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  1. 16784


    That would surely make sense and was how I originally understood it before the FAQ's were released this week.
  2. 16784


    This is what confuses me as before this section the FAQ reads: 2.4 Will the contribution rates change in the PPS 1987 and NPPS 2006 on 1 April 2015? The Home Office has said that there will be no change to the current PPS 1987 and NPPS 2006 contribution rates before 2019. Member contribution rates will then be dependent on the outcome of the next police pension schemes’ actuarial valuation exercise.
  3. 16784


    Thanks pork chop, thought I was missing something! The faq's make it even more confusing although they seem to indicate we will remain paying the same contribution rates until 2019. This begs the question......who will pay a rate of 13.44%? as even new joiners will not earn over £27000 to take them into tier two before 2019!
  4. 16784


    It's been a while since I last posted here, but I have monitored this thread since it was created, it is a testament to the members and in particular the regular posters that this thread continues to provides us with the most useful information. Just a quick question from me....... Am I correct in saying our contributions will remain the same as we pay now until 2019? So instead of the 13.44% for tier 2 officers which the scheme has been designed around, I will continue to pay in excess of 14% whilst members on the 2006 scheme will continue to contribute less. Surely as of 01/04/2015 those without tapering/protection are all effectively in the same pension and must pay the same contribution rates......I'm hoping I have misunderstood this point.
  5. 16784


    I will see a "rise" of £26.59 (I'm stuck on paypoint 6) before tax. I, like most other officers have blamed the Fed for a large proportion of what we have suffered and what we will indeed suffer in the near future, however I struggle to see what more they could have achieved with this particular issue. If the Government has limited Public Sector cost of living increases to 1%, what were we realistically hoping to get? Unless I am missing something, the blame here lies 100% with the Government and not the Fed. I am now going to go away and write a list of things I can now spend my £20 on. Oh no, it has already been spent by HMG on my Pension and then some!
  6. 16784

    Ballot on Industrial Rights

    Devon and Cornwall results: Number of eligible officers who registered: 2,261 Number of registered officers who voted: 1,938 Turnout (of registered officers): 85.71 % Numbers voting ‘Yes’: 1,640 84.62 % Number voting ‘No’: 298 15.38 % Number spoilt: 0 I find these numbers very interesting as it seems that most of all Forces that we have now had results back from, have had a far larger percentage of votes than the "national" average of 42%. Call me sinical but I would like each Force's results published by PolFED so that we can better understand what has gone so drastically wrong.
  7. 16784

    The Winsor Report Thread

    No probs mate :-) I'm just a little curious as to why this has not been included in the report, it seems quite an important issue to gloss over. Perhaps this is something else which is yet to be decided pending the July 13 consultation.
  8. 16784

    The Winsor Report Thread

    You haven't answered my question, I asked what has been agreed? not what has been proposed.....and yes, I did "bother" to read today's report. , I have read the Winsor report and understand what he proposes but I can't see anywhere in todays announcement what has actually been agreed with the exception of the new scales for new recruits?
  9. 16784

    The Winsor Report Thread

    Can someone please explain in plain English what has been agreed in relation to the new pay scales. I have scrolled through the report but I can only see mention of a new scale for new entrants. What has been agreed for existing officers? I am a PC who has completed 7 years but due to pay freeze I am currently stuck on pay scale 6 (£31,917) If I read it correctly, I should progress straight to point 7 on the new scales and increase my salary to £36,519 (probably subject to a competency related test/exam)
  10. 16784


    Well actually that is where you are wrong........at the age of 19 I was extremely interested in my pension, by the age of 21 I had a brand new apartment in Cyprus as well, so I have always looked towards the future. We will have to agree to disagree with this one but I certainly don't believe I was naive. I am however a realist, and will clearly now need to look at other options, hence the reason for my original post!
  11. 16784


    Pigman.... To be accused of being short sighted or even naive is ludicrous. That makes every police officer who has ever opted into the PPS "naive" and "shortsighted" Age has nothing to do with it. I took out my pension at the age of 19, the same as many others before me, many of whom have and will continue to get the full benefits they signed up for. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, very easy to label me naive 8 years down the line. If CR comes into effect after Winsor 2, I suppose we will all have been naive and shortsighted to think that our career choice was a relatively secure one.
  12. 16784


    Plasma, Thanks for the prompt reply, I have tapped in a few figures and my three options based on a modest pensionable pay of £32,703 are: 1) retire at 49 - £7000 (1987) and £7200 deferred until SPA 2) retire at 55 - £7000 (1987) and £10600 (New Scheme) 3) retire at 60 - £7000 (1987) and £15800 (New Scheme) Clearly the option of retiring at 49 is now a non starter (Pending a miraculous S2 appeal!). It is just a matter of deciding whether to go at 55 or 60, which will depend alot on personal circumstances closer to the time I suppose!
  13. 16784


    I am left pretty much speechless by this weeks announcement. I joined the Police in 2005 at the age of 19. I made a very deliberate and conscious decision to put aside ideas of travelling and enjoying things that my piers were enjoying at that time, I did this becasue joining the Police was all I ever wanted to do, safe in the knowledge that 30 years on from that joining date, I would still be young enough and dare I say it "financially" comfortable to enjoy my retirement. All of this was turned on its head last Monday. Unless I am to be corrected, I will now need to work on until I am 60 to reap a pension which is anywhere close to comparing to the 1987 model. This has added 11 years to my career overnight, having served for 7 1/2 years, I am now 3 1/2 years worse off than the day I started. I appreciate I can leave at 49 and 55 but from the calculations, it would not appear a sensible decision. I appreciate everyone is in the same boat, and I have certainly not written this in search of any sympathy, but I would appreciate any advice from those that have a better knowledge of this offer, alot of it appears utter jargon to me! Thankyou in advance for any assistance you can provide. Steve
  14. Just got it to work and no matter what spin Mr Winsor wishes to put on it.....I will be worse off, much worse off. I am PSU trained (level 2) so thought that would at least count for something but having read the wording "you are accredited to AND NEED public order (1)(2) in your CURRENT role" So that discounts me out of that as well!!! Working in D&C I cannot think of many officers who will benefit from this "bonus" but then that is the idea of the report isn't it.......to save £££. Instead of retiring at 49, I will now have to put in an extra 11 years. Words really fail me at present.
  15. http://review.police.uk/publications/part-2-report/ Online calculators added this morning, can't get the thing to work at the moment.