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    Taken the Plunge

    FWIW I have done all three exams and passed using the same techniques .... the PC-PS, the PS-Insp and the NIE. What works for me won't necessarily work for others though. I bought the Blackstones manuals, Police pass crammers, police pass video lectures, Advance training questions and Blackstones online questions. I also bought the NIE workbook for the promotion exams as it goes though many things in crime in a nice easy to understand format with good exercises and a few more questions. I used Checkmate trainings study plan as you need a structure ! Paul Connor who runs the company writes most of the Blackstones books and is an excellent teacher. My method - I read Blackstones once and highlight areas I think are important. I do Advance training questions on the topic/s that week, read the police pass crammer on that topic/s before doing Blackstones questions. In between I listen to police pass audio / video lectures .... It's a lot to do but got me really good pass marks :)
  2. So8

    ospre part one

    Don't think so ...
  3. So8

    ospre part one

    If you fancy a go at the exam then buying the National Investigators Exam workbook is a good idea as a gentle start ... The NIE workbook takes you through the main bits of the NIE syllabus (which is half the PC-PS syllabus) slowly and carefully to ensure you understand it. The NIE workbook, together with say Police Pass Crammer books (which I found best), the Blackstones manuals (boring but essential) and computer questions (around £50 for 3000) did it for me. I used Advance training 3 times for questions having tried Ical, Detail Technologies and Blackstones online. Blackstones online are good but I found simpler than the actual exams - the nearest I have found was Advance training which has a good interface and explains where you went wrong ... if you did. The above worked for me on the PC-PS, NIE and PS-Insp ... but to be fair everyone has their own ways. The more effort put in the better the result - normally. Be dedicated and structured and you *should* get a good result :)