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  1. anticondem

    Orgreave Inquiry

    Good heavens an outbreak of common sense.
  2. anticondem

    Death by Taser

    Good let's hope all chief's take it on board and they're more afraid of upsetting May than courting bad publicity from the media.
  3. anticondem

    Death by Taser

    Well it may well vary from force to force but for the purposes of clarity I heard this from the mouth of my chief constable.
  4. anticondem

    Death by Taser

    The truth is that the bosses would love officers to hand in their Tasers in as they hate the public image that comes with them (my ex chief blatantly and shamefully admitted they want less for this very reason during a 'meet the shift' briefing). They would be more concerned if firearms officers handed their tickets in. However we know that existing FA officers won't do that albeit the SMT are struggling to recruit the extra officers to that role. Why won't firearms officers put their tickets in? I may be wrong but I suspect it's a combination of 'it'll never happen to me syndrome' and not wanting to leave the bubble of the firearms units. People not joining? Possibly the opposite argument of why take on the extra responsibility and risk from the gutless organisation.
  5. anticondem

    Orgreave Inquiry

    Ok I get Hillsborough, people died and whether or not people agree with the outcome of the inquiries or the 'independent' manner in which it was carried out;, in the public interest to get to a version of the truth for that reason at least, it most certainly was. Orgreave though - really? Correct me if I'm wrong, nobody died. Basically however you dress it up it was one big shin dig where I don't doubt some officers in the face of provocation and organised violence lost their temper and didn't use Home Office authorised techniques (oh wait there was no such thing then) and very possibly by modern standards were guilty of assaults. However if nobody died, we police large scale disorder in a totally different way now and this event happened before I joined the police and I have since retired, then what is the point. I fail to see how huge police resources and public costs can be in the public interest in these days of austerity. This is political grand standing at it's worst and any time and money wasted on this vainglorious project will be utterly disgraceful.
  6. anticondem

    Munich Shootings

    The dear old BBC just cannot help themselves can they. In the absence of any confirmation from Germany as to who is responsible they quite properly stress that people should not speculate that this may be an Islamist terror attack (hear hear in the absence of any information). However they then go onto speculate at great length that this may be a right wing attack based on this being the five year anniversary of Anders Brevik. Total hypocrites. Anyway let us hope that whoever are responsible for this latest atrocity are quickly and ruthlessly taken down.
  7. anticondem

    Fitness Test

    Retired now but I too was v. cynical about this. I used to make a notebook entry and inform my supervision after my 'annual' OST that I felt inadequately trained due to the period between training and the relatively few times I would be called upon to put the techniques into practice. It was never responded to and I never got into the sticky stuff for use of force complaints so don't know for sure what weight it would carry but psychologically always felt it couldn't harm. Likewise whenever we got a new divisional commander I sent them a standard email in which I welcomed them and went onto highlight several easily identifiable issues that could result in death or serious injury to a MOP. I always asked what they were going to do to reduce the risk of the problems I had brought to their attention. I always covered lack of Sat Nav for rural cars, lack of valved resus. aids, lack of 'Rammits' and method of entry training. We did eventually get the resus aids and personal issue phones with Sat Navs were being phased in several years later as I was retiring. Again fortunately I never had recourse to use those emails but I'm a great believer in anticipating serious scenarios where the job would want a scapegoat and shove responsibility back up the food chain in advance.
  8. anticondem

    North Yorks Officer sacked

    I remember as a probie being told the 5 p's would get me sacked. Paperwork, police women, prostitutes, pocket books and last but not least property. Probably not politically correct in this day and age but I have to say it was good advice and still carries plenty of relevance - a bit like the Peelian principles.
  9. anticondem

    Misconduct Hearings

    Yep, an own goal no doubt by whoever it was that set it up to make it easier to bash officers and get rid of them. There was a recent article by the West Mids Chief (I believe it was) moaning that it's now harder to dispose of officers. Ha, ha, hardy ha.
  10. anticondem

    State Pension

    My point is that if I invest I can weigh up the risk first and then decide whether I want to make that choice. With this tax there is no choice. As for the pension I was very very lucky to be protected and had the fortune to be able to start drawing a 30 'yearer' from February. I count my blessings every day.
  11. anticondem

    £50 Pay Cut!!

    Now now CP being a bit inflammatory here. If Farage was racist etc. then he and his party would be banned and or subject to prosecution. So far as I am aware that hasn't happened. The selling out of this country, it's values, fabric and traditions by lefties and liberals - well I don't call them traitors, (any more than anybody having the freedom of speech like Farage should be called a racist) simply misguided dangerous fools.
  12. anticondem

    State Pension

    Savings where I come from are something done by the individual through choice whereby they should be aware of the risk before committing. I call this a tax with the possibility of a return - but no guarantee. So really it's a compulsory investment which could turn out to be of lesser value than the 'investment'. Sorry but I don't choose to invest in such schemes; but I don't have a choice here.
  13. anticondem

    Hillsborough Verdict

    I would have more empathy for the baying Liverpudlian mob (I do not include the genuinely aggrieved family members in that) if they showed some humility and put as much effort into commemorating the Heysal disaster. Quite simply their hypocrisy sickens me.
  14. anticondem

    PC Dave Phillips - Verdict

    I do believe in the principle of capital punishment in theory. The malicious or callous taking of somebody's precious life should brook no mercy. However we then get into the practical considerations. The reality is that no justice system can ever be perfect (mistakes, scientific developments, corrupt evidence etc.). Also what about the person who ends the life of a loved one because they cannot bear to see that person tortured through ill health or disease. What if they are found guilty of murder rather than manslaughter? Do they deserve to be executed? After all it would be a pre-meditated act with malice aforethought. We cannot pick and choose individually how guilty a convicted murderer is, they are either innocent or guilty. Not without changing the law certainly, and then we're back to the mistakes etc. are made argument. So in theory had the person who killed Dave Phillips been found guilty of murder I find nothing morally wrong with the concept of him being executed. Unfortunately being objective I would disagree with it being carried out because I would be 'picking and choosing' which contradicts my views on the need for safeguards across the board. I would suggest that a fair compromise would be life imprisonment for murder and manslaughter in circumstances as reckless as this case, with absolutely no chance of parole unless there has been found to be an unsafe conviction. Any other argument on behalf of the killer (remorse, found God etc.) should not even be considered.
  15. anticondem


    RM - if your team member planned and executed his retirement operation with surgical precision then 'twas I. I think the sensible compromise is that in my farce you couldn't book more than 12 months in advance which kind of fits with shift rosters not being published more than the 12 months.