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Uncle Vanya

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    Caesaromagus, A12, Essex
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    Retired Police Civilian (IT Staff HQ). Interested in History, Military History, Aviation History, Friend of Duxford Airfield, Easter of Chesse, Cake & All sorts of Good Victuals.
    (Friend of Bill W)
  1. Uncle Vanya

    Search on Sir Cliff Richards home

    Another 'alleged' witch hunt against a celebrity and high profile person. This appears, in my, view to be an attempt by some greedy, stinking, slimy, stinking corrupt Human Rights law firm to put someone up to make the charges to see if they can cop some cash compo. The Red tops media gutter press have been trying find 'dirt' on Cliff Richards for years, and have found zilch. The Red tops such as the 'Sunday Sprts' would invent, make up and manufacture stories about people alleged wrong doing - "Thou shalt NOT bear false witness against....!" Just like the allegations against Lord Bramall - an attempt to smear an illustrious soldiers name, and NO evidence has been proved. it appears that our Lefty Liberal Elites like try people via the media. Or set themselves up as "Nonce Finder General" to chase down allegations. This is not to say that crimes have been committed by various folks such as Mr 'I'll Fix It' Saddle, or that Aussie lad "Tie me Kanagroo Down". The current allegations against members of the British Army for alleged 'crimes' committed during the Gulf War post 2003, and in Afghanistan is a case in point. Historic searches of Army Records against those who have served in Northern Ireland. As an ex soldier who served in Ulster in the 1970s, Should I too expect a knock on the door from flunkies from the MoD and slimy, greedy, money grubbing f**king Human Rights lawyers after some cash for themselves. These people are all LIARS as far as I am concerned. There should also be investigations into the IRA and Sienn Fein - but this won't happen as they are all 'protected' under the Ulster Peace Process.
  2. Uncle Vanya

    Assange and Unlawful Detention

    Why do folks think that Julian Assange is British? He is an Australian citizen, born and bred there. As for his current abode in that embassy in London town, well that is of his own making. People are getting a little tired of Assange - he is wanted on an EU Arrest Warrant for alleged crimes in Sweden. However the Swedes don't seem to be too bothered about this and the alleged crime he is said to have committed. the Swedes are more concered about all those dusky lads from far off exotic fly blown, sweaty, lands and their 'cultural rapey stuff' that they have brought with them. It is about time Assange 'manned up' and packed his bags and buggered off to to face the music. The likelyhood is that he will be questioned if he goes to Sweden, and released due to to 'Lack of Evidence'. Mr Assange's problem is that the US CIA "Rendition Airlines" 'cabin crew' might hijack him as they do regularlary to alleged 'Enemies of the State', and transport him back to the US of A so he can be banged in up the next cell to Private Bradely Manning, who recieved a sentence of 35 years for his part in the 'Wikileaks' conspiracay. Mr Assange was just the vehicle whereby those so-called 'secrets' were leaked to the Bloshphere of the Internet. It is all a pile of poop, and the Yanks were embarrased as to what a lovwly Private Frist Class had access to. It probably meant that US security of its classified material was not that strong - people using passwords such as the word 'password'. this probably still happens. The Yanks want their pound of flesh, so getting their hands of Assange would go a long way to assuage the incompetence of what was allowed to occur. The problem with Assange is if he is 'rendered' to the states, he, like Private Manning, won't see the light of day until they are old and grey, if ever. :christmas_hmm:
  3. Uncle Vanya

    Jeremy Corbyn - again

    Corbyn and his 'corbynista' orientated Liarbor Party, lover of terrorists such as the IRA, Hamas and possibly (alleged) Daeish/ISIL baby Murdering Pig fornicators really should NOT be allowed near the front doors of Ten Downing Street. The Tory-conscum are bad enought - they would sell off the whole UK PLc to money launderers, international carpet baggets and banksters. The Liarbor party under Corbyn's Marixst tripe would dumb down the UK and welcome in millions of illegals, 'crimmigrants' 'rapeygrants' and generally anyone who wants to live the life or Reilly of the UK Tax Payers hard work. I don NOT appologise for the wordage I use, I detest the Labour Party - betwen Teflon Blair, Doc Gordon McRuin under 'New Labour' and the current Liarbor Leadership. the UK is totally screwd.
  4. So, now our wonderful Tory-Con government have been looking at the French and Spanish police recruiting/trainsing systems whereby officers have to gain Degrees to become attested officer of the law? The Home Office is allegedly looking into this, which in my opinion would be a bad mistake, typical of our usless political elites. The UK version of this, if a feasibility stuyd and recomendations go ahead would mean probationary contables undergoing training, inclduing their degree crouse whould pay for this themselves as student loans, thus saving local police forces the expense of training officers. What a load of totally moronacy is this. Typical of the stinking Tory-conmen in government to 'monetise' everything and make training more difficult. so - what would our equally useless stinking UK liarbor Party of Commie mutts do?? We are all going to hell in hand cart, what with cuts in police numbers, more reliance on IT and Magic elecronics, if it works, and less and less boots on the ground as beat officers. :christmas_angry:
  5. Uncle Vanya

