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  1. ED209


    I have done this and they supplied me with the last 6 years forecasts no problem. These will come in handy for what I am planning, but in relation to my second request for proper accurate projections, it was ignored. AnywayI am probably not going to be posting on here any more, bye.
  2. ED209


    Now the pensions act is law i emailed my forces pension dept last week asking for a proper forecast for retiring at various ages under the new scheme. They told me they cannot answer until 2014 as the new scheme is just a proposal! so if the new scheme is not finalised and i don't know what i will get how the hell can the protection/tapering date be Apr 2012? How can I plan from that date when I have no idea of the pension scheme! Madness, surely the tapering/protection date should be moved to the date when we at least know the full details and can genuinely plan for our future? I emailed the local fed asking about this issue. Guess what? no response!
  3. ED209

    The Winsor Report Thread

    the fed cant even do the right thing and reply to messages.
  4. They can claim as many rest days as they want do! as long as its in regs and you get appropriate compensation. I am not sure as to how booking all rest days as leave can be in regs too. If it was everybody would just do this to protect all of their rest days.
  5. ED209

    Crime Everything

    Well we could all just refuse to attend such jobs, after all May says our job is to prevent crime and nothing else. Going off Zulu's tale in the other thread about the cop simply going to bed I am sure we would all just get away with it. (of course this is not realistic)
  6. ED209

    lawful order?

    I didnt say I wouldnt, I have many times, I was just asking the question out of curiosity. I once spent 3 hours one nightshift clearing the whole nick yard, I found it quite therapeutic. Got no thanks for it though .
  7. ED209

    Policed by Consent

    Where are police forces listed as corporations? With companies house? Does that mean i am a shareholder? Can i sell my shares?
  8. ED209

    lawful order?

    Would being told to shovel snow from the back yard be a lawful order?
  9. ED209

    Conference 2013

    Thefts? pah - Sir are you really sure you didnt just loose it? There you go, a lost property number for you.
  10. ED209

    lawful order?

    I cannot see the above story being correct, maybe if he had refused to attend certain risk assessed incidents then yes, but going home and going to bed no chance he would have got away with that.
  11. ED209

    Conference 2013

    Buffets, beer and back slapping.
  12. ED209

    Conference 2013

    Maybe he was busy at his polish language class?
  13. ED209

    Conference 2013

    I know i am being negative yet again but from what i watched of may it was a total waste of time.
  14. Really? I bend over backwards to give PC's leave when they want it. Even sometimes borrowing staff from other areas that have plenty on to back fill I really don't like saying no to leave but fact is sometimes you have to. Same as I dont like having my leave turned down but again sometimes its just tough. I do however feel good, well a bit less angry anyway when i turn down leave requests from cops who think its acceptable to ring me on my personal mobile at 10pm on my day off to ask if they can have tomorrows early turn off so they can go out clubbing that night.
  15. I am suprised you will get anyone to use the term "minimum staffing level" it creates a problem when at a later date they decide to drop below that level for whatever reason.