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  1. disgruntled

    New Pay Scales

    Hi, spoke to out local federation today about new pay scale/increment freeze and they have stated that anyone on the increments and above point 7 will go to top rate P.C on 1st April 2013. Now I know that's wrong but they were adamant to the point that they stated people will be getting back pay as payroll will be a few months behind with updating everyone's wages. Do the fed not talk to each other as this cant be true.
  2. disgruntled

    PCSO may be given powers of arrest

    I would not stand there and let anyone get hurt, but by the same token I am not going to help people do my job on the cheap and putting my career at risk. If they want PCSO's to do my job then they can spend the money and train them to a suitable standard.
  3. The chief constable of Avon and Somerset is thinking about giving Police Community SUPPORT Officers the power of arrest after the PCC has asked him to consider the move. If they do get the power I hope the constables in that part of the world do not lift a finger to help them deal with all the grief that comes with arresting a person, case files, CPS etc. IF they do help then they are only helping the Goverment erode the Office of constable
  4. disgruntled


    Its not worth it, its just a matter of how to get out of it now. My own mistake which won't be repeated.
  5. disgruntled


    I have been asked to work some rest days less then 5 days notice, will that be paid at double or is it now time and a half.
  6. disgruntled

    chief quits

    Chief constable quits due to reforms to Police. Gloucestershire Chief quits due to budget pressure and concerns about reform.