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  1. pellucid

    Application Form Question

    Thanks for your help 999tommo and the point that they have no right or wrong answers. I was concerned that I was going in a completely wrong direction with my answer in relation to the question they asked. I think I will stick with what i've got and make sure the grammar and punctuation is spot on.
  2. Hi, I am in the process of doing my application to be a Special, and its going ok. I wrote out the competency questions and then wrote my answers down, left it for a day, went back, re-read and corrected it. Repeating this process over several days I now feel I'm close to actually writing it down in my application. My real concern is about the diversity question, taking another persons needs into account; I have got a little confused after reading lots of different things. My answer is around helping an individual who was unable to communicate with me fully as his first language was not English, therefore I took steps with this individual to open up other avenues of communication so he could get the help he required. I have raised a doubt in my mind that this isn't what is being asked, and what it should be is how I dealt with a situation relating racism, sexism or homophobia. Do the questions about diversity with racist, sexist and homophobic areas mainly occur in the interviews and I am on the right path with my answer for the application, or have I got it "wrong"? Regards
  3. pellucid

    Special Constable

    Hi Topstar How is the application process going for you? I am looking to become a special with the intention of going full time and im based in Nottingham too. Im taking my time over the paper application part as want to get it right first time! So wont be sending it off for about 2 weeks.