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  1. degsy24

    What did they expect?

    I've just come across this thread so sorry for my late addition. In the mid 1990's I paraded on for lates one afternoon to be sent straight out before parade to an irate burglary victim, a very pompous retired doctor who had attached his brass 'practice plate' to the front of his semi! He was waiting in his front garden and immediately had a go at me by shouting and bawling about how he had been waiting 3 hours for a police response. I calmly listened to his rant for a few minutes during which he said he had seen numerous police cars driving passed his house. I calmly pointed out that I had just come on duty and that other patrols driving passed were most likely attending calls of somewhat more urgency than his burglary which had happened overnight (he had left his front door key in the yale lock on the outside!). He then kicked off and told me to get inside and 'do my job'. I took the crime report and my parting shot (I was really wound up by now) was to calmly explain (to a probable Tory voter) thaty Michael Howard, the then Home Secretary, had made such swinging cuts to the police force that we had lost 600 officers and that the lack of a response was linked to that and was a matter he should take up with his MP. His ranting response faded as I shut the door of the police car. I was then summoned to the Ch Insp's office as the complainant had rang him to complain abopt me telling him the political truth. My parting shot to the boss was to say I was not going to return and apologise to the pompous oaf and that I would do the same again in similar circumstances. The truth sometimes has to be told. Nothing more became of the matter. ACPO should have the balls to tell it like it is on a grander scale....I won't hold my breath!
  2. degsy24

    Calais Migrant Crisis

    When the EU proposed (and now passed) scheme to enforce migrant quotas amongst the EU member states transpires I hope that France is told, ' see all those migrants causing havoc in Calais? Well there now all yours to house and deal with as a part of your quota!' Of course the French, who have always run the EU will avoid that fate and we'll probably end up getting them anyway!
  3. degsy24

    Election of Speaker of the House

    As far as I am aware the Speaker's recent Parliamentary election was unopposed because it has to be. It is a ceremonial thing. The Speaker is automatically elected to Parliament and there is nobody standing against him in his constituency by all party agreement so he has already been chosen unopposed before the parliamentary ceremony where they 'drag him kicking and objecting' to his seat. I guess potential voters in his constituency are in effect denied a democratic vote....or am I wrong? I'm sure someone will correct me if I am.
  4. degsy24

    Election and political debate 2015

    Cheese, I only said the smears re Labour and the SNP were PARTLY a reason why Labour lost. I know that there were many other reasons not the least of which was the poor choice of leader from the very start! With the leadership in mind can Labour really afford to have a former public schoolboy called Tristram as leader? I think not!
  5. degsy24

    Election and political debate 2015

    Funny how the Tories always complain about BBC bias when apart from the Guardian and the Mirror they run ALL the rest of the mainstream press which exerts far more influence day to day on voters than the BBC....just look at the election result which was partly due to the Tory's Labour/SNP smears, a deal which Ed Milliband actually rejected every time he was asked about it. If he'd have got into power and gone back on that 'no coalition with the SNP' pledge it would have been his 'Clegg and tuition fees' moment or his 'Cameron I won't increase VAT' Moment (oh....he did....and got away with it!).
  6. degsy24

    Protests near Downing Street.

    Actually the Tories have a 6 seat majority They needed 226 and got 231. It is only their 'effective' majority which is 14 I think as it is added to by Sinn Fein (3 seats) and the SDLP (5 seats|) who don't take their seats but who, if they did, would surely be anti Tory as they are left wing parties. Plus 37% voting Tory means that 63% of the electorate didn't vote for them. However as has previously been said, that is the electoral system so we will just have to get on and see what happens in Parliament. It should be quite interesting! I'm looking forward to the maiden speech of the 20 year old SNP MP and all the public school type barracking from the rest of the 'old boys'.
  7. degsy24


    The other public services haven't got the same tapering deal. The NHS at least have a worse one. My wife gets 6 months tapering to their new CARE pension after 30 years service!
  8. degsy24

    Election and political debate 2015

    But the unions are elected by the members to make decisions for them in the same way that the Govt is elected to make decisions for the UK population. Otherwise we would be having referenda for everything. The unions have to consult their member for industrial action by law but not for every decision they make. This is the essence of having a democratically elected body to represent your interests, whether it be a union or a Govt surely. If you would deny a union its democratic rights then you must surely equally deny those same rights in an elected Govt. I don't!
  9. degsy24

