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  1. shortarse


    Read my post then. It's difficult to get a decent answer the premises the question is based on are flawed.
  2. shortarse

    £10,000 Pay Rise for MP's?

    I wouldn't mind the heavily subsidised bars and restaurants mind...
  3. shortarse


    Speaking as a regular officer now; That depends, are those people entering the workplace doing your job with the same conditions of service and are they doing fully your role? For example, are they able to stay with the cases they were the initial investigating officer of? Are they a like for like replacement? "Potential" jeopardy, slim perhaps, just as there's the "potential" for G4S to replace most police roles, will it happen? You're wrongly assigning the blame for the reduction in PC numbers against the specials when it is in fact that small, easily forgettable issue of there not being the money available to pay them. Missing the wood for the trees? They've been there for 180 years, I think if they were going to replace the regular service it would have happened by now.
  4. shortarse

    The danger of specials

    There is a legal protection scheme offered to us by the NPIA which the Home Office is now continuing. Not as supportive as Fed support I'm led to believe but better than nothing. I personally haven't met any specials who are anti-reg but then there are a lot of us. I would suggest though that perhaps the attitude of some posters on here may be responsible for the attitude of some specials? Not all mind, but some.
  5. shortarse

    Specials used more and more.

    I'm just going to state again that I have sympathy for serving officers/those being retired and that I in no way consider my experience as a special to make me superior/more useful than even a brand new probationer. However... You won't achieve much by constantly using the specials as a scapegoat for everything bad that's ever happened recently/since you joined. A number of the most anti-special comments on here suggest that the posters have very little knowledge of/working with specials. Yes, there have been good criticisms of specials raised and I don't think even any of the specials disagreed with them. Specials can't replace regs because they aren't committed to a shift pattern. No one has said otherwise, nor thinks otherwise. No number of specials will change that which means it can't be done. Blaming specials for the reduction in police numbers is stupid, the reason officer numbers are being reduced is because there's less money. There would still be fewer officers if there were no specials. The impact the specials have on this is being wildly over exagerrated by some because it fits in with existing prejudice against us, the sort of people who have disliked specials since day 1 of their career and who have been rattling on about how the job is f****** since day 2. Capt Carrot...trying to blame specials because you havent got your advanced driving is also stupid. Why train someone to be an advanced driver who will only do it 16 hours a month when you do it full time. Logic would suggest that it would be more cost effective to train you. But hey, illogical as it is, if it makes you feel better, go ahead and blame away. Specials are as great a threat to the regs as St Johns Ambulance are to the NHS. The thing is about this thread is that it attracts bitter people who've been screwed in one way or another by the job and are looking for an easy target to blame. Frankly I thought this thread raised a decent question to begin with, now I'm just surprised specials haven't been accused of writing winsor yet.
  6. shortarse

    Specials used more and more.

    Don't misunderstand me, I do see your point, but I think you're exagerrating the degree to which Specials will be used, after all the barebones training and the broad degree of experience we recieve after that makes us unreliable as the primary force. I don't think the MSC should be anything more than a supplementary force and as disconnected as politicians may be or as motivated by the cost-cutting they won't start replacing whole departments of regs, and if they do the outcome will soon change their minds. They are however trying to utilise Specials to the absolute limit of their capabilities (L2 PO etc), but again, unless replacing last minute sicknesses, massively low risk work or issues that can be dealt with in very slow time we still serve a supplementary purpose. Nothing will ever change that unless they change the specials altogether with compulsory shift times etc, and I haven't heard a thing about that. One of the methods the govt. is pursuing at the moment is retiring those they can retire with view to replacing them with new PCs, I suppose you'll be just as hostile to those people who have done what they needed to to get into their chosen career, even though one of the reasons they're there is because they're cheaper than the officer whose done 30+ years? Show me where I said specials can perform exactly the job PCs do and I'll retract it. As far as recruitment goes we were told in a meeting that it would alternate between PCSOs/Staff and Specials every other year to allow the other group time to rebuild their numbers, that's nothing official though so it could have changed numerous times since then. For the rest see above.
  7. shortarse

    Specials used more and more.

    That links in with what I said earlier about changes that need to be made. Again, it's not their fault, what do you want them to do, give up the chance of the career they want? Has there even been an announcement to make officers redundant? I've seen things about forced retirement of those who've done their 30 years but that's happening all over. Other than that what I've seen has been to increase both PC and SC and to increase utilisation of the MSC. I stand to be corrected on this though.
  8. shortarse

    Specials used more and more.

    In the case of the MSC, free travel on TFL operated services.
  9. shortarse

    Specials used more and more.

    I can't disagree, it's frustrating to see people who you did your course with not turn up for almost a year (one from my course will only be doing their first shift shorlty before the olympics) or frankly just take the ****, still enjoying the benefits of the warrant card without any of the work the regular specials do. WIth the olympics coming up and with the target for ~6000 specials in the Met they're not going to make an effort in the short run but it needs to be done. The terms of our service were clear when we joined: 16 hours a month/200 hours in a year. I have no problem at all with them being binned, in fact, I'd support it. If they don't meet the requirements it should be treated as a disciplinary matter like anything else and dealt with as such. In fact, was the MSC to be more disciplined and more clearly structured I think it would go some way to improving the quality of the specials it produces on the whole and would make the MSC more credible in it's own right. Obv. there will always be those who oppose it in all forms or will always a reason to criticise but there's nothing that can be done about that. Not when I couldn't be made redundant if I was already and given that it's going to be the only way into the job for the foreseeable future it doesn't bother me. Specials have been around for a while y'know, and the apocalypse the nay-sayers have been prophesising has yet to materialise. Damn those overtime thieves eh?
  10. shortarse

    Specials used more and more.

    Funny how reading this thread shows more of the old school attitude to specials than I actually experience while out and about. With the MSC the only route into the job now for the near-mid future do you really find it that surprising that there's a lot of them? I can also see you being the sort of person who would complain if the MSC never bothered turning up, although your main focus seems to be those who do turn and put some effort in. But as well as being unpaid we greedy specials also look to enjoy it as well; the nerve eh? And that council tax rebate, a few hundred quid in exchange for 200 hours a year; Would you work for a month in exchange for a few hundred pounds? Would you give up at least a months worth of free time to work for free on your rest days/AL? And while you like to tar all specials with the same brush I'd just like to point out that that reasoning taken to it's logical outcome also means all PCs are unfit, incapable of performing their duties despite the training, hate their job and do anything they can to stay inside a station. But you and I both know that there are a lot more decent PCs out there than there are bad ones. You've got to remember that SCs work with what they've been taught and then try and learn what you were taught in a classroom whilst they're in the middle of that situation in real time. That means it takes a long time for us to get up to a decent standard (in MSC terms) than the regs who are given all the knowledge they need to know before they start their on the job training. The MSC isn't perfect by a longshot, and they definatly need to be subject to the whole of Police regs, but don't blame us for that, we're just working within the framework that's been set for us. If a special isn't doing their 16 hours a month then they need to be gripped, something which the regular supervisors (who enjoy ample free time as they've often left early) should be actioning along with the MSCs own supervisors.