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  1. pugwash_05

    Month in hand

    Hello, quick questions! Are police officers paid a month in hand? If leaving/transferring could there be potentially 2 pay periods in the last pay slip? Thanks for sharing the knowledge
  2. pugwash_05

    1500 more AFOs

    That's good news then...boot the idea into long grass. Give us all our 1 percent!! why are the met coming out with ideas like this? I've read now the met are suggesting they want to start charging a licence fee for those skilled and likes of protection officers. If this means AFOs included won't this put some off applying as will most probably need to pay a fee. It's the start of dividing again to concor. Then we all end up paying for a licence to work.
  3. pugwash_05

    1500 more AFOs

    spp is back on the table but under a different name! Non consolidated payments...met has asked that instead of a 1percent across the board pay rise that they be given the cash instead...they wish to be allowed to give it to DC and AFOs roles only and offer them rises of 2per cent instead as 'difficult to recruit' roles. Might come as a lump sum at Christmas. This payment is non pensionable but then will be consolidated into pay for the future. im confused by my last sentence too but it is what is written.
  4. pugwash_05

    In or Out

  5. pugwash_05

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Surprised the fed haven't tried to claim this as their success in negotiation yet.
  6. pugwash_05

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    The comment made by May regards officers staying 30 years bothers me. I get the feeling she does not agree with this and goes on to talk about officers should be leaving civil into private? I really hope this is not the thinking of police being on 5 to 10 year contracts I have heard about these forum topics of old? This blows the need for the severance in any case if Chiefs get to decide what and who's contract to renew? Leaks heavily into deferred pensions!
  7. pugwash_05

    Pension Challenge

    Just a thought...if the tapering is removed (as is suggested by the fed if a successful challenge goes ahead) then this would leave only a cliff face of a drop to those effected. do we then not put a further challenge in again against those unfair differences?
  8. pugwash_05

    Pension Challenge

    Is it me or is the fact the more federation persist in telling us this is the wrong thing to Persue...the more I want to see it done! I fully believe the fed have sold us all down the river and have never been straight...i read the Feds release as scaremongering and would love to see a challenge successful. remove all tapering/protections and at least we can all be furious together and call for action together... what they are advising against is action against fairness of which the law is there to protect. idiots.
  9. pugwash_05


    Can I please dispel the myth that is "2006 officers are hardly affected at all". I would have achieved (today's money) a 15.5k pension plus a 62k lumper with 30 years at 55. not brilliant Im aware. Under care I estimate I'll have to work the extra 5 years until 60 if I want the same I would have gotten under the npps. Now I get the nps members will be worse off than I am but Npps members are affected.
  10. pugwash_05


    ^^^^no no no no no^^^^ All in my own opinion with no advice given here. goodbye to his tapering (extra years in nps) Goodbye to free cash (job pays money into pension pot) Goodbye link to final salary when 60 (correct if wrong but isn't his final salary taken as leaving the pension scheme? IE current wage) Hello to more tax paid. Good luck to him tho and only time will tell if those getting out did the right thing.
  11. pugwash_05


    Do I recall that the representative body (fed) can agree to changes...making the section 2 argument null and void. this I bet is the whole plot twist and why minutes of those meetings will not be released.
  12. pugwash_05


    On the new scheme I noticed that the yearly pots we pay rise each year +1.25 cpi... I then continued to read that these pots can also shrink in line with cpi (cpi = -3. Care scheme reduces pots -1.75) ...come another time of austerity in the next 25 years all those pots could shrink leaving even less! what a gamble.
  13. pugwash_05


    I joined in 2006 im on npps. I've also manage to transfer a year so will have 10 years come the change. in my force there are those who also joined also in 2006 on the 87 scheme...i won't be better off. Those on the old scheme who also joined in 2006 will have 9/45ths paid final salary. I'll have 10/70ths (plus x4 lumper). But those on the old scheme are better off by taking the 25 percent commutation get more than double my lumper! we then all start at the same point come April to accrue years in care scheme. I've noticed the care scheme has basically ruled out a lump sum but the amount of yearly pension would be the same as I was expecting in 2006 scheme.
  14. pugwash_05


    I'm really confused with the state pension...so I'm contracted out of NI and only due the basic state pension at 67...I can't have any additional due to my contributions to my own pension. I pay 10.6 percent for this. will I be paying 12 percent in 2016 for my national insurance but still don't get any further?
  15. pugwash_05


    Im paying 12 percent into the npps scheme at the moment and then this rises to 13.55 from what I've read this April? think this is a sweetner starter offer as it's going to be up 13.7 in 2019? It feels a long way off the 9.5 it started as.