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    Guys, Thanks for the information. However, i am only sitting the tests at the moment and am trying to focus on these. My tests are for the CNC, would this make a difference? While i am vrateful for these replies, i would like to focus on my tests first please. Thanks
  2. Jason2000


    Hi, First of all, please accept my apologies for, more than likely, jumping the gun and not posting in the correct place, or for not reading properly. But I really need some assistance quite quickly......as in by Sunday.....??? Hopefully......I know it's late in asking for help, but I have been gleaning some information and training before stumbling across this site...... Anyhew....... I have my fitness tests on Tuesday (21st August) with my practical tests being done the following day at the NPIA centre. My requirements for passing are pretty much the same as anyone else. Although I need to hit 7.2 on the fitness test. My fitness side of things should be ok, but I am nervous (obviously). I have been training hard for the last 4 months to make sure I can pass this, but am always grateful of tips, if there are. I am a smoker (unfortunately), but for the last 4 months I have been doing a 20 minute jog on a gym treadmill machine 5 days a week at half degree incline and 6.5mph. I can do this without issue, and have managed some days at 7mph for 8-10 minutes along with 3 minutes at 6mph with the rest at 6.5. In short, I cover just over 2 miles, 5 days a week. I think my strength tests should be ok as I have had guidance from a PT on these and have been doing an hour rotation circuit 3 days a week focussing solely on various arm activities. The issue I am concerned with, as are most people I assume, are the practical tasks. I should be ok with the numerical and logic reasoning tests. My main concerns are with the written exercises and interactive exercises. I have read the extract from the "How to become" link and am trying to remember that as much as possible, but would love to get some more, additional, in fact any information that anyone is willing to share would be greatly received. Again, sorry for probably posting inappropriately. Also, sorry for writing "War and Peace", but I feel that too much information is better than too little considering when my tests are. Please help me......... Jason