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  1. mla

    Right to strike petition.

    I have just signed this petition and circulated via social media etc. Let's see if we can't get this to 100,000 signatures
  2. mla

    Specials used more and more.

    As a special myself this has been an interesting read. In the MPS the use of Specials' has vastly increased with numbers of 5,000 and especially now its the only way into the regular service (notwithstanding converting PCSO's). But one of the key issues here is that the Specials themselves have had a decreasingly important say in their own future where the regular service has taken over the management in its entirety. Therefore you can't really blame the specials for 'coming in and nicking our jobs' when it is the SMT who are making this determination and where these officer are just 'getting on with it'. Especially taking into account that officers are told to soak up what learning they can get because as a special access to certain courses such as response driving is easier to get than when you're on team!
  3. I'm sorry 'Penbwlch' if I have caused offence. Clearly it is 99% of the workforce who do a proportionate, legal, accountable and necessary job entirely compliant in policy, law and what hysterical Sun readers would approve of. I think my so-called survey has had enough bashing now. I accept it was of a low quality and have taken into account the views of contributors - especially in the regard of how polarising they can be. However its still a legitimate conversation to be had and sticking fingers in proverbial ears and saying "la la la" is about as unhelpful as my 'survey' has been. In relation to the examples I gave above I think are valid, some of them real. I accept we could discuss the whole thing until the cows come home, but in terms of service improvement, that 1% who occupy 99% of press attention, there must be acknowledgement of political persuasions potentially having a decision making bias. Anyway I detect I'm talking myself into another hole here so I shall bow out and bid you all a good day.
  4. Chaps, I said I'd post up the results so that is what I have done. Read into it as little as you like. However I shall point out two things: An contributor pointed out that "politics does not influence operational discussions" but the propensity for a BNP/EDL learning officer when dealing with BEM members of the public I imagine is somewhat increased. Equally, how would a strong Christian deal with two men kissing in a heterosexual bar or pub if the police were called. Would a strong socialist officer choose to FPN(E) a driver of a Bentley Continental GT who was using a mobile phone whilst driving vs a little old lady in a mini Metro. Whilst you may not be interested in politics it looks like it is interested in you. Windsor II et al, the biggest changes certainly in my lifetime plus some colleagues looking to bring back striking as a tool in the industrial action box and elected Commissioners - politics is influencing police more than ever! Finally - I promise no more surveys!
  5. Hello everyone, As promised please find below the results of the survey. A few notes beforehand: Results are heavily skewed by special constables, being that this forum was the main vehicle to obtain results. The survey used no recognised control group nor any particular 'proper' research methodology. Put simply, it was designed to be a 'quick and dirty' Q+A to which the results speak for themselves. You may not be surprised with the result that most who replied are between 31 to 40 years old, a serving special constable and the two most predominant groups are "mainstream conservative" and "agnostic to politics". Looking through the results on a line by line basis I can see that most younger people, aged 18 to 25, is the group who have in the main ticked the "agnostic". The results in terms of political persuasions (as opposed to "pursations", my embarrassing post title which cannot be changed) ranked in order are: Mainstream conservative – eg “Conservative Party” - 19% Mainstream workers party – eg “Labour Party” - 14% Authoritarian conservative – eg “UKIP” - 10% Conservative liberalism - 10% The rest - 29% But if you group it by the "left" and "right" divide it looks like this: Right wing - 53% Left wing - 28% Neither - 19% The whole results
  6. Hi hiramabif, Thanks for the reply. I'd like to think I have a healthy but passionate attitude towards 'the job' and can assure you have plenty to do outside (day job being a director of an internet technology business, hence never being too far away from a keyboard)...! Your experience of specials resonates with the wider view held within the service. Some are excellent, dependable and reliable, others quite the opposite. I do wish the regulars would do a better job sometimes of enforcing their rules in terms of simply turning up to work!! In relation to the views expressed on the Specials' site - the reason behind the differing views may be that we aren't reliant upon a salary or pension from the service and have, in that regard, less to lose. So perhaps a little more risqué when it comes to expressing opinion. Notwithstanding I'd like to think many are about how we (as Specials') can improve what we do, and the wider service. Finally, in the MPS the stipulation I believe is 12 aid duties per annum. All very well and good, but one wonders how this impacts the provision of a service that is just cheaper than the regulars. Cheaper, but worse and problematic if a highly paid special gets clonked on the head and his or her employer wants to know why he or she isn't at work on Monday morning!! Matt.
  7. Dear all, Thank you firstly to all those who have helped by answering my questions, it has revealed some quite interesting results which I'll publish on Monday next. I note from reading the views on Windsor Part II the views of regular officer colleagues in relation to feeling powerless to do anything about the changes being potentially introduced, and the inherent inability of the Federation to take industrial action along the same lines as, say, the RMT. Slightly changing the subject, but along the same lines, what are the thoughts of regular officers on the subject of special constables being trained to POL2 standards, insofar that they provide resilience where the regular service diminishes, due in part to changes such as those proposed through this vehicle? This being an inward looking political direction as opposed to an outward, which is where this survey began. Matt.
  8. Hello again everybody, I think I can safely say this scenario has somewhat backfired on me. I slightly object actually the assertion that by asking this question I'm a 'snake in the grassy' and a bad copper! Quite the opposite in fact. I follow orders, process and procedure and certainly do not let personal opinions cloud my judgement! I use no more discretion that could be considered sensible and normal. But to throw another controversial opinion intI thr pot I'm all for elected police commissioners and find the view 'politics has no place in policing is ignoring the elephant in the room. Good day to you all.
