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  1. Story from today's @police_oracle speaking to Sgt Nigel Tompsett, who started the police pensions petition http://www.policeora...bate_56212.html … http://epetitions.di...petitions/22321 Number of signatures: 76,794 More still needed! In fact 23,206 signatures still needed for petition on Police pension. Thank you all!
  2. Kenworthy39

    Chief Constable Of Cumbria

    http://www.itv.com/news/granada/2012-10-09/temporary-chief-constable-of-cumbria-wont-be-investigated-by-police-watchdog/ Temporary Chief Constable of Cumbria won't be investigated by police watchdog To OldAfricaHand, I read your words carefully, and they make good sense!! :majesty2: :majesty2: I do not have the powers to investigate anyone, I took this Officer on face value. (By way of chatting on Twitter) It may not be much, but it is all I have to go on hence my thoughts on the outcome. Decent fellow. I do understand, hardly a perfect way to investigate anything. :)
  3. A number of expensive stretched limousines have been destroyed in what is being seen as another attempt to finish the UK’s limousine industry. http://www.xfforum.co.uk/threads/9524-If-you-get-up-VOSA-s-nose-this-is-what-happens-! I for one have never fully understood the powers of VOSA. No discretion, and they can fine people a small fortune. http://www.urtu.com/uploads/VOSA%20Fixed%20Penalty%20Fines.pdf The video and comments made on above site I am guessing are from people who have have not conformed to the law. So my quandry, if you have not paid your full VAT, or TAX, you get taken to court get a fine, or go prison. With VOSA, your vehicle is not up to scratch, TACHO is been messed around with, you get fined, vehicle impounded, or forced to take a nine hour break. No court case, VOSA judge and Jury. Do not get me wrong, VOSA ARE a necessity, and long may they live!! It is I who do not understand their role.
  4. Kenworthy39

    Two police women killed

    http://www.gmp.police.uk/mainsite/pages/3EFEEDC33082D10580257A7E00726BFF.htm#.UFzPAYPZB3I.twitter Family tribute to PC Fiona Bone The family of a police officer killed in the line of duty has paid tribute to her.
  5. Kenworthy39

    Two police women killed

    I hope right place to put this: https://www.facebook.com/GtrManchesterPolice/posts/394202153983143 For all those who have offered their time and support to GMP: Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, said: "First of all I want to say a heartfelt thank you for everyone’s kind offer of support to GMP. “People and organisations from every walk of life have contacted us to pledge their support and to give up their time. ACC Garry Shewan ‏@ACCGarryShewan #coverforgmp You cannot begin to imagine how much your kindness is touching the @gmpolice family today. Your pride in our need is amazing Very heart warming!! :majesty2:
  6. I am sure it has come to all our attention that some on Oracle would prefer it if Twitter Facebook never existed. I have read some think that those who use these sites are cretinous, or at best flakey. I am thou one of those in favour of the two sites. Well ok one of them, Twitter, I know nothing at all about FB. Both thou I am sure can be used for good rather than some of the inane ramblings we have seen this week. Considering this is a Police site, I will endeavour to create my argument in favour of these sites from a Policing point of view. Police now round the country are on Twitter, attempting to "Spread the word" which from what I have heard has some ways been a success. Police now wishing to make people feel part of something bigger. Whether the gains of this outweigh the time spent on it only Police can judge. If it were ineffective why would Police continue this idea? In fact so much so, a new Police account is being opened as I write this. @Solihull_IAG . The main argument I have heard against Twitter FB is that certain people seem to get away too often with saying what they like to whom they like. Well yes and no. Example, if I were to have come out with the bile that joker did on FB the other day, out of the 1260 Followers I currently have, I would be down to 6, then my account closed by Twitter, this is due to checks and balances. Most who Follow me are Police or are closely tied with Police. These checks and balances work more or less on all social networking sites, as it would on here. It would probably be better if the Officers tweeting were out on the streets, but, one Officer tweeting can reach hundreds of people in minutes. Put out appeals to huge numbers of people, and gets results back, much like CrimeWatch on BBC does. I have no figures as to how many criminals have been caught due to these networking sites. But then there is the prevention advice that goes out too. As in make sure your windows doors are locked, lock your bike up etc. Today your local SNT are meeting, please come along, join in. Once again, Police putting over their need to get MOP`s onboard. I have been informed by Officers that future meetings with Police will no longer be in a local hall, but rather online ,lots do this already. The local inspector sitting at a computer, and answering question the public put to him/her. In short may it be Twitter, Facebook, or Police Oracle, they all can be used for good, but once in awhile you get a dipstick come along to abuse it. My case for the defence. :)
  7. Kenworthy39

    Man Arrested Over Facebook Page

  8. Kenworthy39

    Man Arrested Over Facebook Page

    LMAO, I put pictures up later, once back in London :)
  9. Kenworthy39

    Man Arrested Over Facebook Page

    I am ATM in Manchester, only came up to lay flowers, very distressing. This Facebook fellow is far beneath us! I had no idea till now what a low life he really is!
  10. Kenworthy39

    The Greatest Happiness

    http://mentalhealthcop.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/the-policy-as-law-fallacy/ The “Policy as Law” Fallacy http://mentalhealthcop.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/the-policy-as-law-fallacy/ A particular dislike of mine is something I call the “Policy as Law” fallacy: the pushing forward of a particular organisation’s policies or preferences, as a legal explanation for action or inaction in a way that suits them. There are various examples in the police and mental health arena, some of them by the police:
  11. http://news.sky.com/story/987323/shot-pcs-man-arrested-over-facebook-page A man has been arrested after an offensive Facebook page was set-up following the deaths of PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone. Several similar Facebook sites were set-up within hours of news that the two officers were shot dead after attending a routine call in Manchester. Some bloody awful people out there. :angry:
  12. Kenworthy39

    Two police women killed

    25,000 messages of support after two officers shot. http://www.itv.com/news/granada/update/2012-09-19/25-000-messages-of-support-after-two-officers-shot/
  13. Before watching the video, any idea what Operation Solomon. is all about? It is often quite amazing what our Police have to do in order to get job done. (A clue) Merseyside Police helping out people in Dorset. ............. ............. .............. ............... http://www.bournemou...r_Mother_s_Day/