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  1. Mouse

    Judges pensions - a right old can of worms

    Anyone seen the result?! Not sure it's the great news everyone will be hoping for, which option do you think they'll choose if pushed!? The Ministry may not appeal, and instead seek to remove the unfairness. There are a number of ways the Ministry might do so: 1. The Ministry could offer all judges the same protection that members with transitional protection get – but that would cost more money from the public purse – possibly an additional £80,000,000 for judges alone. (The same across the public sector would cost billions of pounds). 2. Bearing in mind that the unfairness has been deemed to be insofar as those with transitional protections have been treated better (in the judge’s view) than they might have been, one option may be to remove transitional protections completely. This would reduce the cost to the public – possibly by £28,000,000. Unfortunately if this latter course is taken, some members of the pension scheme lose out. Ultimately it would mean no member of the pensions’ scheme will gain from the claimants’ win, in this ET.
  2. Mouse

    Facebook & other social media

    Jeez people, its a simple internet tool and just like this forum you can leave at any time. The fact that people are addicted to it is a separate matter and is more a reflection of the user than the system.
  3. Mouse

    Serious Public Disorder

    Interesting that people suggest BH are worked with minimum staff because it is a BH. The frontline in most places exists on the bare minimum every day!! Senior officers are aware and they care, there simply isn't the staff available....
  4. Mouse

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Mmmmm anyone experienced not using the overtime budget and then getting slashed the next year?! Sometimes saving money means losing the money you've saved in the next round, I'll be surprised if anyone takes the CS route regardless of the rhetoric
  5. Mouse

    Facebook & other social media

    Facebook is harmless, I have a simple rule of no cops as 'friends'. Just non cop friends and family and this works for me. I have 50 'friends' on facebook not 1200.......If you manage it and make it work for you its a great way of keeping in touch with old school mates and family.
  6. Mouse

    Pension Challenge

    I think that most people are unwilling to fight it because they have accepted that it is a done deal and they simply want to move on. Some people, about 10% have not accepted it and refuse to move on without a fight. I only hope its worth the stress etc. Overturning a govt. decision affecting so many with zero support from the public will be a Goliath mission...
  7. Mouse

    Fitness Test

    Just saying what we get warned for, ahead of the beep no warning after the beep you get a warning........ None of us are clever enough to arrive on the beep every time!!!!
  8. Mouse

    Fitness Test

    Eh? We have to get to the line at both ends before the beep goes and we cant leave that line until the beep goes. 3 fails in a row has always been a fail.
  9. Mouse

    Fitness Test

    Pork Pie, I quite agree with your overall sentiment however 20 years on a judo mat has made my knee weak. I can run in a straight line and I'll roll around on the floor with anyone happily. I'm fit and healthy and have never failed the test, however, knowing my knee is weak it annoys me that they make me twist and turn and that that may cause injury to my knee. The test has been accepted because it can be done on mass, indoors and easily controlled, I have never ran back and forth to catch someone. I hope that as you age you are never concerned by a dodgy knee, ankle or hip. But if you are and you are still fit shouldn't there be another way of proving it without aggravating an old injury unnecessarily?
  10. Mouse

    Once again in Bavaria

    Zulu I'm not sure you can state, 'Frau Merkel has a lot to answer for. She has allowed 1000's of potential killers into Germany and Europe.' and then, 'My greatest fear is a backlash by the far right in Germany and the possibility of Fourth Riech. Would anyone want to see history repeating itself' The first comment is the sort of propaganda that fuelled the Third Reich.......
  11. Mouse

    Fitness Test

    The figures show that 98% of police nationally pass the test. Granted that's the people without a sick note but if you attended a course with a 98% pass rate everyone would be saying, "You can't fail it mate". Personally its a joke calling 5'4 a fitness test. My issue with it is the test itself, the turning annoys the c**p out of me because I've previously had a knee injury. Others will be in the same boat, surely there must be another measure of fitness which I'd happily do even if it was harder than the shuttle run. Or maybe a shuttle run over 100m instead of 20!? As for the warm up, what organisation would leave itself open to claims for injuries by not doing it? People know why they fail a 5.4 test, they are not stupid, they know their lifestyle and they also have a mirror in the house.................
  12. Mouse

    Fitness Test Police Scotland

    AMD the fitness test is passed by 95% of the police (many of whom are unfit) that take it every year. It can be passed with injuries, you just need to ensure that you maintain a basic level of fitness throughout you're career. One game of badminton or squash a week will easily maintain the fitness required. Good luck
  13. Mouse

    The Referendum Discussion

    It was just an example based on years of being a detective. You're confusing definitions with case law and when someone is in legal or illegal possession, its a detective thing, don't worry about it. You only had the information available to you at the time and we all make mistakes
  14. Mouse

    The Referendum Discussion

    I like the analogy!!! But.................. this isn't a case of is this or isn't this a firearm.... bring on the experts and we the jury shall decide!! This case was a wheel conspiracy involving carousel fraud, small and large businesses and money changing hands internationally. Its a 3 month trial and the only people available are the retired and unemployed (not police retired, old retired!). Don't worry the phone evidence proves most of it and wait till you hear from the forensic accountant!! Just for the record I stay clear of Frauds......It is amazing though that the 12 aren't a professional panel, we do still in our own British way consider 12 men good and true to be enough to decide the fate of others in the most complicated of circumstances.
  15. In all honesty they don't have a formula for measuring success until they have the stats. Reported 'vulnerability' goes up its because we've made reporting easier as we're much more approachable. X amount has been spent on training and accessibility via dedicated lines and call handlers. The police and their partner agencies have pooled resources and we still believe there are more people out there that we are desperately trying to reach......... Reported vulnerability goes down and we're awesome..... You'll never be able to quantify the number of vulnerable people in the community, especially when that might include the victims of wolf whistles! If you want to manage the information you do have then that's an IT issue. How you can interrogate a system for your answer will be unique to just about every force. If you don't mind me asking , given the stock political answers and unknown unknowns, why do you want to know anyway?