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  1. Jimbo2487

    Ill health advice

    Can anyone advise. Was diagnosed 3.5 yrs ago with fibromyalgia. Been on restricted duties since. Have just been turned down for ill health on the question of permanence. (This was appealed/rejected). Now found out I am being shunted from my current role due to my ill health, probably to a hid away office role...am obviously gutted. Does anyone know what/if I have any options/rights etc. Are there rules of where I can be moved--does there have to be a career path//are you allowed to submit a second ill health retirement request? Am a bit miffed that I can be fit to suit/but also unfit to suit...feel between rock and a hard place. Just wandered if anyone had been in a similar position? Thanks.
  2. Having been on restricted duties for approaching 3 years now, with what has been called fibromyalgia. I was finally put forward for the ill health procedure last November. Am fed up of being the office lemon. No uniform, no mdt, non confrontational--feeling like a spare part at a wedding..I don't like going sick, but it really does drag you down. It's been a nightmare long process--(I ended up going to my GP myself, paying the fee and delivering GP notes to occ. Heath myself). I understand I should be referred to SMP within 28 days? Is that binding? Occ. health don't even reply very well to emails in my force. Anyone else got experience of the procedure/time scales etc. Currently contemplating if to put in a complaint re occ. health, but I hate upsetting the apple cart. I just feel in limbo, can't plan anything and so any advice appreciated.
  3. Jimbo2487

    ill health procedure advice

    Hi Roll17 Best advice I can give is to ensure you take some one with you (ideally a Fed friend) to any SMP process you have. Document EVERYTHING Your GP records will be scrutinised so ensure your GP is aware of all and any ailments and how they affect you. Be honest and try not to be a hero.
  4. Jimbo2487

    ill health procedure advice

    Appeal now set in motion. It appears the medical was done on the 2015 pension criteria, but I am on the 1986 scheme...does anyone know what that means/difference ?? Thank you.
  5. Jimbo2487

    ill health procedure advice

    Thank you Shoddy and everyone for kind words, useful advice. Got Fed meeting Wednesday. My skipper who has been v supportive has written an email to the superintendent basically disagreeing with he SMP report in the strongest terms, and how he has seen my health downhill and how I often get confused etc etc.. Think it's going to get interesting..
  6. Jimbo2487

    ill health procedure advice

    Just an update from a very angry man. Finally got my SMP report. Turned down for ill health. Quote--"I conclude that he is disabled from performing ordinary duties of a police officer, but not permanently". Apparently not exhausted available NHS treatment--fibro clinic to confirm/refute diagnosis... To say I am livid is an understatement--suppose it's what happens when you are verbally examined by a doctor who knows nothing about fibromyalgia... Appeal process next...
  7. Jimbo2487

    ill health procedure advice

    Thank you everybody for your information, experiences and advice--it was so informative and useful. Good luck to all those going through what is a stressful and horrible experience. I had my SMP experience in London today--it was awful. A total lack of interest in me as a patient. All very polite in a officious type of businesslike. It was certainly like an interrogation by a HR official than a probing medical examination. It felt like many loaded questions, and was often interrupted while trying to answer questions or explain symptoms. I took my partner but he was told he was not allowed to make any notes as it becomes "you said and I said" , so I have now forgotten half the 40 minute experience. I was told about pain in my left foot, which I have never had. Tried to explain I never had, but might as well have spoke to the dog. Advise any one to take some one with them if they have a SMP medical....that was such valuable advice. Now it's a waiting game, but I know I came out raging mad and feeling I listened to.
  8. Jimbo2487

    ill health procedure advice

    Thank you everyone for your own experiences. It's really interesting to hear. I have finally got a SMO appointment on 24th March, at least there is movement. I am v v nervous. Fibro is a funny illness (not in a funny way). I have great days and horrible days. Work have tolerated me, and am grateful for some good oppo's. I find myself hiding away, avoiding others, unable to organise anything. I went to a professionals meeting the other week, I could hardly get words out--it's horrible. Yet, don't feel poorly, look poorly and try and play it down constantly. Hope I don't shoot myself in the foot with the SMO.
  9. Jimbo2487

    Police pay rise 2014

    Found this news...again its rubbish.. Pay increase for officers 01 May 2014 The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has announced that a one per cent pay rise has been agreed for all officers, starting from September 2014. At a Police Negotiating Board (PNB) meeting held on May 1, the official side proposed a one per cent pay increase, which the staff side has accepted. Ian Rennie, General Secretary of the PFEW, said “This is in keeping with the continued public sector pay restraint. We are pleased that unlike other public sector workers those receiving increment increases will also benefit from this one percent increase.” In 2013, Tom Winsor, now HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary (HMCIC), published an independent report on police pay and conditions which recommended a two year freeze on pay increments for officers. The increase is not applicable to the Competency Related Threshold Payments (CRTP). Well I am so glad the fed are pleased...I certainly am not...its ANOTHER PAY CUT.
  10. Jimbo2487


    We got Niche (once described as not fit for purpose, but we kind of lost fifteen million...no one to blame, it happens!!!) No one has a clue...awful unfriendly multi multi multi screen system. We had CIS which although dated, was easy to use..
  11. Jimbo2487

