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  1. OldChattox

    Dacre & the Daily Heil

    I'm not so sure, tommo, it was about the Daily Mail!
  2. OldChattox

    Crime Everything

    And if it had happened in my force, it probably would be!
  3. OldChattox

    Crime Everything

    We call it "Suspicious circumstances"
  4. OldChattox

    Sex on duty.

    I said "during refs", and I meant when they actually get them! I'm not sure that flying Easyjet makes them decadent oligarchs, though!
  5. OldChattox

    Firemans strike off

    Or Firefighters'. Unless there's only one, and it is actually a male, in which case sorry, Mav.
  6. OldChattox

    Police changes

    And it's worth pointing out again that we are the ones people call when they're suffering domestic violence, or their child hasn't come home, or con artists are preying on their elderly relatives. And who was rescuing desperate victims of people-trafficking on the news this morning? Oh yes, the police. Funny how some people haven't lost confidence in us.
  7. OldChattox

    Pleb man / Plebgate

    So effectively Portillo is now admitting to lying to the media? I can't keep up...
  8. OldChattox

    Pleb man / Plebgate

    It's time a PCC or CC came out and said that the public are fast losing confidence in the government, see how they like it. Although the polls have been doing that for a bit.
  9. OldChattox

    Firemans strike off

    Arghhhh --- we didn't want industrial rights----I don't think there's an emoticon to express my rage----- Here's a strongly worded letter to the Fed. (Actually, this one made me laugh a bit).
  10. OldChattox

    Sex on duty.

    I don't know what this says about modern young people, but at our nick they would much rather play Grand Theft Auto and surf the Easyjet website during refs!
  11. OldChattox

    Pleb man / Plebgate

    I am frankly perplexed that the Federation are so willing to lock horns with the government over this (distinctly dodgy) storm in a teacup when they have surrendered without any kind of fight on our terms and conditions and pensions.
  12. OldChattox

    Police changes

    OAH, nail on head! I don't understand how HMG can think any of their reforms are going to be greeted with co-operation in the current climate. I have read that direct entry in other countries, like France, has been successful, but I think that is because European police forces are made up of multiple separate departments - e.g. a direct entry Detective Superintendent would never be called on to oversee a major public order operation. However, I have also seen candidates of previous schemes such as the old Accelerated Promotion Scheme, come and go, and some of them were an unmitigated disaster and clearly demonstrated that being clever and having theoretical leadership skills did not necessarily make a great police officer.
  13. OldChattox

    Sex on duty.

    I imagine it's quiet in those Welsh valleys at night.
  14. OldChattox

    Police changes

    Crossing over from another thread, it's interesting to note that the Taylor report on the Hillsborough disaster cited "the mismanagement of the crowd by South Yorkshire police, commanded by an inexperienced Chief Superintendent" as the "prime cause" of the tragedy, in a "blunder of the first magnitude". I can't believe that no-one thinks this might be an issue in respect of direct entry.
  15. OldChattox


    Another problem with the Fed is that their lawyers won't challenge anything unless they've a very good chance of winning. The Prison Service are currently going to the ECHR in an attempt to get back their right to strike while our Fed hid behind their stance on the ill-fated ballot. The Fed solicitor's answer to everything seems to be that HMG will argue that they are proportionate and legitimate in everything they do, so a legal challenge would fail (as well as taking away funds for Leatherhead and posh dinners).