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  1. WalterWitrty

    The danger of specials

    Poor man, deserves a glass of wine and a weekend in the caribbean for his dedication.
  2. WalterWitrty

    The danger of specials

    Specials are for crime prevention, not really crime "fighting". You get a person, put a nice vest on them with the thing police on the side and for that local area, people are going to feel safer and people wont commit crimes as often. Unlike the police officer that is trained to deal with actually crime. Specials are not "professionals" it does not mean they do not serve a good purpose. But only having a few days or weeks of training does not qualify a person to affectively police an area. We thought CCTV would prevent people from committing crime, now we are putting people in high visability vests to get the message across. Specials are like walking billboards for the police. Now with the more demand for specials the more unorganised things are going to get. Real officers are being replaced for cheap volunteers, this can only result in one thing. Horrible local policing and public relations. There is not only a threat to specials, but specials are a threat to the public. Not all though, I'm sure many do a good job. But when demands for these people are "X" as fatsteak says. Standards are going to be lowered for recruits and thats going to recruit the wrong kinds of officers. Quantity and quality are two conflicting things. To be honest, specials are a temporary fix to what some could call, a broken police force. Now if my post is being seen as specials bashing. I'm going to make it worse by also attacking community support officers. Watch this informative video, it will explain everything.
  3. WalterWitrty


    Hiramabif, nothing is ever perfect and of course, along any career you are bound to be %£!%ed some way or another. To be honest, joining the police shouldnt be about pay for the large part. The career is focused on helping and punishing others. Dirty job, but it takes the right kind of person to do it. As Reasonable Man said, he will see in 5 years if he wants to stay or not. Give it to 2014 and David Cameron will be kicked out and so will Winsors power rain. The current changes to the police are already making a big media storm about the nations security. For the next PM wouldnt it look just so lovely that they "Saved The Force" Lifes like a roller coaster, it goes up and down. Winsors turned the track downwards, but his changes will never be permanent.
  4. WalterWitrty

    application help

    Should of became a comedian Matt haha. Sadly, kinda true in todays policing. But meh, nothing ever good comes easy. Hard work is the way forward, even if its without common sense. PS: Jimmy, as Tommo said, find some interest within policing that may interest you and talk about that. If you even can, try to relate it to your own personality or lifestyle. If you love cars, traffic enforcement could be a thing to talk about etc.
  5. WalterWitrty

    Police Officer Recruits Wanted

    If only Swedish was a class at my old school. Less drunks to deal with, less paper work, better pay, actually taking on recruits. Ahhh how the Swedish have it good. Guess all I can say is "Its bound to get better here"....
  6. WalterWitrty

    Tom Winsor Poll

    Hahah, how did you know?
  7. WalterWitrty

    PM's Daughter.

    Everyone is to blame equally.
  8. WalterWitrty

    Cleveland Police

    Have to agree with you shish, still think it should not of ended in such a bloody mess. But the events leading up to it and after are probably right. This could of been all avoided if there was a taser present.
  9. WalterWitrty

    Cleveland Police

    The injuries sustained would of required a lot of force. 19 officers vs one man should not result in him being a bloody mess. A few bruces, buts not this. I don't think any of us can say that the arrest was unlawful. But I'd have some concern over how it was conducted. The US is known for its over reaction of crime. Justice system, fine. The force the police are granted and used, in some cases 100% unproductive and dangerous. Hopefully this case will make officers think twice on how to conduct an arrest without beating someone half to death.
  10. WalterWitrty

    Tom Winsor Poll

    Though I love the Queen for what her family has done for the UK and for other nations around the world. I do not have faith in her. She may have the power to stop this, but it does not mean she will. If I remember she said last year she had large concerns with several she passed. The Queen is a symbol, I do not think she would be willing enough to tell David and his beloved Home Sec to go pick someone better. The least the Queen can do is not give Winsor his knighthood if it comes up.
  11. WalterWitrty

    Trolls Beware...

    We have to look at trolls as irrational, you cannot apply rational circumstances to them. Trolls crave attention, they need power. That’s how they work, the pain of others, even recognition from others is enough to keep them going. Its bullying in short, the only result of trolling is pain. The worst thing about trolling is that anyone can do it. Anyone here is capable of it. The bad thing about it is that because its online, we can do it for the most part, anonymously. This is why bullying is abundant on the internet, because there is the feeling that there is no consequences. Now we could say that some people induce their victimisation. That they reply to the trolls, that they fuel them. But just because a person fuels their victimisation does not mean the abuse is warranted. Women like to go out partying on Friday nights, sometimes don’t even go home with friends. If they get raped do we blame them for fuelling their victimisation by getting drunk and walking home alone. No, not in the slightest. Here is an interesting video on cyber bullying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4EjrFPAbbY
  12. WalterWitrty

    Tom Winsor Poll

    Whoever it is, you could always make an anonymous account if for fear of backlash. Opposite opinions are always interesting to hear.
  13. WalterWitrty

    Is Being A PCSO A Full Time Job?

    Question though: Why would it be my worst decision?
  14. WalterWitrty

    Is Being A PCSO A Full Time Job?

    There is always that chance true, I mean security firms can already carry out the same tasks as PCSOs. The only disadvantage to being a special constable is that it does not pay. I live in Northern Ireland, if I joined the PSNI there is a chance I could have a bomb under my car, or shot dead. I've had family members already killed by the IRA, even got a friend whose father has to carry around an M9 because of terrorists watching his house, even once set up a shooting at a bar for him. If I want to pursue a career in policing, I have to abandon my country. If PCSO is a fully paid position, it means I can stay afloat until recruitment opens up. If worst comes to worst and they replace PCSOs with private security, I guess I'm just going to have to ride the devil of G3S
  15. WalterWitrty

    Is Being A PCSO A Full Time Job?

    Tried other things, they don't interest me. Now just because I have the brains to do things. Does not mean I enjoy it. I might have the brains to understand complex mathematics. Does not mean I find being a mathematician fun. I've been with the force on work experience, even have family members that have joined up. Though I haven’t fully experienced the role. I don’t expect it to be like an episode of cops. Every job has a boring part to it, but its needed at the end of the day. I accept that. I want to join because I want to help others, serve my community and yes, make a difference. Even if its a small one. Its something. I understand the Winsor report has put a large down on the force, I know its turned most of you pessimistic in which you probably will call it "reality" or "realism". Reality is what we make it, even how we perceive it. I’ve been told by many people what I will like and what I will not and frankly with all due respect to you. Your perception of my decision to join or not, does not have to become my reality. I could hate it, I could love it. Everyone is different