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  1. daddypig

    meal breaks help ??

    Can anyone please give the exact wording and some advice around meal breaks.... I am a response officer who regularly doesn't get a break due to the amount of jobs on the box!
  2. I give up...... See link. http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/Jail-let-Martin-Williams-threat-set-Longton/story-16980919-detail/story.html
  3. daddypig

    Two police women killed

    All my thoughts and condolences to the officers family, friends and colleagues. What a sad loss R.I.P. We the few doing the job for many......
  4. With all the joy and debate about pensions, Winsor and C.R..... officers are clearly fed up and right royally racked off..... I have 19 yrs service this month and joined when i was 18, i'm 38 at Xmas..... My mortgage should have been paid off after my 30 yrs by my lump sum, well not any more..... My suggestion..... we cannot strike, we cannot refuse a lawful order, we cannot do much at all really.. Or can we ?? The area i police is approx 25 miles end to end and on some shifts there is a total of 4 officers to cover quite a large densely populated area, we have a no more than 20MPH speed limit in place on I.R's meaning it can take an age if you adhere to it... Our lawful exemption of speed for Police purposes negates this, however my point... What if officers refused to use their lawful exemptions for speed, red lights and keep left signs etc.. What if we always responded at the speed limit, stopping and queuing at red lights sitting in the rush hour traffic... as we would do in our own time with our families in the car. Would this be a neglect of duty when we are afforded no extra protection from prosecution on regards to the Road traffic act and as has recently been seen when an officer is charged and ends up in crown court their driving has to be judged to the same standard as Jo public and cannot take the policing part into account, you are judged the same as if you had popped to the shops on your day off in your own car... Why should we continue to risk our lives, livelihood, liberty, licence and families???