    Election and political debate 2015

    Cop on the corner, David Cameron will have to have his promised referendum by 2017 because he will be held to it by his Eurosceptic back benchers otherwise the Tories old Achilles heel will come into play....a split over Europe! Zulu, why don't the Unions represent their members? They were elected by them! The Tory Govt now represent all the people of the UK even though elected by only 37% of the voting public. That is democracy in both HMG and Union terms so just accept it. I have, despite not agreeing with it. Why shouldn't Labour supporters, whether unions or not, question the position of a losing Labour leader? If the Tories had lost there would have been demands for Cameron to be replaced so what is the difference!
  10. degsy24

    Election and political debate 2015

    How can immigration within the EU be the fault of Blair and Brown? The treaty of Rome guarantees free movement within Europe and was signed off by Edward Heath. The only thing Blair did was not agree to put a 3 year embargo on the new Eastern European members citizens coming here, something which because of the Treaty of Rome they would have been free to do by now anyway. Labour has admitted that this was a mistake ad nauseam since. The whole of Europe is free to come here tomorrow if it wished and that is nothing to do with Blair and Brown!
  11. degsy24

    Election and political debate 2015

    UKIP hasn't just got EDL type voters it has EDL type candidates, hence the number of sackings for inappropriate and racist comments that we have seen including on the very eve of the election!
  12. degsy24

    Just Retired & being taxed at 40%

    Mouchel also do my force pension and it still took 3 or 4 pension payments to sort out the tax issue. Mind you I don't think Mouchel can do anything about it until the force issues your last P60 which in my case took a few weeks meaning HMRC issued a series of temporary tax codes which resulted in higher tax payments. Sorted by HMRC after a phone call by the 4th pension payment though.
  13. degsy24

    Election and political debate 2015

    I wrote on here after the last by-elections when UKIP had some success that come the general election the Tories who voted for UKIP as a protest vote would return to the Tory fold but that the Labour people who voted UKIP would continue to do so....and they did! Labour did poorly because they lost 40 odd seats in Scotland but also because they, in the main, lost support to UKIP in England, plus they made a poor leadership choice. Cameron satisfied his supporters with his referendum promise and they returned to him. The EDL type of voter, who may in the past have supported Labour, stuck with UKIP and their anti immigration scapegoat policies. The Tories also decimated the LibDems of course. Even after this defeat though Labour still managed to increase their share of the vote and only finished up on 26 seats less than last time despite losing 40 odd in Scotland so it was not as bad as it first seems. However with Scotland the way it voted and impending boundary changes going to cost them about 20 seats I just can't see another labour Government in my lifetime. Cameron will have to fulfil his referendum promise though and I can see that coming back to haunt him because he will never be able to offer it on the terms he proposed, ie, after he has gained concessions from the EU in his proposed 'negotiations' which are in his head only as the EU have given no consideration to such talks and why would they as they have far more important things to consider with the Euro crisis etc. Cameron will end up having to have an 'in/out' referendum on the current status of our EU relationship and then fight on the 'stay in' side which he favours. It could be embarrassing for him but I think the public will vote to stay in overall.
  14. degsy24

    Election and political debate 2015

    They may have voted 'No' in the referendum but a lot of those 'No' voters have obviously now voted for the SNP. It 'Devo Max' had been on the referendum ballot I think most in Scotland would have voted for it. I think that's what they want now! The SNP are going from strength to strength so I don't envisage that 'comeuppance' is on the agenda any time soon.
  15. degsy24

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    I can see Cheese's point about receiving an enhanced pension every month for life by not commuting and it is very valid. At the end of the day however it is always going to be an individual choice. I took the full commutation last year simply because if anything untoward happened to me I know that my wife has £131,000 tax free money invested which HMG can't touch plus about £12,000 a year as a widows pension. If I didn't commute she would only get the £12,000 pension. I don't know if people are generally aware but as I understand it the widow's pension is half of the uncommuted full pension and not just half of what is left after commutation. In effect this means a widow inheriting a commutation receives all that cash as an extra on top of what a widow without access to a commuted sum would receive. That was my logic but it's horses for courses. I'm sure Cheese can correct me if I am wrong. I only know of one of my contemporaries who didn't commute and that was always his plan. I do agree though that commuting to just blow it on fast cars and holidays is a waste and will probably see you short of income in later life should you survive to a ripe old age or at least involve later belt tightening. I guess it all depends on the individual's financial circumstances at the time.