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  1. blueday

    Pension Challenge

    This exactly. I have been saying the same for a while, much better to go down fighting than do nothing at all. If it doesn't succeed then so be it, at least we won't be left wondering.
  2. blueday

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    If a member of the public had contacted me 5 times and I'd failed to respond I'd have been bollocked long before that last email had arrived. Perhaps if they adhered to the same standards of respect toward its members as most outside Leatherhead do toward the public they would not be viewed as the aforementioned chocolate teapot. Has there been any update on the pension legal challenges from those at the jamboree?
  3. blueday


    Pity they never showed any backbone and pursued industrial rights. The HS can do whatever she likes it seems and besides issuing words of protest they are powerless to do anything. The days of mutual respect between the government and police are long gone and fairness is no longer in the home secretary's vocabulary. Queensbury rules are not no longer on the agenda at the home office and yet the federation still play by them. Sooner the college of policing come up with legal insurance the sooner I am out of this ineffective, out dated organisation. No doubt I will still receive a kicking from the government but at least I will no longer be paying into something that is now impotent to protect us.
  4. blueday

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    What a contradictory post. On the hand you seem delighted the Tories are back and on the other are moaning about declining response times, increasing crime and an inability to attend crime scenes. Has it not occurred to you there is a link in there somewhere? Officers are unhappy because despite doing their best things are about to become harder both in terms of the job and terms and conditions. Your lucky you have a pension you were promised. Most now will not get that promised pension and in fact most will now not now see any pension until the end of their seventh decade.
  5. blueday

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    I keep being told the legal challenge is under review now the changes have been imposed. Now we know the government the response to the challenges is now clearer, a fight all the way. Hopefully there will be progress soon as without I'm withdrawing from care given its unlikely we will see any return under age 70 with the anticipated service changes now the Tories are back in. As for Nico, no idea what's happened to him, gone the same way as Piccard. Either that or he was onto something and has been told to keep quiet.
  6. blueday

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    Thought I'd dip in and see if the sense of impending doom was as forthright on here as it was on my team when the results were flooding in last night. Would appear they are and for good reason. I guess it is dipping into Uncle Tom territory and I know how the admin bods hate any digression from the topic at hand even when the conversation goes that way. It's inevitable the Policing landscape will change beyond all recognition in another 5 years and the impact on pensions will be huge. CS is now inevitable, attacking the sick as above and I think short term contracts on the same lines as the military will also come in. The prospect of any of us reaching police pension age whatever that may be is now rather remote. At mid service I reluctantly joined CARE whilst awaiting the legal challenges. I hope they hurry up because at 500 quid a month I now think I should be reinvesting it now given I'm unlikely to see its return under 70 years of age. No challenge I'm out, the risk is now too great. It is a pity the Fed couldn't show the same vigour in ensuring the pension challenges are brought before court before moving onto restricted officers, important as they are, though I suspect there are many malingerers at Leatherhead affected which is lighting their fire. The pension losers thread is now quite apt because regardless of service length if your not already out your chance of reaching the end is now much more reduced.
  7. blueday

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    With all due respect asking people to 'move on' given the highly emotive topic under discussion is a little condescending. I have personally refrained ( I hope) from attacking posters but can understand why the conversation has at time become fractious given the injustice some people still feel. Given our profession I hope it is water of a ducks back for us all and I'm certain we all have nothing but respect for our fellow officers, serving or not. To consider closing such a topic and stifling debate on such an important matter in these difficult times would be wrong. If that gets me banned so be it, but I'd rather speak up than say nothing. If having a forum is helping people express their feelings on the matter at hand and having a cathartic release then it should be applauded.
  8. blueday