    Policing Stategy?

    Are our police forces in the UK being run by Bean counters and Politicians nowadays? With the Tory austerity measures biting policing, and the ability to police - do Chief Officers plan local policing strategies, or is it now planned and implemented by Force Finance Managers (usually a civilian post), and the locally elected Police Commissioners - a political post? So are the Chief Constables and Senior Officers just 'placemen' doing the bidding of central government? We see the front pages of the Essex 'Chronicle' this week (08/10/2015) that Essex Police is closing down numerous police stations, getting rid of a load of PCSO's and other so-called cost cutting measures. What sounds wasteful is the Great Dunmow police station - a brand new one built only some years ago. Is this going to be closed along with those already earmarked for closure? The Headquarters complex in Springfield is to be sold off eventually and a new HQ complex to be built near Chelmsford somewhere. Clearly - the old HQ complex really is past its "Sell By Date", and a new site really needs to be set out due to the need for room to expand police services now and in the future. Of course, all this will take years - the planning, consultations, the eventual site, and the moving of different departments, including IT, Radio, Telephones etc; from the old site to the new site. Perhaps a part of the old Boreham Airfield could be used to site such a HQ complex. Which also has to be able to be secured. So will FIR move out as well to the new site? Essex Police also appears to ahve 'gone abck to the future' with a new IT computer system. One remembers another IT system some years ago which failed - EPICS (Essex Police Integrated Computer System). The system was a disaster from day one, however the Old Chief, Mr Burrows stated that - "EPICS will 'fly' no matter what!" Of course it failed, and was quietly folded up and sent away. We of the then IT Staff were ordered not to talk about this failure, either internally or externally. It looks like the new Essex Police IT system "Athena" is also have difficulties, and one of the other forces have withdrawn from this 'experiment'. So, Just how much cash has been wasted so far - 5 million pounds, Ten Million Pounds or 30 Million pounds? It seems that Essex Police has to 're-invent the wheel' again? It looks very much like the 'EPICS' project will happen all over again. It all seem a bit like deja view. Not only in Essex Police having problems, but we also read about the Essex Fire and Rescue Service going through "management" problems as well. Time for the political interference to stop!!
  6. Uncle Vanya

    Poor Georgie

    Oh Dear, how sad. Boo hoo, boo diddly hoo. A man on a mission, a man with a dream, a political party of one with GG as it's 'center'. Perhaps the geezer who tw*tted him as bribed with some ciggies and the promise of some cash and cans of 'Special Brew' to said deed, to try and drum up some sympathy for dear old GG. it is interesting to watch his TV program on 'RT' - 'Sputnik' spouting all the old lefty and commie drivel, but he does have some interesting things to say, and he can hold his own in any discussions. He occasionally appears on BBC 'QT' with Mr Dumblestum......
  7. Uncle Vanya


    i had to see a councillor about my addiction to sex. He was going to charge me a fortune for consultations, so I decided to go 'Cold Turkey' - I've been banned from entering all branches of "Iceland!"
  8. Uncle Vanya

    Teflon Tony

    Such a wonderful Ex-PM, the most gifted PM we, in the UK have ever had. A man of little morals, who knows what he wants. We should be thankful that he is 'volunteering' his time for a little remuneration of course (expenses) in advising lots and lots of nice people in High Office around the World......
  9. Uncle Vanya

