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  1. plasma

    Pension Challenge

    Article in this mornings Sunday Times - " warning on public sector pensions".. New data showing sharp increase in liabilities and that they had become "unaffordable and unrealistic". Suggesting they be cut in same way final salary schemes have been cut. Despite reforms recently govts liability for public sector schemes has balloned by a third to £1.5 trillion in the last 5 years! Will our 25 year guarantee that there would be no further pension reform last?. Or will Brexit give the govt that excuse to cut back further?
  2. Traffic officers used to patrol at 50 or 80-85 to avoid this issue of creating problems with traffic flow. They seem more reluctant to do this now as in my force a couple have been prosecuted for excess speed!
  3. plasma

    The Invictus games

    Why not?. Whatever your views on Iraq - George Bush was and is a strong supporter of the military. He ordered the infamous 'war on terrorism' snd although some may view that all one big mistake - what else was he to do after 7/11?. After all, the US has not been attacked since and no other world power had the guts to go on the offensive. The UN is a joke and were too slow to react. And he was supported by our very own PM.
  4. plasma

    State Pension

    CP, I was aware of the state pension forecast link which I have used previously but specifically wanted to establish my N.I record but I now see that's included in pension forecast. I have 29 years already - in my 30th so pension forecast £155.65 which will be earned on police career itself!. If I don't work again that will be collected from age 67 so quite chuffed.
  5. plasma

    State Pension

    Found it!. Looks like a Sunday afternoon task !... https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/shortforms/form/NIStatement
  6. plasma

    State Pension

    Big Vern, how did you apply for your N.I record?
  7. plasma

    Hillsborough Verdict

    I hope there's still young people who want to join the force and improve the way we police. It's in cases like this I feel ashamed to be a Copper!. We got it wrong, badly wrong. Yes, it was an accident but more than that with gross negligence on those in charge. The cover ups that followed perverted the course of justice and were criminal and the bosses should be held to account. The Bobbies on the ground did what they could on the day but the court has passed its verdict and its damming. To continue in denial is being ignorant of the facts.
  8. People don't like change generally but it's called raising standards. If most of the teachers are against the reform - I'd say it's probably justified. Once went to a friends BBQ that was full of teachers - never felt so out of step in conservation - funny lot!
  9. plasma

    Cabinet Resignation

    Zulu, you have a point. I watched Andrew Marr and IDS was believable. Time will tell and certainly more to be unravalled on this one..
  10. plasma

    Cabinet Resignation

  11. plasma

    Cabinet Resignation

    Agree, it's all to do with positioning Rik. The leave Europe camp are gathering quite a group of right wing "has beens". It's only reinforcing my view to stay in. And the Tories are right to be looking to control the ever increasing disability budget. Targeting the help at those you really need it. What's wrong with that?. All the headlines around an attack on the disabled is nonsense. We're spending more on the disabled than ever before. Year on year increases.
  12. The rest of article ..... Osborne ‘to abolish pension perk’ Tim Shipman, Political Editor Last updated February 21 2016 12:01AM George Osborne outlined the idea in his summer budget speech last year GEORGE OSBORNE is plotting a £4bn raid on retirement incomes by abolishing the tax-free lump sum, according to a former pensions minister who worked with him on pension strategy in the coalition government. Steve Webb, who led pension reform for five years in the coalition, said the chancellor was plotting a “tax bombshell” that would hit hundreds of thousands of people. Currently people can access 25% of their pension pots tax-free in a single lump sum when they reach 55. But Webb said he believed the perk was “heading for extinction” as part of plans to revolutionise pension saving that are due to be outlined in the budget next month. Having worked closely with the chancellor, Webb said he believed Osborne would like to scrap all tax relief on pension contributions and replace it with an Isa-style system. Osborne outlined the idea in his summer budget speech last year when he launched a consultation on changing tax relief on pension contributions. Since then, though, speculation about pension reforms has focused on proposals to equalise the rates of pension tax relief so that all taxpayers receive the same benefits. This would hit higher-rate taxpayers. But Webb, who now works for the pensions firm Royal London, said contacts with Treasury officials had convinced him that Osborne would like to take the more radical course. Writing on The Sunday Times website, Webb says: “I do not believe that the flat-rate was ever the Treasury’s first preference.” The Isa approach would mean “an extra tax bombshell” that “seems to have gone almost completely unnoticed”, Webb writes, because it would scrap the tax-free lump sum. “Under the current system you can get tax relief on your pension contributions, enjoy tax-free growth in your pension fund and then take a quarter out tax-free — a hugely tax-advantaged way of saving,” he writes. “In effect, a quarter of the money in your pension never gets taxed at all under the current rules. “But with a pensions Isa, this tax break quietly disappears. Since all of the money that goes in to a pensions Isa has already been taxed, there is no equivalent of the tax-free lump sum. “Given that the tax-free lump sum costs the chancellor around £4bn per year in lost revenue, it is easy to see why he might like to get rid of it. It is remarkable to think that one of the most popular and best understood parts of the tax system — the tax-free lump sum — could be on the brink of extinction without anyone noticing.” If the tax-free lump sum is abolished, 20m people saving into a workplace pension could be affected. The chancellor is not expected to make the change retrospective, however, so tax-free lump sums already built up would be safe. But Webb warns: “The Isa approach would stop people building up any more tax-free lump sums on future pension savings. Even for someone 10 years away from pension age this could have a big impact on their retirement planning.” Webb is not alone in thinking the Isa plan is Osborne’s preferred option. Last week a leading figure in the pensions industry said he would take his tax-free lump sum “before March 16” [the date of the budget] if he was 55 or above. This is the minimum age at which the cash can be withdrawn.
  13. http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/article1670519.ece?CMP=OTH-gnws-standard-2016_02_21 Well, it's been feared for years but looks like Osbourne is going to tax lump sums
  14. plasma

    No Cut In Police Budget

    Well, it's what I have been saying for ages on this forum. Get the public finances in order ( deficit to be eliminated by 2019/20) and get the economy on a stronger footing and then the budgets on the public services will be safer. Well done Chancellor. A masterpiece in one stroke!.
  15. plasma

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    I read at the weekend that the cuts May has agreed to fall short of the MINIMUM (i.e 20%) and that she has put forward a package of other savings and income generation to buffer the need for more drastic cuts. 20% over 4 years - 5% a year should be manageable. Our force still has people in "made up" jobs.