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  1. JudgeJudyReigns


    There are hard hitting adverts by the TAC in australia (can view on youtube), I grew up with them and knew from an early age that if you drink drive, youre a bloody idiot (i still think this), amongst other things. I know for a fact the adverts had a lasting affect on myself, my siblings and some of my friends. They still make the ads today but they are not as hard hitting, and I dont think i ever saw one where a baby was involved, kids yes but not a baby. i doubt we will ever see shock tactics used in adverts in the UK, remember the smoking mum outside her house adverts saying smoking around your kids can be dangerous, ohhh the stir it caused! Why bother making adverts that might change one or two peoples opinion if everyone else is just going to complain.
  2. JudgeJudyReigns

    Time for reflection

    Sorry to butt in on this section, but have any of you seen the youtube video doing rounds? I watched it, and noticed direct quotes from this thread - 999tommo is one i recongnise, and some others, Zulu22 i think. The quoted part starts at about 4.30mins I just thought I would let you know, in case you didnt know your words were being used, although its for good awareness.
  3. JudgeJudyReigns

    Waving to officers

    oh my goodness, did you see all those blue shirts? Talk about "dumbing down" the police! What a disgrace! Those plastic bobbies are stealing your jobs!
  4. JudgeJudyReigns

    Recruitment - with strings!

    You guys are the ones saying its a bad situation to join, not me! And all the applicants in my force already have jobs, so none of us are desperate for a job.
  5. JudgeJudyReigns

    Recruitment - with strings!

    Ok, dont answer that...
  6. JudgeJudyReigns

    Recruitment - with strings!

    You are right, I have missed the point. I will revoke my application on the off chance that in 6 years i get replaced by someone cheaper. I wont look at it as an opportunity to be the very best I can be and hope to make the most of a bad situation. Consider for a minute the fact that there are thousands of applicants despite all the cries of dont join, you are doomed! We must ALL be idiots, right?
  7. JudgeJudyReigns

    Recruitment - with strings!

    There really is an awful lot of negitivity about new recruits on this forum, and I suggest those who have been in the job take a step back and think about how you felt when you first joined the force. Being "over the moon" about getting a job some of us have hoped and dreamed of for years is not abnormal, you shaking your head and tisking at us is - Yes, the Windsor report is troubling, and it is going to be different for new recruits compared to when you joined. But I suspect new recruits are going to be aware of that fact. I am. We are not going to join the job thinking its all fun arrests and big pensions, most of us work on the job already so we are aware that it isnt all its cracked up to be. Those that say "i wont spend any time training them or mentoring them" well, thank goodness, I wouldnt want to be under someone so negative. I wouldnt want my mind to be corrupted so early in my new job - let me get to hating the job as much as you do on my own - no new recruit needs to be told by you miserable bunch "dont join!", we can make up our own minds. For me personally, i was 25 before I knew I wanted to work in the police force, and that was 3 years ago. Should I just give up on my idea of working in the police because its hard to get in, and the pension isnt going to be as good? No, im going to keep trying until I am doing what I want to be doing. I have passed the assessment, and now the waiting begins for me, something I am prepared to do, regardless of the naysayers and negativity. As for the topic of recruitment with strings, all I can add is that my force did not require A levels. There were hundreds of applicants, but those that passed have been told they will be given a spot to train when there is one... could be 2 years away, or could be never!
  8. JudgeJudyReigns

    Be honest... will I get a big fat fail?

    im suppose to get an email today about this... take your mind back to when you joined and try to remember how you felt when you were waiting to hear if you were successful or not.
  9. JudgeJudyReigns

    Be honest... will I get a big fat fail?

    this made me rest assured no one is talking up the job to me. I feel alot more confident that my oh my god wont get me a D, but I will find out in a week or so I guess.
  10. JudgeJudyReigns

    Be honest... will I get a big fat fail?

    I am already in the force, but not as a regular - its just something I want to do, and I wont let the sorry state of affairs stop me - I am Australian so will always have the option to move home and join the force there, but I want to be a regular here first and foremost.
  11. I had my police assessment over a week ago, and I felt like I did really well - I smashed the role plays, and the written tests and verbal reasoning were good i think. I said something in my interview that on constant thought makes me think im most certainly going to fail... please tell me what you think... I was explaining my answer to a question about changing my attitude or something (i dont really remember the question now) and i was explaining my thoughts and I said this "I thought to myself - oh my god, I hope I havent offended her" then continued with my answer. Do you think saying oh my god will get me a D for respect and diversity? I cant sleep at night for thinking about it...