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  1. We have had our first winner who successfully named all our 'Usual Suspects' - 9 more prizes left of a free annual subscription to Police Oracle
  2. Can you name the 'Usual Suspects' in our Banks cartoon below? If so, email the names to enquiries@policeoracle.com putting 'Usual Suspects competition' in the subject line and the first TEN respondents with the correct answers will get a free subscription for 1 year. To qualify please email your entry from an email address you have already registered as a free limited Police Oracle account and we will upgrade it to a paid subscription for one year if you are one of the lucky TEN!
  3. Win an iPad Air and other great prizes in the Police Oracle survey and prize draw! Just a note to let forum members know that there are opportunities to win great prizes by taking part in the Police Oracle reader survey and prize draw Click here to take part ( No log in / registration required ) Your valuable feedback will help us understand who our readers are and what they want to see on Police Oracle. Your answers will directly inform our future plans to develop Police Oracle to provide the best possible service for our readers. The survey has 31 questions and will take around 5-10 minutes to complete As an incentive for spending a few minutes completing the survey, we have put together a big prize draw with four major prizes plus Police Oracle subscriptions up for grabs: • Apple iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi (worth £399) • Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi (worth £109) • Choice of £100 of Blackstones Police books kindly donated by Oxford University Press • Apple iPod Shuffle (worth £40) • 20 annual individual subscriptions to Police Oracle We will be drawing the 24 lucky winners after the survey and prize draw entry deadline 23:59pm 27th August 2014 – Good Luck! Ian Barrett Commercial Director Police Oracle
  4. Hi Fatsteak Thanks for your feedback I'm not sure about your point on Sky News as how much is about policing and written for a police audience? In terms of intrusive advertising we already had complaints about the flashing ads on the site when it was free, let alone forcing coppers to view ads before they get to their article. Anyway the problem isn't providing opportunities for advertisers, it is more that they haven't got any money to spend!! It may be early days but I would watch this space and I think you will find that all mainstream web media will go paid - look at the Sun this week!
  5. Hi All Thanks for the feedback following the post To address 999Tommo's point - we have only lost about 20% traffic as we have a large amount of transient traffic reading a handful of articles looking at jobs, the free humour stuff, how to be a police officer etc. This loss is set against a doubling of traffic over 2012 due to the improvements we made to our independent news coverage. We peaked at 112,000 unique visitors per month in Feb and approx 850,000 over the period of one year. So our advertising proposition is still very strong for our current advertisers. As far as the subscriber take up goes I can't be specific due to commercial confidentiality but we are on target for our expected individual sub sales growth and have begun bulk multi-user sales to police, government, academic and industry organisations - we still have a long way to go but the response has been promising Other members posts seem to fall into the category that the stories can be found elsewhere - many stories can be found elsewhere but they are public facing stories - where possible many of our stories give the deeper police view via the interviews and comment our journalists source. We also do some FOI based stories where we research an issue eg the recent officer assaults data. We also write unique features and source comment from key personalities in policing and increasingly provide a platform for the sharing of good practice If you just want public facing news only which can be found in the mainstream national and local media then we are probably not worth paying for however if you are interested in a deeper independent and police facing information service then hopefully you will deem £3 per month a fair price for the work we do I am of course open other suggestions for how we might finance our service other than charitable status or a benevolent patron ;-) Thanks for your feedback - if anyone has changed their mind about subscribing but doesn't have access to the police rate then please email me directly on our usual Police Oracle contact addresses and I will provide a promotion code for the police rate - just mention this thread/forum
  6. Hi All I am the Commercial Director at NSI Group, the publishers of Police Oracle and this is my first time posting, so be kind! I saw this thread with users understandably disappointed at our move to being a limited free subscriptions/ unlimited paid subscriptions site. It must be particularly hard to take for long term readers used to the free service and I thought that they deserved some further explanation. This was a necessary move because there is no longer sufficient money in the police advertising sector to cover the costs of the service. This is due to policing cuts impacting on recruitment advertising plus the downturn in police expenditure on technology impacting on the levels advertising from industry in this sector. We came to the conclusion that paid subscriptions was the only viable way to continue the service with same quality and volume of content and maintaining an independent platform for police news and opinion. We have tried to soften the impact for very light users of the site by making 10 articles per month available free plus the humour stories are all free. We also implemented a heavily discounted subscription rate for UK police officers and staff at £37.44 inc vat per year. That is £3.12 per month for over 140 articles produced each month. We have also issued a promotion code for our highly valued retired officers to access the police rate and circulated it via retired officer organisations such as NARPO, RPOAS, EPIC etc. None of this will help anyone who has the opinion that all web content should be free but there is no avoiding the fact that like for any business, providing a service has overheads that have to be met. We will leave it to our readers to judge whether our service is valuable and deserves support For our part we will endeavour to provide the best service we can, continuously improving our content. To that end, I will try to check in at least weekly to the forum to gain feedback from our readers and hopefully help where appropriate. For more urgent queries please contact me via our usual contact channels Thanks for putting up with my rather long inaugural post!!