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  1. Bananasplits

    The Winsor Report Thread

    It's totally unworkable at this present time, I mean I am fit and able but if I was mind to do so and I was a little frustrated with front line duties I would ( deliberately ) fail the fitness test. Then because ( I am not fit to work front line and protect myself ) I would spend 12 months getting fit in a back office before eventually passing the test and resuming duties only to fail again in the next 12 months. Thus I get 12 months break every other year. This HMG are truly thick.
  2. Bananasplits

    So what are we going to do about all this?

    We have two schemes running now 1987 and 2006 both have different pension rules the 2015 will bring in a third. I am restricted and tried to pin this down, the answer I got back was that you will have all the benefits of your current pension until tapering has ended. May be a little naive granted but I took " all " as being I'll health benefits unless I am told differently.
  3. Bananasplits

    So what are we going to do about all this?

    Not totally the case, you are right the new pension calculates I'll health in line with the 2006 scheme, but this doesn't automatically kick in in 2015. If you have 6 yrs protection/tapering you will be ok until 2021 and if you get pensioned off before this date it will be calculated as it is now.
  4. Bananasplits


    I hope when you came across something prisoner wise you dealt with it, nothing more infuriating during my service than Sgts Insp racing around trying to turn up the most heinous ball of crap only to pass it on to some poor PC who had enough of his own crap to deal with. That's what I call playing at being a cop and they are better off tucked up behind their desk.
  5. Bananasplits

    PC .. 'crashed into island at 92mph'

    As far as I'm aware speed on its own can be classed as dangerous it just depends on where you are and what road you are on. 98 mph in a built up area could be seen as dangerous, 98 mph on a motorway is a different story.
  6. Bananasplits

    Police Federation?

    Why would a Chief Supt be at a monthly fed meeting?
  7. Bananasplits

    CCC website

    I received a reply from Mr Riches and was quite surprised as I think he has enough on his plate this week.
  8. Bananasplits

    Death of the CID- Fahy style

    Sadly it appears this is what HMG want a few " proper police " the rest tended out to the highest bidder.
  9. Bananasplits

    Police Federation?

    This all day, when you have a meeting and they tell a PC rep he has to ask to be excused tells me they are using their rank to push things through which is wrong.
  10. Bananasplits

    Death of the CID- Fahy style

    I have been in many a meeting when they are asking questions on how they can cut costs etc, when the following questions have been asked its very hard to argue. Do you need to be a police officer with warranted powers for the following. Mounted Dogs Etc In our force we now have civilian investigators which is seen by many as the first stage of the breakdown of CID, no job is safe outside of response as was alluded to in a previous post. Long gone have our custody PC,s and it's only a strike of the pen which could see custody Sgts go the same way. It's only my opinion but getting CID merged in the way it has could actually be its saviour rather than its demise. Time will tell.
  11. Bananasplits

    Police Federation?

    That quote sums it up for me, they couldn't be excused!!! Problem is they are trying to run the fed like it was 20 yrs ago, time for a vote of no confidence.
  12. Bananasplits

    Police Federation?

    About time the fed got a shake up well done the constables.
  13. Bananasplits

    PC to Prison

    You stud you.
  14. Bananasplits

    Death of the CID- Fahy style

    Mmmm never said I just stayed in 94, now let's not make evidence up to get a detection here, was promoted once in CID but for the next rank I left. Also for some reason the people replying think I am now on response....... But hey let's not get facts in the way of a good argument.
  15. Bananasplits

    Death of the CID- Fahy style

    So you attack the poster instead of the comments ok then. Did my "aids" course in 94, then found the CID foundation course to be so woolly ( topsy and Tim stuff ) that I put myself through the exam and after a couple of years I left CID on a further promotion, so I have a grasp of CID and I enjoyed my time there but even then it was full of lazy tecs and I stand by the comment. As for further comments that you and your fellow tecs would not need advice when working response!! Well that is just foolish as the procedures change on at times a daily basis same with any department. You seemed to have misread my post re authority, if you turned up a fatal a Traffic Waller would be in charge and you would indeed take advice, but the point is that even back at the station some DC think they are a rank above when this is clearly not the case. Even from the late 80s there was a divide and to be honest a lot of it was brought about by the rotten apples and elitism, I think working in the same office will be a blessing and slowly but surely it will bring a closer working environment when the team realise they are all constables but with different skills sets.