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  1. ChickenSoup

    Tierdness Driving radio Ad

    [ Off Topic for a mo...your comments just prove how ying and yang women and men are ... boobs itch when tired ( night) and men have scratchy sack in the morning. Ok neither may be time specific or is it just coincidence. When do you start your degree course on the subject? He he he he....I have ended up wearing blouses so I can have a quick scratch at the traffic lights Have A/C on in car.....what can I say...I am obviously just a naturally hot chick!!!!
  2. ChickenSoup

    Baby Thai Boxing.

    Anyone watched that documentary with the kids thai boxing and their parents cheering them on. I felt really sorry for the little girl. Her face said it all. She is only five years old. Poor kid. Don't understand why the parents think it is a 'sport'. The poor kid hated doing it.....and her dad didn't realise the kid is just saying what he wanted to hear. Can't understand those parents at all. It was not just working class parents ....one set seemed to be quite upper class....sending their kid off to thailand to box! Found it all very freaky and totally wrong. Don't mind the fitness part to it but not into kids throwing kicks and punches at one another. I am pretty sure there must be a lot of money in it for the parents in terms of bets etc.
  3. Anyone heard that ad about driving when your tierd? It goes through all the signs and symptoms of excessive tierdness when your driving....except it doesn't include what I get.....itchy boobs!
  4. ChickenSoup

    Speed Awareness Training

    It was a lot of common sense, and the best part for me was going out for a spin with the advanced instructors as I think you get more value for your money (I paid £85 quid for my course). We had to get into pairs and then basically drive on loads of different roads and they keep asking you what the speed limit is and using that technique of scanning the road from front and behind ...looking well in advance, and looking over and under cars when approaching to check for pedestrians.....it was just a very good refresher course....and in the theory part of the course we had to watch a video and point out all the hazards in the road and look at clues from road markings. I was really dreading the driving bit but it was ok...but strange like driving in some instructors car but it was ok...practised also approaching junctions which was a bit of good practice too.
  5. ChickenSoup

    Lets Talk.....

    ...if anyone ever needs to have a natter....I don't mind chatting to you online and err I am not saying this as a cheap chat up line...., I just think that its good to talk and let off steam especially in copper land you know where everything is pc and its all dead hierarchical....and no one can just let it all out. Or just log on and type away....I find a forum like this in a well regulated profession quite therapeutic as you can be honest with stuff and not have to think first about your role in the real world...if that makes sense. I dunno if coppers get proper emotional support. I mean you have to deal with loads of stuff. Anyone just thought I would say if anyone is ever feeling low...the chick is happy to listen....and I am very sure others on this forum are all to willing to help too xxxx
  6. I had my speed awareness day today. It was dead good....cos they did the theory and then these advanced drivers take you out for about 2-3 hours to practice your driving.....it was brill!
  7. ChickenSoup

    Mr Todd passes away

    Yes he was really young..I feel for his family and hope they found the strength to get through this. I didn't even know him and I'm totally shocked. R.I.P Mr Todd
  8. ChickenSoup

    Rose And Fred West

    Oh god I just watched taht documentary .....it made me feel physically sick. They appeared so normal but were so evil. Just goes to show should trust your gut instincts if you think something appears not quite right even if that means not being polite!
  9. ChickenSoup

    White Working Mens Club....

    What I didn't like about that documentary was when one of the men said that if a 'paki' kid got run over he wouldn't help them and then in the same breath he said he didn't mind Indians, Chineese, black people....just Muslim people. But the thing is, you can't tell what race/religion an Asian child is from their appearance, and secondly they are just children and I think it is really sick that he came out with a comment like that. Unsure too on his attributions one of them made to all the things Muslims get, in terms of better housing and employment opportunities. I hear similar views about the Polish immigrants in Crewe. At least, the immigrants he talks off are organised enough to go out and get work..... they couldn't even get their club to be profitable. Their general views were not progressive at all and I don't think any of them actually knew any Asians at all and based their views on stereotypes instead.
  10. Did anyone watch that programme last night on white working mens club(I think it was on BBC 2)? What did you all think of it?
  11. ChickenSoup

    Ice Road Truckers

    Who has been watching ice road truckers on ch 5! Isn't it brill! Would any of you lot do that ...if you wanted a bit of a change! I'd have kittens as soon as the ice cracks..even if it was 30K for 2 months work!
  12. ChickenSoup

    Morrisons and Coppers

    Why is it that there are always loads of coppers in Morrisons!!! I always see them in there.....must be a magnet for loads of robbers me thinks
  13. ChickenSoup

    AERO MAN MAD!!!!

    I've decided I don't like him any more. He looks rather odd actualy in more pics of him.....he looks like a feline!!! I think he has had cosmetic surgery......that doc from super size and super skinny me...looks rather odd too and he always hugs the skinny girl more after their food programme has finished....he never hugs the fat bloke.....must be a bloke thing....
  14. ChickenSoup

    AERO MAN MAD!!!!

    Oh isn't he gorgeous! Anyone know who he is.....?
  15. ChickenSoup

    Update PC Bikergirl!

    Well done bikergirl! I'm so jealous...you get to look at lovely men in uniform all day!