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    Whilst the title of this thread appears quite apt, why has the other been closed? Have I missed something, is this a move to stifle the challenge movement? Are dark forces at play here? Regardless I posted a few weeks back that my local fed had stated the legal challenge was under review ( not known if local or national). Heard yesterday from a colleague it is still 'under review'. Suppose it depends if you're a glass half full, half empty person on how you interpret that news. The age discrimination angle seems the most likely route to gain some concessions for the shafted middle but also understand there may will be some possibility of legal challenge for part time officers that were affected, though on what grounds I don't know. I'm staying in for now and taking my chances on a legal appeal, though know of two in my nick who have pulled out. Several others state they are thinking about it depending on any legal challenges.
  9. There are definitely more people using phones whilst driving. In the last month alone I have seen 3 people texting or reading said phone whilst on the motorway. I have only noticed and looked because the standard of driving has been appalling 50 mph in middle lane, veering in and out etc. I suppose we could have a debate on whether speaking on a mobile is worse than texting but personally I believe texting is far more dangerous and should attract a more harsher penalty including seizure of the offending item. There are certainly RPU and IR officers in my force and is certainly a contributory factor why less are caught and the offending has gone up.
  10. blueday


    Exactly why I believe there will be some sort of concession won for this, it is grossly disproportionate and unjustifiable. In general older officers not affected, younger officers less affected, 'middle aged' officers shafted. Doesn't seem proportionate to me and I think it is called age discrimination.
  11. blueday


    The Fed can actually do something about morale, challenge the friggin pension changes! The morale amongst the shafted middle would suddenly rocket, even if the end outcome was not as desired as at least it would bring closure knowing a verdict on the legality had been delivered in court. So instead of surveying morale do something about it.
  12. blueday


    I've previously said on here I thought officers being unaware of the pension changes were somewhat of an urban myth. A couple of officers on my team were also raging mad last week when they realised and they stuck some figures into the pension calculator and it is all they have gone about since. I despair, I honestly despair that they had no knowledge or any understanding of these changes. It quite frankly beggars belief their lack of awareness of current affairs, particularly when it affects their financial health so significantly.
  13. blueday


    It is upto a judge to decide if a legal challenge is successful or not. Nothing ventured nothing gained. The A19 challenge and the IBM decision as mentioned on here are two recent examples of this. I'm guessing the others sides thought everything was watertight. The fact is no one knows until it is presented before the ultimate decision maker. It doesn't feel right that a middle group of officers can be so disproportionately affected to be justifiable from a legal standpoint and if something doesn't feel right it often isn't.
  14. blueday


    1970, I am in a similar boat as are many others on here who are most vocal and I guess we all fall into the now termed 'shafted middle'. Clearly the changes cannot be justifiable nor proportionate for the shafted middle as we are the ones that lose out most. Older in service unaffected, younger in service the end result is not so dramatically different as to what they expected. As such I feel there is a very good chance of a successful legal challenge in terms of age discrimination. I'm under no illusions we will get what we signed up for but I expect our removal from the PPS will be deemed illegal when others are allowed in and we will be reinstated until it's closure in I think 7 more years. In your case I guess then you reach your target retirement age. In terms of cost to the country this will be negligible and given the country come May it may not even be challenged. Who will take it to court remains the billion dollar question however.
  15. blueday


    It will be found not to be legal given the disproportionate affect it has had on the shafted middle group of officers. Simplistically older officers see no change and younger officers see less of a loss than those middle group of officers. Therefore in general terms mid service officers are most affected and that isn't proportionate nor can it be justified. The old scheme is still open and I still believe we will all be allowed to remain in it until it shuts closing that gap. The reason the fed are reluctant to challenge nor release the legal advice is because it opens the risk that the top tier of officers see all protection removed to make it more proportionate and justifiable, though I cannot envisage that action bring taken. It maybe that the action won't be taken by the Fed and may have to be self funded. If say 40000 affected cops put in a ton that's a 4 million fighting fund. Surely with what's at stake that sort or individual investment would be gamble worth taking. Personally I would be prepared to pay much more but that's just me. It has gone quiet here, no niccop or cheese, have they accepted defeat/victory?