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  1. I'm afraid this deal ended in 2010 so you were the last to benefit! You will have to pay for this yourself but I can't recommend it highly enough, I feel it's a must to assist your study and get the pass you seek.
  2. walesmj

    Police Federation?

    Here are the salarys at 2011 rates, not including expenses - surprising that the chair is the second lowest paid of the JCC! Simon Reed as a Pc was on £63k for 5 years as vice chair! 'By virtue of Regulation 15( of the Police Federation Regulation 1969, and as agreed by the 1990 Conference Study Group the Joint Officers are paid an enhanced salary and allowances for additional responsibility, additional hours worked and the time spent away from home. For Chairman and Treasurer the enhanced salary and allowances are met by the Common Police Services Fund and the Police Federation in the proportion 85:15 respectively, for General Secretary total salary and all allowance paid are met by Common Police Services Fund and the Police Federation.' Details are as follows: Chairman £15199 General Secretary £21499 Treasurer £22854 Vice Chairman £26139 Deputy General Secretary £26911 Deputy Treasurer £11959 http://www.polfed.org/Final_Accounts_2011.pdf
  3. walesmj

    Working Time Regs vs Police Regs

    Oh and the answer is 1, it's always 1 and the document from the Fed attached will back that up. Below is also a link to the Kent Police policy on this; http://www.kent.police.uk/about_us/policies/l/l100.html
  4. walesmj

    Working Time Regs vs Police Regs

    This may assist from the Police Federation; http://www.polfed.org/FAQ_What_are_the_Working_Time_Regulations.pdf
  5. Tommo your a bit quick out of the blocks on that one, the tribunal is still ongoing, no result just as yet. The headline comes from Nottinghamshire Police HR who made the decision to implement A19 in their force. No news is good news.......
  6. walesmj

    Anyone in the Met?

    If your happy in the PSNI and have your family and freinds there then quite simply don't come! Winsor and a whole host of other things which are on the horizan for the MPS and Policing in England & Wales would ensure your better off where you are.
  7. walesmj

    Direct Entry - have your say!

    Zulu22, how long did it take him to reach the dizzy heights of C/Supt? I have had officers in my force on HPDS fly to Supt level in 7 years and C/Supt's in 8/9. The scope is already there for them to do it, I dread the thought of people coming in directly at Insp and Supt rank.
  8. walesmj

    Police Commissioners

    Keith, can you do me a favour and enable your private messages so I can send you one please, thanks.
  9. walesmj

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    Glad to say that i've passed, hopefully won'y have to sit another promotion exam ever again! Good luck to anyone still waiting on theirs.
  10. walesmj

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    Stan the conspiracy theorist in me cannot fail to agree with you, I know from (unfortunate) colleagues opinions who have sat the exam more than once, have advised me that the difficulty level appears to differ from year to year (depending on how many Insp's they need!). This year was tough (for good reason i.e. no opportunities) and only 2100 sat it across the country (whereas i beleive its more than double that sit it on a typical year) and with the possible 'Royal College of Policing' being created this could well be the last PS to Insp exam, who knows what the promotion process will look like then? In the meantime there are around 1000 to 1500 officers qualified within my force, and many many more have 'timed out' within the last two years as we undertake the Work Based Assessment (WBA) as opposed to OSPRE Part 2, not to mention the 400+ who will pass the latest exam (of whom I won't be one of them!!). This is for a process which promotes around 150 to 200 at a time which is now every 2 years, and used to be every year until 2009. I know that most forces only promote around 15/20 Inspectors each year, and during these difficult times not even that any more.
  11. walesmj

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    Ah well that was interesting! I don't know how you found it Weeman? But it was legislation that you probably would have had back when you did yours Pen! Such as Town Clauses Poilice Act 1847, Explosives Act 1833 etc. All the 'bankers' in areas that I expected to come up (and pretty much come up every year) failed to appear! Such as no Section 60, bail, very few drink drive, few custody officer duties. Ah well always next year
  12. walesmj

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    Thanks Pen, much appreciated
  13. walesmj

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    Well at least i'm not on my own! I've not done nowhere near as much as I should've either!! Let me know how it goes, its always handy too see from the forum when the results will be out :)
  14. walesmj

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    Anyone else doing the Inspectors Part 1 next month? Getting close now!