serials of PSU previously, once we were formed up and ready the crowd are easily controlled. It seems here that all semblance of order has gone out of the window, of course we don't know what the intelligence picture on the day was. However it shows us in a very poor light. This video has been shared on numerous social media sites and pages. Both sides of the racist/Muslim extremes are using it for propaganda - the Racists and Extreme Nationalist supporters are seeing it as the Police favoring the Muslims and letting them off lightly etc whereas the more extreme Muslims, London street gangs and other anti UK groups are seeing it as a victory against the Police who they regard as the enemy for some strange reason. Neither group actually seem to acknowledge the fact that the Poluce are present to actually keep the protesters safe as well as the public. We are seen as the enemy and targets for hostile intent. I can see scenes similar to this reoccurring in the near future. It seems to me that the lack of control, PSU, mounted and dogs may actually be down to lack of numbers. Cuts have consequences, those consequences here being the public perception of how the police handled this disturbing situation. Many friends and facebook connections who have no side to choose have commented to me that it looks like very poor performance on the side of the Police.
  15. That's a link to a You tube video which shows an apparently 'peaceful' demonstration going bad. The Police officers were outnumbered and suffered abuse, missiles and violence from an angry mob. It made very solemn viewing in my case, it seems that the orders were to retreat, despite clear offences being committed. Notably there were no Police horses or Dogs present which mostly prove a huge deterrent. It also seemed that there was no order in the Police lines - something was terribly wrong with the whole situation and it is worrying. If the link doesn't show cut and paste it to YouTube. I really felt the officers present did an amazing job, they kept to their orders and despite appearing to be rag tag they mostly kept calm despite the violence shown. The worrying thing is why there weren't enough PSU presents, why no dogs, horses or air support? It also appears the orders appear to be to allow the lawless to get away with committing offences of violent disorder and retreat. This video is circulating live wildfire on Facebook and similar over half a million views when I saw it. For discussion............