    Election and political debate 2015

    Not much of choice between our three main PPE education political f**kwits. The Tory-Conmen, the Liarbor Party and of course the Limp-Dums. So the choice is:- (a) Another Liarbor Party in office on its own, or a Liarbor Party with Limp-Dick coalition gobmunt ready to further dumb down UK PLc, and sell us all further into the EU-SSR Lands Euro-Kommie Brussels Politburo. ( A Tory-Conmen government on its own, still likely to renege on an "In" or "Out" referendum on continuing membership of the New EU Federated states of BS. Or another coalition with the Limp-Dums. Such is the 'Future', lets hope 2015 brings some change, but hope springs eternal.....
  10. Uncle Vanya

    What's Brilliant about Policing

    Not sure if this is the right place for this - but why do forces build brand new Police Stations, that are not manned between 6 PM and 6 AM? A brand new police opened opened a few years ago just outside sunny Gt Dunmow in deepest Essex that is neither manned at night, nor does apparently have a Custody Suite. So what is the use, and who actually uses Dunmow Police Station, unless it is purely administration staff -- unless there has been the availability of extending the premises at some future date to include a fully equipped custody suite. There seems to be plenty of land at the back of said premises. The fact that the old Police Station in Chequers Lane had/has a custody suite? I pass this place quite often during the week. (retired Essex Police civilian, ex HQ IT Dept. staff)
  11. Uncle Vanya

    Gerry Adams Arrested

    This possibly won't go anywhere. After all, these events occurred over 40 years ago, and the reliability of witness could be brought into question. As for these 'tapes', well there could be lengthy legal challenges to have them excluded on the grounds of that reliability. Whatever happens, the legal eagles will make a financial killing, and the old "Yumin rites Act" will be bandied around even though it did not exist back in the 1970s. As an old soldier who did a tour of Noren Iron back in '72, these memories are still quite fresh. However with what has happened since, and the fact that two of the 'alleged perps' (so it has to be stated), are in public posts of influence, is not unusual if you look at the history of the "Troubles" in Ireland. Many of the Old IRA etc ended up in government of the Irish Republic in the 1920s. So there is a historical precedence for Messers McGuiness and Adams to be in office of some sort. There will possibly be strenuous efforts by Republicans and Sinn Fien to get Mr Adams released on bail, assuming this actually goes anywhere. There could be pressure put on the PSNI and the Ulster assembly to quietly drop this by "Suits" in Westminster and Whitehall.
  12. Uncle Vanya


    So - what is the general experience of these new Police Commissioners who took over from the old Police Authorities? Have they been of use to the rank and file and general policing of the UK, or are they just a political gimmick? If so, should the old Police Authorities, or something similar be reinstated? Or is there just too much importing of the American policing model into the UK. UK police officers are looking more and more like some American officers with a standardization of appearance and PPE equipment.
  13. Uncle Vanya

    Election and political debate 2015

    Hmm, general election 2015. It's going to be dirty. Both main parties, Conservatives and Labour have felt the need to employ the use of foreign Spin Doctors to up the anti with their propagandizing and possibly (alleged of course), smearing each other with made up stories, dredging the archives of history, or just general bullsh*te. The Lib-Dems will possibly be the losers out of all this. So who wants to see a Labour government returned to power, to finish off the work of duming down UK society and wrecking everything that Blair, Brown, Mandelson et al started way back in 1997 elections of New Labour, Third Way, One Size Fits All nonsense. I did buy a book by some author trying to explain what "Blair's Third Way" was, but I just could not get the enthusiasm or interest to read it - so I binned it. If the Tory's are returned with a working majority - it will possibly be more "austerlisations" everywhere, and the rich will get richer and the disparites between the "Haves" and "Have Nots" could widen even more. Anyway - it is NOT the political party in government that runs things. It is the international banks, big money, big pharma, the multi-nationals and of course the industrial-pentagonian-military complex in the US of A that dictates policy. They even tell the EU (aka EU-SSR) what to do. it is all b*ll*cks!!
  14. Uncle Vanya

    Forum members well being

    Still around, havn't been posting on this Forum for many moons. Just decided to look in and see who is around. Hmm, it was the birthday reminder that I got in my Inbox that Police Oracle was still around....... well here I am, a bit older, crustier and Victor Meldrew.... Mee on a long haul flight....... hehehe
  15. Uncle Vanya

    Death in a Chimney

    Silly Boy, he should have used the front door if he was after some PPI Compo........ Well he has taken his self out of the gene pool. Darwin award of the month.