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  1. Denc2410

    Lothian & Borders Recruitment

    We Scots might rarely win, but we keep trying! I did see that Mr MacAskill has confirmed Winsor can bugger off for the time being. I am not sure if I believe that or not, but I am more concerned about the impact of the single force will have on my (potential) future career at the moment and how it is going to be implemented.
  2. Denc2410

    Lothian & Borders Recruitment

    Thanks for the advice 999tommo. I will give them a call as I have been speaking to someone going through the Fife recruitment process and it appears to be very different to the stages at L&B. I have a contact that can get me a chat with a couple of probationers too, so am following that up aswell. Haha Zulu 22, thanks for that gem of wisdom! I already know Flower of Scotland but am not too keen on rugby, I am more of a football fan myself but if that's what it takes I will get myself along to Murrayfield. If only I had known it was that easy ;-) Thanks again!
  3. Denc2410

    Tia Sharp body found.

    Could it not have been that the body was put back in the house after the searches? I read that there were sniffer dogs in the house and it's unlikely they wouldn't have found her and suggests the police were already suspicious of a family connection to her disappearance. It's a bit shorted sighted not to consider this and people seem happy to blame the police as usual. Next it will be a social workers fault and nothing to do with the sick individual that murdered the poor wee girl.
  4. Denc2410

    The State of Recruitment: 2012/13 (?)

    Some Scottish forces are recruiting before we move to one police force, that's a bit of a commute though!
  5. Denc2410

    Lothian & Borders Recruitment

    Thanks Dibble, had looked at a couple of other forces but not Fife.
  6. Hi, I have applied to join L&B and have passed the SETs and now have my fitness test in October. I am just wondering if anyone is aware of what the two hour written exercise consists of straight after the fitness test? I was hopeful of a lie down afterwards, but obviously not! I have downloaded a few books on the aplication process, but they don't mention this exercise and I am therefore left presuming the English recruitment phases are different to the Scottish ones and the books are predominantly English based? Any advice is greatly appreciated before I go pestering the recruitment team as I would like to be as prepared as possible. Thanks in advance.
  7. I just hope no one in Kent votes for Ken Little, have you read his comments on articles on the news pages? It is genuinely scary to think someone like him can be nominated for the PCC position!