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  1. No change to things there then !!!!!!!!! :tongue_cheek: :tongue_cheek:
  2. Chemin

    More cuts on the way!

    SP - there is a truth in the XFactor interest etc, however, those that do vote now have a lot more independence in which way they vote rather than be almost forced to vote one way or another. I was suggesting that instead of following a tradition those that tend to vote can do their own research. Too many cops it appears were more interested in other things when the now not so recent ballot took place.
  3. Chemin

    More cuts on the way!

    The issue about who we vote for used to be down to family tradition etc, however, nowadays as we have become more savvy a generation, we are able to look at party manifestos etc to see who offers what. Sadly the party manifesto has become somewhat of a big fat fib as little goes ahead and the country becomes inept due to u-turns hither and tither. Of course you have to hand it to old rubber faces Osborne and his ginger (my mother always said it was Auburn) sidekick Alexander as they have not u-turned in their desperate attempt to reduce the debt. Of course a hole could be put into it by shelving HS2 and putting some of that money into other more needy infrastructure projects. Will we ever be able to reduce the defecit significantly ? I very much doubt it. The pots are already bubbling. The cuts will mean less spending money and the worrying snowball will become larger. As far as the job is concerned they have cut too much already and I see nothing but further horrors on the horizon.
  4. I think the voting structure has already been done to death. It is not proportional representation with equal number of reps in each rank. As in local branch boards at meetings they usually have equal numbers of reps of each rank although it has been known that on particular voting days some people have been unable to attend due to duty.
  5. Chemin

    PSNI assistance during G8

    The timing of this particular event with Winsor, the ballot etc, meant it was a powerful tool to withdraw the goodwill such as volunteering for G8. Not naive a thought, however, an opportunity missed never to be repeated. Of course there will always be cops who volunteer, I have volunteered many times myself in the past whether a cushy or gruesome job. It is what we do. The fact that this was an opportunity was my whole point of the comment.
  6. That was never the spelling of the words in the song they used to sing at protests lol :tongue_cheek:
  7. Chemin

    More cuts on the way!

    Just wait until the amalgamations and the cost of rebranding everything, bosses offices being refurbished etc etc. Of course these things may be funded by the private sector who may be running the new organisations.
  8. Chemin

    Sgt Guilty of ABH

    Risk averse perhaps - police officers can and do often use their powers when the need arises, however, many fall short of their requirements when dealing with the unruly and in turn lose face. With the ever glistening sword of Damocles wielded by professional standards many just yield. And can we blame them really? I think Bob the Builder has the answer.
  9. I have been registered for about a year but they do not seem to give any info out. I will log on to see if there is anything there.
  10. Chemin

    EU Referendum

    OC - I understand that, however, whether they are EU citizens or not they should be returned to their homeland to complete their sentence if convicted of a criminal offence and disallowed from re-entering. This should appease those who are totally against our European workers over here. We need to get a handle on the illegal entrants who in the main are the scourge, however, of those, a number turn to criminality to eat as they are disallowed benefits etc. UKBA now disbanded were never sufficiently staffed to sort the issue and the ECHR tied the hands of the courts to bin them. HMG are now suggesting that only a good knowledge of the language will allow benefits to be paid - how difficult will that be to enforce? I can see why so many are up in arms about illegal migration, however, I am very pro legal migration, in fact I may try it myself when I retire!!!! Who mentioned rats and a sinking ship? Come on - own up!!
  11. Chemin

    EU Referendum

    All countries have a criminal element, even those with extremely strict regimes. Not all populations however, (to my knowledge anyway) are completely non law abiding citizens. The majority as in our own country are law abiding citizens and I truly believe as a country we should be able to deport for internment in their mother countries, leaving the law abiding and not workshy to remain so long as they are an asset to the country and not leaching it dry to use someone else terminology. There are not enough prison places to house our home grown criminals and that said, the short sentencing meted out is no deterrent. But back on the track of EU - any criminal should be sent back to their homeland without the farcical fiasco that ECHR throws at us.
  12. Chemin

    PSNI assistance during G8

    Flash - albeit there are moaners and groaners on here, I do believe the majority do the job because they enjoy it, the work and camaraderie alike. People on this particular thread have a gripe one way or another in relation to the fact that so many volunteered when by not volunteering may have shown HMG that they were annoyed at the effects of Winsor etc. The other argument was the fact the cops could earn a nice wedge and be doing something different from their usual stuff. Winners and losers on both sides. I am sure there will also be people that are glad Asda and Tesco are recruiting too. I do think you are a bit terse if not rude in the way you come across though - however that is merely my opinion.
  13. Chemin

    Stephen Lawrence

    Money - I am sure this comes down to that smelly stuff coated with cocaine residue that we spend and share in bars and shops.
  14. Chemin

    PSNI assistance during G8

    Anecdotal tales never give the full story do they?
  15. Chemin

    EU Referendum

    There are some reasonable arguments on the board overall regarding EU membership Yay or Nay. Without the facts and figures the decision to vote either way will be too difficult. I am a bit lazy so if anyone has the figures please add them:- As far as Exports - what are the good exported and approx values? Imports - ditto Costs - what does it cost the country to be a member state? MEPs - How much does the country pay to the cost of MEPs (including expenses) or are these paid out of the above costs? ECHR - How much is spent defending cases? I think the above hit the main figures although please add if you wish.