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  1. The Friends is a group of like minded people seeking to promote and preserve the history of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and its service to London since 1829. It is an independent community group that works alongside the staff of the Metropolitan Police Historical Collection. A rotating exhibition from the Met Collection’s 15,000 artefacts is open to the public at Empress Approach, Lillie Road, London, SW6 1TR. The core activities of the Friends are to: promote the acquisition and conservation of artefacts related to the MPS; facilitate and carry out research on policing London 1829 to present day; advise family and local historians interested in police activities and police ancestors; act as a gateway to volunteer activities to these ends. We wish to reflect the long and distinguished history of the MPS and will continue to gather artefacts, written material and other items of police history to add to the Met Collection. Together we can support the on-going development of the Collection. The Friends provides varied and expert advice to the Collection and enquirers. Our membership aims to engage the wider public in the heritage of the MPS and, with them, seek to secure the future of the Collection and all its related heritage activities. Interested? Go to www.metpolicehistory.co.uk