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  1. Nathd91

    any One heard cambs recruitment

    Just been invited to my final interview next Friday, so maybe just maybe, I might be in the November intake?! Bearing in mind me passing the interview first!
  2. Nathd91

    any One heard cambs recruitment

    Do you get any details about the interview via email etc? Have you done your fitness/medical? The fitness an medical are the only things I'm confident about seeing as I've recently just left the royal marines ;P
  3. Nathd91

    any One heard cambs recruitment

    Really thought I screwed it up.. Especially choking on the roleplay! Congratulations guys.. How's the interview boss? I'm dreading that now -.-
  4. Nathd91

    any One heard cambs recruitment

    Me.. Got an email today saying:- Re: Police Officer Recruitment August 2012 Thank you for recently attending the Police Assessment Centre. I am pleased to advise that you were successful. Your feedback report will be sent to you shortly. Once we have allocated you to an intake we will be in touch, but please do not contact us in the meantime as it will slow the process down. Doesn't mention anything about having the interview next though? P.s I was on 27th aug SEARCH
  5. Hi guys Newbie here, a little about me, I'm 21 from Cambridge. Recently left the Royal marines and looking for a career in the police. I have applied previously numerous times over the years as a special constable, unfortunately never heard back from any applications. Bringing it forward to 2012, Cambridgeshire police were recruiting for the first time in ages. Luckily I passed the application and passed PIRT. But here is where the problem lies, I have my date for SEARCH at Ryton, 29th August. But unfortunately I have a holiday booked 27th-8th to the Caribbean with the girlfriend, which has been booked for months and was unfortunately very expensive! I rang the recruitment team but unfortunately the lady I spoke to was unable to help me, I did explain that I had a rather expensive holiday booked prior and that it is too close to the date to get any sort of refund. Therefore I am over £1k out of pocket. Is there anyway I can have the date changed? As at PIRT they did say the next assessment would be on either the 20th or the 27th. The 29th was never mentioned. If I can't change the date I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and lose £1K.