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Capt Carrot

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  1. Capt Carrot

    More cuts on the way!

    So does that mean the new pay scale proposed in Winsor is abolished and all PCs will earn the same basic salary?
  2. Capt Carrot

    The Winsor Report Thread

    I'm quite happy with the statutory BHs thanks.... I'll either have the day off with the rest of the country, or I'll work it and earn double time. Bit like I've always done!
  3. Capt Carrot

    The Winsor Report Thread

    We still haven't received anything at work about nominating... wasn't it supposed to be done by the 31st January?
  4. Capt Carrot

    Ballot on Industrial Rights

    From GMP Fed on Facebook today;
  5. Capt Carrot

    Ballot on Industrial Rights

    Registered but not received any confirmation or follow-up emails....
  6. Capt Carrot

    The Winsor Report Thread

    The current standard for recruitment is 5.4 which equates to about 3m40s of running. Not that long when you think you aren't going to be jogging until level 3.
  7. Capt Carrot

    The Winsor Report Thread

    For clarity - and I don't think this needed clarifying since it's painfully obvious to anyone who has ever worns the uniform - there is a vast different between those who are lazy and those who can't through genuine illness or injury. I would never begrudge a job to someone ill or injured who is making the most of a s**t situation. However those on light duties who need not be (and there are plenty of them), or those who are fully operational but who quite frankly shouldn't be, I am all for them being picked up and set upon. Why? I look after myself, I watch my weight and my diet and I spend time and money exercising which I could be spending elsewhere. If I'm taking a kicking I don't want the nearest unit to take an age getting to me or falling down next to me in the throws of a heart attack. You owe it to yourself and your colleagues and to the public to keep yourself in shape where circumstances allow. For those who have become unfit through simple bone-idleness I have no problems with them being binned, none at all... you want to be here, work for it. For those injured or ill then allowances should be made, but your situation is not of your choosing and I'm sure the majority do wish things were different and continue to work hard regardless. But there is and always will be a clear distinction between the lazy, idle, useless unfit uniform carriers, and those genuinely in need of a bit of support. If that distinction was lost then I apologise, but I stand by my comments; to those who are able, either get on or get out.
  8. Capt Carrot

    The Winsor Report Thread

    I have to say, the fitness thing really doesn't bother me. We should all be fit in this job if you're a cop, regardless of your posting... because no matter what back-office minority diversity safeguarding remit hub you work in, you need to be capable of carrying out the core role of a Constable if required to do so. If we sack off some of the lazy lard, I'm all for it myself.
  9. Capt Carrot

    Death of Paul McKeever

    Just seen on Twitter that PFEW have confirmed the death last night of Paul McKeever... standby for an article...
  10. Capt Carrot

    The Winsor Report Thread

    I don't think you're literally going to transfer from Point 3 on the old scale to Point 3 on the new scale... I believe it's being phased in to slowly bring the two into line. You may see a freeze, but you won't see a massive drop. At least that's my understanding.
  11. Capt Carrot

    The Winsor Report Thread

    It's a shame when we get more respect from people abroad than we do our own citizens, leadership teams and Government.
  12. Capt Carrot

    Ballot on Industrial Rights

    Other than one generic e-mail that came round two days ago making us aware we could now register, we haven't had anything else. I registered immediately and am the only one from my shift who has done so.... and I haven't had confirmation of my registration either. Joke.
  13. Capt Carrot

    Routine arming & double crewing

    Couple of sets ago I was out in the middle of nowhere at 3am, single-crewed, on some country roads which wind back and forth between my Force area and the next county along. The only other unit working on my shift that night was a double-crewed car who they'd called into Custody to do an interview at stupid o'clock because of an anally retentive, risk-averse skipper who takes any opportunity to empty the cells. My nearest back-up from my County would have been about 15-20 mins tops on a blue light run from the next furthest nick, and that's if I could actually get as far as telling them where in the middle of nowhere I was. As I was driving along said windy road about 6 miles away from civilisation I came across a brand new motor parked up in the lay-by with it's lights on. I stop next to it, turn the alley lights on, and staring back at me are 3 guys who look monged off their tits. He hits the accelerator, I spin round and go after him, and within a couple hundred metres pull him over. Car stinks of weed, all 3 have previous for Class A, all 3 have previous for assault PC, one has previous for manslaughter, another on the SOR following a rape, and two of the three have 'weapon' markers. I take their details and send them on their way... Honestly? I think I'd have had grounds to nick the driver for driving whilst unfit and failing to stop. I wanted to turn them and the car over because of the Intel and the smell. After speaking to a friend who works in the neighbouring Force's drugs team these 3 are on their briefing for supply of Class A. Why didn't I? Because they'd have kicked the living daylights out of me. Rule 1 is to get home to the family at the end of each day... I'm not going to eat through a tube for the rest of my life just for another NFA from CPS or a Community Order from the Courts. If that makes me a bad cop then so be it... I just see it as not having the resources available to me to do my job effectively. Anyone who wants to call me on it, then fine... but I suggest they've not been on the receiving end of too many hidings if they're still seeing themselves as knights in shining armour.
  14. Capt Carrot

    Smug Bitch

    Best. Thread. Title. Ever.
  15. Capt Carrot

    The Winsor Report Thread

    Likewise x 100. Shame the Fed couldn't get their arse in gear to get some working to regs organised.... a publicised joined up effort to work strictly by the book and purposely break the system. Never mind... I'll keep sticking the rules and the other morons can keep bending over backwards.