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  1. Oldchattox, I assure you that I am not a 'ringer' just a concerned officer.
  2. I am aware that it states ineligible, the question is regarding that regs attaches a specific percentage to the ill health benefits. My thoughts are along the lines that as with payment protection insurance (PPI) that has recenlty been subject to much media attention, were the PPI has been mis-sold, or the client did not want it! Could this be similar to being forced to have ill health benefit when it is not wanted and not just because of a hightend risk to the insurer who doesn't want to provide cover for it. If 3.5% of our contribution is for ill health benefit then this surely should be an optional payment and not compulsary.
  3. Is it possible to voluntarily relinquish the medical ill health benefits of the 1987 police pensions scheme and thus reduce contributions by 3.5%? Below is an extract from the PPS 1987 regulations. Therefore If I don't what the ill health benefits why should I or any officer have to pay for them,especially if the benefits at the end remain the same? Has anyone got any ideas? 3.2 Your contributions You pay contributions towards the cost of your pension benefits. These are set as a percentage of your ‘pensionable pay’, the current rate being 11% (less 1p a week). If you are ineligible for ill-health benefits you will pay contributions at a reduced rate, currently 7.5%. In PPS, members’ contributions meet about a third of the estimated cost of providing pensions and other benefits (the remaining cost being met by employers’ contributions and central government).