  9. Fantastic reply, more of the above please. Sorry about my tragic spelling by the way. It's my iPhone's fault. Promise :)
  10. Folks, I reply whilst on the move here (from a mobile phone). Whilst I accept tr perception of being "a troll" with no history of membership within this forum, I object that my question is illegitimate nor worthy of your input. The previous post poo pooed me as being questionable in my ability to do the job. I contest this on thr basis that I do precisely the same role, a response driver, same stuff in Londom that my regular colleagues face 50x as much I have had the privilege to work with and in. Sufficed to say I ask a perfectly legitimate and sensible question: where do you sit on the established political spectrum that I have set out. Whilst it may be rudamentory, it matters. It matters to the public and to politicians. Finally whilst you cannot view my 'profile', for which I apologise as I thought it would be public, please feel free to browse the exact same posting I have done on this site. Finally x2 I ask members to disregard the advice above and to contribute to a legitimate question that has been asked, without prejudice, and one with a promise of oiblishi the results raw. My boss and colleagues who suggest "you're opening a can of worms here" are right, but my service in the police has not been one of one who simply tows the line. Matt
  11. Dear Zulu 22, Thank you for a more civilised response this time. I have no particular axe to grind here, looking at the results thus far is proving to be quite interesting and whilst I fully accept it is not comprehensive it does give a straw-poll , 'quick and dirty' insight to those who have taken a moment to contribute. It is precisely what it looks like, an opinion followed by a question with structured answers. Now your point "discretion whether to arrest, summons, caution, or just advise" is absolutely right and proper. Whilst this is clearly a short question with a ridiculously long answer, what influences those decisions? Politicians and political parties do operate and articulate their agenda along the division between left and right, and then along party lines. This is how the "democratic state" you mention above works. Hence it is a perfectly legitimate question what you see yourself in this dimension. Any further thoughts most very welcome. Matt.
  12. Zulu 22, you are most kind. Perhaps I'll drop in to the Job Centre and see what's available under the category 'law enforcement'... This is an emotive point but publishing which political party members held this view would give the game away. In reference to your statement "uphold[ing] the law as set down in a democratic state" is simply not true. You have discretionary powers as much as I do. S5POA being an example of when we choose what to, and what not to determine as behaviour etc, that is likely to cause a person of reasonable firmness to be alarmed or distressed ... Enforcing RTA offences is another where perfectly proper discretionary powers are used. So no, you upload the laws that you choose to!
  13. Again, thank for you a detailed response. I do accept that the resultant data will be somewhat anecdotal and indeed those taking the time to complete the survey 'must have some political persuasion' otherwise would not bother. So this is a bit "if you're a girl and like pink dresses pick from my selection'! Thus far the results are interesting and I'd like to hear your thoughts upon the results being published.
  14. Dear 'Old 'n' Sweaty', Firstly thank you for writing such a detailed response, one that has clearly taken time. It is appreciated. Let me take your points in turn. This is not part of a degree hence I have more freedom to express my views followed by asking the questions. I disagree with your analysis that this constitutes an " hypotheses in the introduction to your research" and indeed that " object of independent and objective research is to find out what your participants think" is what I am looking for here. The survey is clearly limited by the spectrum of choices I have given in the multiple choice questions - it forces users whom may not precisely fit into the options selected to pick the nearest pigeon-hole that suits, and the methodology is, for want of a better phrase, 'quick'n'dirty'! An alternative would be to utilise a recognised research methodology giving a much wider scope to obtain detailed answers, neither of which is the purpose of the survey. So what is the purpose of the survey. Two things, (1) I was recently speaking with members of a bona fide political party who told me that "all police officers are right wing with rigid views", I disagreed but had no immediately available empirical data to cite and (2) I have started a Law Degree and 1.01 of this degree talks about the use of discretion in the application of the law, especially in the case of law enforcement and criminal justice personnel, including magistrates and judges who either decide or direct a jury. So to answer your question "Who says this" - the answer is me. Your point "The premise that these decisions are, in any way, based on the political views of the individual officer is just complete and utter tosh" I would also disagree with because how can a human possibly distinguish how decisions are being made in their own mind and somehow alludes to a concept whereby police officers are robotic in the application of the law with no wider consideration of society. This point also deals with yours that says "all police officers have political views", and yes they must do, it would be impossible not to! I hope this gives some clarity to my purpose and welcome any and all further feedback. Matt.
  15. Hello everybody, I am a serving officer with the MPS albeit a new user to this forum. Being a Special Constable I tend to use an alternative site PoliceSpecials.com and my authenticated profile can be found here. Currently I am undertaking an anonymous survey that I would be grateful if you could take a moment to complete, the details are below. Many thanks, Matt. ------ Politics is everything, even though sometimes we suggest that as police officers that we transcend such matters taking a neutral perspective when enforcing the law. But it would be naïve to suggest that we do not choose what laws we do and do not enforce by making discretionary decisions to 'write that ticket' or to dispose of an incident through 'words of advice'. These decisions will be partly based on core principles based on where you sit on the "political spectrum". Whilst trying to avoid a discussion on what this spectrumlooks like, please can we use for the purposes of this poll a two dimensional,linear scale with anarchism on the very far left and fascism on the very farright. What I would like users to indicate is where they would sitalong this scale. I have deliberately included quite a few choices so that it accuratelyreflects the views of those participating. Please only participate if you are a serving police officeror are currently in training to become one. The survey can be found at the link below and I shall publish the full unedited results here on Monday the 26th of March 2012. Thank you in advance for participating. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9ZSTFQG