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  1. robbo2011

    Bizarre old laws of the land

    I do know that one of the old Chester bylaws was that if you found a Welshman within the City walls between midnight and 6am you could hang him!
  2. robbo2011

    G4S vacancies

    Phew, that took some time to read but it doesn't really answer my question. I would fully agree with the fact that for the Olympic security G4S employed Monkeys and got severely burnt by their failures. However, the contract I have been offered is targetted at ex Police Officers, people who I believe have the highest morals and work ethic rather than those who are being sent along from the local dole office. Does anyone else have any knowledge of the contract system and whether, once you are on their books, would you be offered future and potentially lucrative posts?
  3. robbo2011

    G4S vacancies

    Thanks Penbwich, where would I find said G4S thread?
  4. robbo2011

    G4S vacancies

    I have a quandary and I am hoping that some on here can help me with this decision! I am about to retire after 30 years and I was initially offered a job with our local vehicle recovery operator running the Police scheme for them, it is Monday to Friday, 40 hours per week but not much over national minimum wage although it is a permanent job. I have then been contacted by G4S after submitting a CV to them asking if I would be interested in a 6 month contract with the UKBA tracing overstayers. It is quite a bit more money and would be based at Manchester Airport which is about a 30 minute commute. My question is this: Has anyone had any experience with short term contracts with G4S and are they likely to renew the contract or find another contract when this one finishes? I would like to take the job with G4S but after 30 years I am worried about the security, or lack of it!