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  1. moby2907

    lifting of pension cap

    South Yorks offered it in February but I believe you could only take it up if you had less than 21 years service.
  2. moby2907

    lifting of pension cap

    Please could you explain what you mean by 'on the horizon'? Are we set for more changes?!
  3. moby2907

    lifting of pension cap

    Last 'housing allowance' intake was Sep '94. I was accepted into the job in August '94 but didn't start until May '95. I didn't get housing allowance!! Shafted then and then 20 years later with the pension :-(
  4. moby2907

    2016 Pension Statements

    So you have to work another 6 weeks before receiving your full pension?! You won't get much sympathy on here. Most of us are needing to work 5+ more years than what we were promised at the start of our careers. And even then our pensions won't be a patch on yours. Don't let it spoil your weekend!!
  5. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    Leigh Day update : No new claims after 31 Aug 16 Dear Officer, Police Pensions: Employment Tribunal Claim Update Further to previous correspondence, we can now confirm that a third batch of claims has been submitted to the Employment Tribunal. You will note that your claim was already submitted prior to the third batch of claims. Over 10,000 officers have now registered with us and over 8,000 claims have been submitted to the Employment Tribunals across England, Wales and Scotland. We will be submitting the final batch of claims in Spring 2017. For information, we have now received the responses to claims from The Home Office and a number of the Commissioners/Chief Constables, and will contact you again once these have been reviewed and directions have been received from the Employment Tribunal. In the meantime if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0800 689 9046 or at policepensions@leighday.co.uk. Kind regards, Police Pensions Team Leigh Day Priory House, 25 St John's Lane, London EC1M 4LB Tel: 0800 689 9046 Fax: 020 7253 4433 DX 53326 Clerkenwell Image 1 Image 2 Please note that all new registrations for the Police Pensions Claims must be received by 31st August 2016. We will not be taking new registrations after this time.
  6. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    I have just returned home and checked my projection from Kier Pensions. It states ' In addition to the above figures you will also be entitled to a deferred benefit from the Police Pension Scheme 2015. This is payable from State Pension Age and will be £7137.41 with the option to commute. Deceptive that it doesn't say you can draw it at 55!! Could you tell me what this figure would be if I retired at 52.5 and how I work out a lump sum from it? Thanks
  7. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    Thank you for the clarification.
  8. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    I'm not sure that's correct Chief, I hope it is though!!?
  9. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    At 30 years service I will be 52! I haven't got the letter with me to refer too but the way I read it was retiring before aged 55 would see the 'new' pension accumulation (45k) being held back to state pension age. This will probably be increased to age 70. A long time to wait rather than biting the bullet and staying on for another 3 years. Don't get me wrong I do not want to do this!!
  10. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    Recieved mine yesterday, only been waiting for 6 months!! Requested forecasts for retirement at aged 50, 30 years service and aged 55 ... looking at the figures I think I'll be staying until age 55
  11. Most of us remember what reaction MAY received at the Fed Conference 4 years ago ... https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2012/may/16/theresa-may-heckled-police-conference As the saying goes, elephants never forget!!! Revenge time folks!!!!!!
  12. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    Update in full, found the last paragraph particularly interesting! Dear Officer, We can confirm that we have now received emails from over 5000 officers and former officers who have instructed Leigh Day to act on their behalf. As a result the claim will be proceeding and we will be looking to issue the first batch of claims shortly for these officers. The cost for each individual based on 5000 claimants will be the same as estimated in the DBA even though those costs were based on 7,500 claimants. This is because the current cost estimate of the litigation is lower. We are still registering interest from officers on a daily basis and sending out DBAs and client care packs, so it is likely that the number of officers claiming will increase and that the cost estimate per client will decrease. If you have agreed the terms of the DBA and client care pack, then we will be in contact shortly for some further details. We will then be able to begin submitting claims to ACAS and then to the Employment Tribunal. If you have not yet received your DBA and client care pack, please note that we have received a high number of calls and emails and the team are currently working through these so it is likely that you will be contacted in due course. If you wish to enquire about your registration, please telephone the team on 0800 689 9046 or email policepensions@leighday.co.uk. Please do not complete the questionnaire again before speaking with the team. If you have not yet registered regarding the claim, please note that we will be submitting the first batch of claims in the coming few weeks and we are likely to issue subsequent claims within the next few months. If you haven’t instructed us before we issue the initial claims, we can still include claims that have reasonable prospects of success in the next set of claims if you do wish to instruct Leigh Day. It is likely that claims will be considered by the tribunal and Respondents on a date order basis, so you may wish to register your interest and instruct Leigh Day in order to have your claim submitted sooner rather than later. Note - Please remember the three month time limit that applies to claims being brought in the Employment Tribunal after being lodged with ACAS. If you have left or had changes to your role then time may start to run. Finally, you may be interested to know that we recently met with senior members of the Police Federation to discuss the claims. The meeting was very productive and the Police Federation will be kept updated regarding the progress of the claims. We also have meetings scheduled with regional representatives of the Police Federation, which are due to take place in the coming days. Kind regards, Chris Benson
  13. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    You'll obviously deny this Cheese but I suspect these are reasons you've pulled together to try and put off doubters on here and at your Force/HQ, not 'other people at work'. Do you seriously expect us to believe that someone has said to you "I'm worried about getting into trouble with Professional Standards" As if this would ever happen in this scenario. Are you scaremongering because a successful challenge may affect your protected 'full' pension?
  14. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    The problem we have is that Leigh Day need 5000 to sign up before they commence legal action. With all the negativity being published by the Fed nationally and locally are we going to reach that figure??!!
  15. moby2907

    Pension Challenge

    For everyone's info I received an email from LeighDay today. It's good to get an update/glimmer of hope!! Dear Officer, Police Pension Challenge: Next Steps We write to thank you for registering your interest in joining the challenge to the changes to your police pension entitlement. We have reviewed the information you have submitted, and based upon this information, we advise that you have a potential claim. Before we can carry out any work on your behalf, you need to become one of our clients. We will therefore shortly (later this week or early next week) be sending you a client pack via email, which includes a covering email and two attachments. Please note that because of the overwhelming interest we have had in relation to this challenge, your client pack will not be personalised. As a firm, we pride ourselves in ensuring that the service we provide is tailored to each individual. In relation to this particular challenge, we have taken the view that given the potential delays that would result from personalising every client pack, it is in the best interests of each individual that we send out non-personalised documents at this stage in order to proceed to the next steps of pursuing this challenge as quickly as possible. We thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the police pensions team on 0800 689 9046