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  1. rikshawallah

    Solicitors Bingo - Mitigation

    He's a a promising footballer/singer about to break into the bigtime. He just needs a bit more time. He's studying Law/Social work to improve himself and to give something back to society.
  2. rikshawallah

    Pension Challenge

    I could go now as I am almost 54 with 28.5 yrs pensionable. I would love to go, but the strategy I use is literally to take one day at a time. Knowing I can go now is like a psychological safety net. And just knowing that I am costing HMG a fortune with double pension contributions keeps me in the job
  3. rikshawallah

    Pension Challenge

    Yes absolutely you can. It counts as pensionable service. Can you clarify; did you transfer 6 months in, or did you transfer more than 6 months, which showed a transferred value of 6 months? Obviously that's a fairly crucial consideration as you will never get like for like! (e.g. I Transferred in just short of 7 years military, and got 5 years police)
  4. rikshawallah

    Pension Challenge

    Sorry, I was aware of the 5% actuarial reduction per annum but neglected to mention it!!
  5. rikshawallah

    Pension Challenge

    Yes that was my understanding. If you leave before 55 then wait for NPA to kick in (in this scheme it's 60)
  6. rikshawallah

    2016 Pension Statements

    You really could not make that up. It's like the pensions office set in some 1984-esque dystopian nightmare. It would be laughable if it weren't peoples' financial futures we are talking about.
  7. rikshawallah

    Pension Challenge

    Warning us against the dangers or privatisation, whilst encouraging us to buy shares in the self same companies you're warning us about is what seems slightly perverse to me.....
  8. rikshawallah

    lifting of pension cap

    In my case, with under 18 months to go, if I elected to leave now, as I am under 55, my Force would have to stump up an extra c£70k on my lump sum! Don't see them going for it somehow.....
  9. rikshawallah

    lifting of pension cap

    Apologies if this has already been posted. This could have fairly major consequences if adopted by individual Chief Officers. However, I don't think it will be adopted, as I really can't see individual Forces making up the difference on lump sums. Thoughts? http://www.policesupers.com/2016/08/08/removal-of-commutation-cap-pps-1987/
  10. rikshawallah

    Winsor: Specialist Skill Threshold Test

    In by 2022? I'd better get revising then! Oh hold on, I wold have been retired 5 years lol......
  11. rikshawallah

    Fitness Test

    Does anybody know of ANY cases of an Officer being dismissed as a result of failing the shuttle fast walk? I have heard of ONE Probationer failing 3 times and being shown the door, but that's about it. The whole thing is a shambles.
  12. rikshawallah

    CARE scheme calculation

    As far as I'm aware, there is not one single force that will commit to a pension forecast for a career average pension scheme. Whether that changes is anyone's guess, and I have no idea whether there is a legal requirement to do so. (I know they must provide a statement of benefits, but whether that includes a forecast I don't know.)
  13. rikshawallah

    1% Pay Rise

    The old Stand for Election Yourself chestnut. A bit like saying: Never criticise the Prime Minister unless you are prepared to become PM yourself. Not many people are talented (or deluded) enough to become a Fed Rep. So if you are not good enough to so the job yourself, you are not entitled to comment those whose whole purpose in life is to represent their members. They follow that line of thinking in Pyongyang.
  14. rikshawallah

    1% Pay Rise

    I have adopted a coping mechanism with regards to crime workload. Don't worry about it! It's a bottomless pit of enquiries anyway; write one up and there's another in its place straight away. I ignore Further Report dates, they get done when I get round to it. Funnily enough, Supervision don't make a big deal of it as they know what pressure we're under. 17 months to go.........!!
  15. rikshawallah


    My old force had the same scheme until the money dried up. Then it ceased. Sickness went through the roof. Quelle surprise..