    Basic Pay

    Surrey police pay is £36885 for a constable with 7 plus years. I currently take home roughly £2145 after all deductions, dont do overtime. In Surrey you get a £2000 south east living allowance. Still get the remaining bit of CRTP. (Bastards!!) A one bed house anywhere near where I work (40miles) is v v minimum £180000 to buy and approx £750 to rent.
  12. Just wandered what happens in other areas. We were chatting in our office today about how poor it was that our inspector (our divisional boss) had not bought the team any Christmas sweets, no Christmas card and not even a well done/thank you email. Does everyone have poor management....must be some great boss's out there??
  13. In around 2002, Officers in the South were given a £2000 south east living allowance. This was due to the high cost of housing, losing officers to the Met etc.. It really was a life saver. (House prices are stupid in the South..ie a 1 bed apartment in my area £200k). I am v lucky, i managed to get on the proprty ladder.....tiny 1 bed house 20 mile communte. There will never be a good time to ask this, but is it not time this allowance was upscaled to cope with modern living prices. As welcome and needed as this £2k is, I know that once again (and with all the other cuts) officers are massively struggling just to get a roof on their head. I see my oppo's living off an overdraft, not eating at work, driving old cars etc and just getting by. This clearly can not be right. Just wondered what others thought?
  14. Jimbo2487

    South East living allowance

    Mmmmmm.....i think I already knew the answer....just wanted others thoughts. We are lucky to get the 2k, think I appreciate that....i know some get 1k, some get nothing.. Think i am going to become an MP, but just feel my honesty and integrity may hinder my chances. I hope the MP's get their 11% pay rise ...then i hope fire, teachers, nhs , railworkers, electric workers all demand an equal pay rise or strike...let them squirm then....all in it together my arse..
  15. Jimbo2487

    Cost of living allowance

    Please dont fall in to the trap of thinking its a pay rise.. Its just not as big a tory pay cut as the previous few years. Soon be election time...
  16. Cant pay...wont pay... Become quire dispondant over it.....(secretly niggled they closed my thread too....lol) What I have noticed is the drop in forum activity on the back of them charging.. I appreciate it has to be paid for, but not by me....sorry.
  17. This pc has every right to sue, if she has genuinely been injured. If it turns out to be rubbish, then hopefully common sense will prevail. If its a genuine injury caused by genuine liability, then i wish her well. What is more oncerning is the vicious bullying, name calling, damn right abuse this officer has had, both on here, but more so in the Daily 'hate' Mail. It is nasty and cowardly and done by anonymous idiots fuelled by anti police pieces in this goverment briefed vile press. Its given readers the opportunity to continue to ridicule and abuse the police. Most coppers I know bend over backward to support and help the public...this is just not recognised. Until this changes, we are stuffed. Until we get the support and backing of our Fed, our weak self serving senior ACPO ranks and of the devious lying self serving Government, the public will mever trust us again.
  18. Jimbo2487

    Free 1/2 hour - Slavery

    Am shocked at the first half hour explanation. It was an excellant reply. I did not know that and nor do most of my oppo's. Must say, i never work anything for free. If i work late it goes in my pnb and duties sheet and i take it asap...that said, i am not part of a bigger team so have some flexibility.
  19. Jimbo2487

    Ballot on Industrial Rights

    Voted....(for what its worth)
  20. And white terry towelling socks (which were usually grey cause you only had one pair and wanted to be cool all week!!)
  21. I have begun to wish lately that I did work for HMV. Bet they dont treat their staff like chimps.. John dwyer you are an oxygen thief.
  22. Jimbo2487

    The Winsor Report Thread

    The 2020 club should be designated a protected species....lol.
  23. Jimbo2487

    The Winsor Report Thread

    Capt Carrot, on 18 January 2013 - 01:55 PM, said: I have to say, the fitness thing really doesn't bother me. We should all be fit in this job if you're a cop, regardless of your posting... because no matter what back-office minority diversity safeguarding remit hub you work in, you need to be capable of carrying out the core role of a Constable if required to do so. If we sack off some of the lazy lard, I'm all for it myself. Capt Carrot..i hope you never get injured. I am not on restricted duties. I am in daily pain and sometimes struggle to walk due to a bad foot which I believe is caused by one of the many assaults I have had over many years, years of walking (yes some of us do walk) and mainly the time I got a car aimed at me and knocjed over.. On some days I take far more painkiller tablets than I probably safely should, but I am terrified of going light duties as I can not afford to get shifted and shafted. I am not a "lazy lard" but my weight is creeping up and that is something I am very aware of. Suggest you consider your words...you do not know whats around the corner in this job and that is why we need protection. The words "it could be you" are more likely to relate to injury than a lottery win in this job. For me, its a case of getting as near to 2020 as I can, doing the best job I can, before It becomes more obvious to managers/hr that I am not fully fit
  24. Jimbo2487

    Death of Paul McKeever

    Just seen this on Sky news..died of an embolism.. Absolutely shocking. Forgetting any politics, thoughts are and should be with his family and friends at a very sad time.
  25. Jimbo2487

    The Winsor Report Thread

    The whole thing is rotten and just gets worse and worse. I would to see the fed speak out and be more than a bit disapointed. I was a bit disapointed when I was outbid on ebay...for this continued attack i am f*****g fuming. We need positive joined up action...wish I knew what. I would obviously never suggest work to rule, blue flu or similar, but the time for weak niceties is well and truly over...