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  1. London Fire Brigade has been extremely PC for the last few years- I know of several candidates who were advised by serving firemen that being white & male it was pointless even applying; regardless of the veracity of this methinks she has not regarded the Fire Brigades Union, not a toothless staff association & highly likely to consider industrial action as/when the smelly stuff starts flying!
  2. Several years ago I had the opportunity to test-drive a Range Rover as a potential Traffic vehicle. I did the A3,M25,A22 at 70-ish, joining the M25 at J10 anti-clockwise. After about 5 mins the anonymous vehicle on the M25 was called and asked to leave the motorway to allow it to flow freely; apparently I'd caused a 2-mile tailback!!
  3. diddly

    Not the police this time

    It's obvious that his training whilst in the job was insufficient so, obviously, it's still our fault
  4. diddly

    Senior Police Woman Suspended

    "Bust" them both back to PC, the pair of "boobies" and let them do some proper policing for at least a year before regaining their previous rank, including the relevant reduction in pay & conditions. Somehow I don't see it happening!
  5. diddly

    1500 more AFOs

    BHH has made representations to the Police Remuneration bods to have all the money that should be going towards a blanket 1% pay-rise held back to encourage/bribe (delete as necessary) Officers to fill the new 650 Firearms Officers roles he has promised &/or the 800 DCs he is short so, for those of us who will only carry a firearm after hell freezes over & cannot go over to the dark side due to rank ( no PS-DS swap over permitted) it's a case of grin & bear it!!
  6. diddly

    Adam Johnson...Guilty verdict

    Today's "celebrities" and over-blown footballers are no different to the Savile scandal as reported- under-educated, vacuous youngsters beguiled by the idea of someone "famous" paying them attention and therefore there will be plenty more of these type of allegations. The only difference these days is social media which will speed up the allegation process. Young (mainly) men, whether previously DJs or minor celebrities or sportsmen & young women whose sole aim is to be a celebrity through association will keep the salacious media & the courts busy for a while to come
  7. diddly

    In or Out

  8. diddly

    The Referendum Discussion

    I see no benefit in being in. The original "common market" was supposed to be just that I.e. a trade forum. Nowhere did it mention ceding sovereignty etc. to an unelected,unknown bunch of professional politicians. I believe the EU is the only organisation never to have it's accounts fully audited,verified & signed off. This, combined with fantasy policies such as believing 25+ countries would ever balance economies to support a common currency only strengthen my negative view of politicians. We survived for centuries/millennia before EU; we have plenty of opportunity to do so after/outside
  9. diddly

    Met. police driving school

    The school is still there but there is now a "South" version at Marlowe House, Sidcup doing motorcycle & advanced courses too. The Hendon site is 90% sold off, a smaller building housing what remains of the driving school, cadet school/training unit etc. The skid pan has been a car park for several years since the advent of ABS on cars . The only building guaranteed a future (currently) is the PNC
  10. diddly

    New National Anthem

    Billy Connolly once suggested replacing it with the theme from The Archers!! Rum-tee rum-tee rum-tee-tum etc.etc
  11. diddly

    Fitness Test

    I did the treadmill test last Feb after a back op the May before- fortunately I had a course of rehab beforehand and had the nous to find out what it actually entails- 5kph/3.5mph speed, flat 1 min, then 2 gradient levels every 2 mins up to l.14 gradient; much harder than the bleep test at 5.4. It lasts 12 mins. I'm due to do the fitness test again by Feb, still issues around back problems but advised I have to do the bleep test now instead as the treadmill test is for "permanently" restricted Officers. I have & will make the effort. I have seen 1 Officer offered everything including on-duty training time but hasn't been arsed to get herself together, now on UPP3 & likely to be outed.. Tbh she deserves to be shown the door, no justifiable reason not to make the effort for herself although her line manager bent over backwards to ensure she knows the risks
  12. diddly

    No Cut In Police Budget

    BHH is quoted this week as saying the planned cuts for up to 2020 will still go ahead.. plus ca change!!! In the Met that means £800m planned cuts; the worry was this could be up to £1.4bl 04/12 I'd D-day for PCSOs, everyone else has been told to wait until at least Jan to see what's going on
  13. diddly

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    What is required is for each & every serving Officer to explain dispassionately what is happening & how it may affect the public, not in a whinging, woe-is-me way just actual facts. I have had some very interesting chats with some quite powerful people ( senior civil servants, high-ranking Solicitors and business owners) as well as being totally honest with local Councillors and ward Pannelists in my Neighbourhood days. Overwhelming sense of support for us but lack of awareness of how bad it can/will be.
  14. diddly

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Most likely the SMT will know/state their potential position in November. The second Government Comprehensive Spending Review is taking place during September. The Commissioner of Met has said he will know what further cuts are required in November. The first CSR put up the sum of £500m cuts/savings for the Met; the latest numbers doing the rounds have been up to £800m until 2020; the politicians have been briefing/leaking to the Press cuts of 25-40% across all non-protected public services. The Police has been disproportionately targeted so far and I don't see that changing as it's a political desire as much as a perceived necessity to reform policing
  15. diddly

    Policing with pride?

    Politics should be kept out of policing- this is blatant politicing, unfortunately it has been going on for too long aka when Blair was Commissioner allowing logos on cars supporting the Labour Govt. Personally I don't care what colour, politics, gender any person is/supports; what I want to know is they do the job to the best of their ability regardless of age/ sex/disability/gender/sexuality etc etc not depending on it to get on