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    PCC news website

    Hi All For those of you interested in what your PCC is getting up to there is now a latest news site broken down by force area at www.thecrimecommissioner.com the guys who did the old one decided not to keep it going but I thought it was useful, even if just to make me put my head in my hands on occasion so I decided to keep it going, see what you think Gibbo
  2. All Have a look at the attached, don't know who did it but hats off to them, I'm still laughing and good to see some still have a sense of humour
  3. I really do struggle to see the reasons behind this policy or how its going to make things any better for us or the public. Im also told more than half of the current chief constables will leave their post prior to the election so thats not exactly a vote of confidence if thats accurate.
  4. Hello All Without wanting to start a huge debate on the rights and wrongs of the upcoming police and crime commissioner elections I wanted to share a site set up by an ex ACC from Dorset called http://policecrimecommissioner.co.uk. Tells us who might be standing in every force area and all the latest news and faqs etc, if your interested certainly worth a look.