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  1. Hi Dave, yea sounds promising! Ive still not heard owt.........
  2. I havnt filled it out yet But i handed the written one in on time (Allbeit hand delivered on Sunday night!) Ill fill it out now. Hopefully il be ok. Not too sure about when we'll hear owt. Prob be in the next 2 weeks. ( If ive not messed up for not filling out the online app?!?!?!)
  3. Hi Wanchop. Ive not heard anything so dont worry! When u completed you application andclicked the confirmation link did u get an email directing you to an online application? I did and im not sure If Im ment to fill this in aswell??
  4. Sent the application off, not happy with it though. Ive got quite big writing and as the boxes are that small ive really struggled to get all the info i wanted to get in
  5. paulpreston

    Lancs Police

    Cheers Mr Crustacean!
  6. paulpreston

    Lancs Police

    Do you know the times of the shifts??
  7. Cheers! Il let u know how I get on!
  8. Bad news Hatty "Lancashire Constabulary closed the enquiry lines for the August/September recruitment window at 13.00 on Monday 1 September 2008. All 1500 available packs have been allocated to new applicants. Applicants who have not been successful in obtaining a pack during the August/September recruitment window are advised to monitor the website for updates regarding further planned activity and events during 2009" 1500 in 5 days?!?! Scary!
  9. To be honest i havnt really thought about it that much because Im just gunna take it step by step!! I suppose Blackpool or Preston If i could choose! u??? Yea WetBehindTheEar is totally right, get on the fone and find out!
  10. No prob! Like i said, im no expert! Im a total newbie myself!! Yea Ive talked to quite a few officers. This has been the best source of info for me. You cant beat hearing about the job from people who do it! (In my job (Plumber) i tend to always be working in officers houses, they must be earning too much money! haha) So as soon as I find out what they do Im always firing loads of questions at em! Ive also bought a few books about police recruitment from amazon. Some are really good, some arnt so good. I also come on here to see any latest info. Paul
  11. Hehe noo i ment I spent and hour on constant re-dial trying to get through! As this is my first time im not sure what you should do. Id probably ring recruitment , explain your situation and see what they say? A the end of the day if you dont get through you can apply next time! (Aslong as 6months have passed) So nothing to loose!
  12. Hi hatty. Im applying this time round. My 1st time! Spent an hour on the phone trying to get the application! Im guessing by your username that your 19? Im sure uve got just as much chance as any1! Im 22 Anyon else applying?
  13. paulpreston

    Lancs Police

    Sorry to be a pain but can someone explain that table above!
  14. paulpreston

    Can anybody guide me??

    ..........no! too scared!! haha
  15. paulpreston

    Can anybody guide me??

    Well I live in Preston, so either of them 2 would be an option. Gunna have a good think about it! Thanks for all your replies. Been a big help!