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  1. Melapa

    PCSO may be given powers of arrest

    Quick idea, and I may dive for cover on this but bear with me.....let PCSOs do this, let them retain membership of their unions, have the power of arrest(sworn in as constable etc)...... Then we ask HMG why we are still Crown Servants and not employeees.....why do we still have to take this sh1t ...the big issue we face is that we cannot take industrial action, it's like a tiger trying to fight that has no nails, teeth or muscles. G8 should have been a massive coup for policing here, the PSNI have 7000 officers, 4000 officers have volunteered to come over for G8 - if they hadn't, and I mean every single one of the 4000 that have VOLUNTEERED to come over we would have a much bigger presence. Stop being a punchbag, stop taking the s**t that the Government throw at you, start thinking about how you can get what you deserve, and put your arse on the line to get it. - The Police didn't settle for second best when they chose you, you shouldn't settle for second best either
  2. On this Bananasplits, I would love you to come over here and try policing for a week or two the way we do it - it is completely different, just take alook at the policing the G8 thread - I'm not saying Winsor isn't coming, but at the same time we have a completely different model of policing over here
  3. I have been listening to the Garda, and how they are currently acting. ie not taking industrial action, but still starting to get their point across..... They refuse to use own mobiles/laptops for work (ie not answering work calls) then they refuse overtime (when a match attended by 80k people was happening) and I am told there is more in the pipeline
  4. David Ford has stated that the inaugural meeting of a PNB (NI) Working party will take place very soon, this being to look at reforms within the Police Service - ie terms, conditions and allowances - Apparently this is Winsor NI!!!!! It's time to put up PSNI....start looking at the work you do......start looking at your glock and handing it in.....start looking at your driving card and handing it in.....start looking at your Public Order ticket and handing it in.....start looking at modified rest days and asking when they are re detailed to....apparently there is an interesting week/season coming up....have you booked leave?Can the Chief Con refuse that leave?
  5. Melapa

    NI Policewoman Dies In Crash

    The girl was 27 years old, attached to Strand Rd PSNI station - Philipa (Pippa) Reynolds. The vehicle was stolen approx half a mile away, and is believed to have gone through a red light. I'm a friend of the driver of the police vehicle
  6. Melapa

    Irish Detective Shot Dead - ROI

    Possibly having not been on for a while my posts may seem stupid but anyway.... Garda in the Republic of Ireland are not routinely armed, and in fact cannot be armed if in uniform......therefore officers who may be armed are given Detective status...and work in plain clothes! The IRA last saw action in the late sixties/early seventies ......and that was the end of it ....even through the troubles as they were known there was no IRA involvement - most of the bombings etc were the provisional IRA...... (P)IRA The current groups are Real (RIRA) IRA, Continuity (CIRA) IRA and the shiniest newest ...New IRA But at this stage there is nothing to suggest any of them were involved in this incident!!!!!!!!
  7. Melapa

    Thread Closed

    I would suggest this may be a troll, there are a number of things this officer has stated which appear to be inaccurate 12 Years in Policing - when was the first PCSO recruited? In 2000 was interviewed for a Const post.............but then got offered a different post? - Strange 50:50 rule rescinded within PSNI recruitment? - not yet
  8. If this case had gone the other way, ie Police had been following the driver and had been deemed to have 'caused' the feeing vehicle to be driven dangerously I could see the following happening, every fleeing driver would continue to up the ante making every pursuit more dangerous than the last, This would then result in a total no pursuit policy, or a compo school of thought, we would have people running straight from the scene into a car and driving off at 5mph because they know we can't follow
  9. Melapa

    Baton Holder

    How about going to the Health and Safety Executive..they either give it to you or not. A Baton, and means of carrying it are essential pieces of equipment, and it may be that you may be in breach of Force regulations by not using kit issued to you. My next moves would be; 1. Inform next rank up that I do not have appropriate kit to leave station 2. Advise I wont move out of station until I get appropriate Kit
  10. We let him go with this, and then when we apply for damages on the grounds of Age Discrimination regarding the level!
  11. Melapa

    May 10th event-I'm despondent

    W1 and W2 will have determine the future of Policing in this country - to a point. The biggest isue with Policing in this country at the minute is the fact that Policing is being shaped by politicians, not those who know what policing is about. If you as a Police Officer do not fight the changes, you lose all rights to complain about the way the country is policed, passively you go along with the changes, and eventually accept them.... Eventually you will probably blame the Federation, previous officers etc for the state of policing as it is...but forget your role in shaping the future of policing. My opinion is....March, stick to Police regulations especiallyre pay/overtime/cancelled rest days,challenge superiors re conditions and Reg breaches (overtime rates etc), challenge colleagues who work outside regulations, then and only then can you say, "sure what I have done won't make a difference"
  12. Melapa

    Big Brother ?

    This is just a law to allow the Government to do what they have been doing for ears, here's a clue, note that this is almost fourteen years ago http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7606834.stm
  13. Melapa

    TV programme thoughts

    Hi there, I love the concept of "Secret Millionaire" meets policing. I am an officer in the PSNI, and would love you to come and see what we do, I have been out of 24hr response policing for a good while, but would like you to see how being a police officer restricts the lives of those who serve. I would explain it as follows... My son is a massive Gaelic Football fan...I as a police officer cannot take him to training....terrorists target me and possibly my son because of my job. His uncle is massively involved in the GAA Movement, not a terrorist or anything like, but he still understands the predicament. - I can only support the local team at away games! My son supports Ulster Rugby, and has questions regarding the whole NI situation, when it comes to Ireland as the National Team, he wears a Derry GAA shirt under an Ulster Hoodie - and is proud to wear both! I'm all for it, lets have the wife swap, but the other half, and children of the other half must be willing to accept the restrictions placed on personal life.
  14. Melapa

    Arbitration. Any news?

    I think we need to start looking at working exactly to the Regulations, ie if a car has a light out, it is not used - and no officer I know of has been trained in how to change the light bulb in a car. The Federation should be reminding all officers of their need to ensure that equipment, ie cars are fully functional, and also reminding officers that it a colleague takes out a car that isn't fully functional they may need ensure that appropriate action is taken against any officer who takes a defective vehicle or piece of kit out - ie fixed penalty notice. The end result of this would be forces having to take cars to garages on low loaders or during the day - I would see it as a massive increase in costs.