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  1. sykes

    G4S policing solutions

    just to add as some dont know what they are talking about not all of us who went on mutual aid were volunteers, every PSU officer from my force who went had no choice, non PSU were volunteers and have been working on average 16 hour shifts over a three week period even on supposed rest days they were ordered to work most officers who have actually been on mutual aid seemed to find it overall a positive experience, most were happy to accept OT for hours they worked on overtime and the £50/80 allowance is what HMG decided they are entitled to. now there will be those as there always is who will be jealous ill informed and follow the pack mentality but get the facts right. also not all officers were at Olympic venues a lot were on different boroughs helping the MET deal with day to day policing issues and again from those who actually did the work it seems it worked well and local officers appreciated the support we get paid and rightly so what we are entitled to for the work done
  2. sykes

    Police Pursuits

    I think some people here haven't grasped the content of the story and are going off on a tangent, no one should be suggesting total exemption for police drivers and up to this case the interpretation had been fairly widely accepted, as long as you were qualified, appropriate vehicle, risk managed you were fairly safe. Now after some sad sack of a jobsworth tries to get a driver prosecuted the CPS and everyone else involved as come out and stated that no emergency service driver will be judged any different from your average man in the street forget the idea its all about high speed pursuit its about any emergency run, in theory if you go through a red light on blues and twos and someone complains you stand a chance of getting charged for dangerous driving extreme and unlikely but that s the current interpretation. unfortunately the standards of police drivers as with many things in the service as fallen over the years a bit like recruitment no one has the balls to say sorry not up to standard come back and try again another time its more if we pass everyone then no one will make a complaint. The idea of a second or works licence is that not what a police driving permit is, you can loose your authority to drive yet not affect your DVLA issued licence, if you are a tit then you loose your licence if not as the comment above implies people will drive like lunatics nothing to do with training, professionalism just the attitude I'm only being careful because I don't want to loose my own licence
  3. sykes

    Olympic/Police Duties

    I will be going on mutual aid I can assure you its not voluntary i have no interest in the Olympics what so ever, however what we get paid for allowances is what was recommended in the Winsor review and endorsed by the government. so as far as im concerned the mail and its supporters can go forth and multiply, if they have a problem petition HMG and get them to cancel all police involvement m until then i deserve to get paid extra for living away from my family in a city i dont like or want to be in for a sporting event I have no interest in
  4. sykes


    There is a lot of confusion over what will / might happen as a result of the reforms but to moan about supposedly loosing X amount over X number of years or that we were "promised" certain things or even that reform is illegal the following paragraph come from the terms of the PPS The arrangements for PPS are set out primarily in the Police Pensions Regulations 1987, which are made under the Police Pensions Act 1976. The Regulations may be amended from time to time by the Home Office after consulting the Police Negotiating Board. Changes to the Regulations are made by the Secretary of State laying Amendment Regulations before Parliament. Your force’s pensions administrator has an up-to-date list of amendments. As can be seen changes can and will be made after discussion those discussion are ongoing, for people who claim to be police officers a bit of research before making wild claims might be a good idea then putting together a well thought out argument to counter the proposals that are often quoted, The difference between those on here making wild claims and constant moaning about everything including the Feds performance need to realistic the Fed are trying to argue the case on facts and realistic options and objections debating how things could affect individuals is healthy shows what could be the outcome but to say i wanted to retire a X age with massive commutation and large pension and do nothing else to support myself will not win the argument no matter how true the statement is
  5. sykes

    Officers Injured

    As already said by others wishing swift and full recovery to those involved but what is meant by is it really worthwhile...............are you referring to the current talks on our pay and conditions and suggesting that because they are to be changed then officers are no longer paid enough to try and save someonse life I seriously hope not because no matter how badly we are treated by HMG i would expect that anyone in the same situation to have acted in the same way,surely what sets us apart is that not everything comes down to money and whats it worth to me to deal with a particular incident
  6. Home affairs committee might not have powers to force change but they are able to chose to investigate anything they like that falls within their remit, call whoever they want to answer questions. they can make life uncomfortable and they can make recommendations to departments and government itself it is up to the government if they carryout those recommendations but like many things if people took a bit more interest in what is looked and what response they get it would make thing more interesting come election time, when people have facts to hand rather than media gossip or rumor at the moment they are the only people keeping a overview on what is going on and asking the decision makers to justify their actions
  7. sykes

    Police Bashing

    You wouldnt mind so much if the criticism the mail produces on anything to do with policing was accurate or (ok stretching the imagination) true, and again we have the usual crop of ignorant replies, maybe we should push for a change in the law so that all these idiots are then next time any of them call police for assistance we black list them and refuse to attend after all we are all so useless they dont need our help
  8. sykes

    Hmg fear police strike

    So let me get this straight with rising unemployment , increasing costs at little on offer job wise anyone who doesnt support you in putting in their resignation is just thinking of themselves, maybe those people have different values maybe they have a family and home to think of maybe policing is the only thing they ever wanted to do. Every protest or movement needs someone to take the first step there are a few poster on here with big attitude why dont you all get toghther and resign make your point we can then see what the reaction is you might be the catalyst for change. No I didnt think so Instead of slagging others off look at what options are open to us to one make the public aware of how this jobs runs on goodwill and what happens when that good will is withdrawn
  9. sykes

    Should I stay or should I go?

    I find it hard to believe you have had a call with such a offer out of the blue so would suggest for some time you have been looking to leave, i dont know about other replies and what people I did the reverse move left the military had 10 year sin the private sector then joined the police, there is no doubt a lot of uncertainty and change taking place and will continue to do so in the police and other public services what we will end up with who knows. Bur be careful if you are a good as you say and earmarked for promotion you have a secure carreer track ahead of you yes the terms and conditions may change, the private sector is not as good as some seem to think, headline salary figure , company are all advertised in such a way to attract those interested in the material things into a job often they hide the reality I worked for a international company doing a very good job the money was better than what i earn now by a long shot but the overall package was not worth it, and saw a lot of people get made redundant as the company fought in a increasingly competative world and management teams were asked to work at the companies office in in other European companies if they didnt they were soon gone, competinting for your job with candidates from all over the world you will taxed on the car, phone lap top to some degree, what are the pension benefits etc etc If you want out the job then leave but dont fall for all the sales hype...........youve not started working yet or proved yourself director in 5 years based on what them finding no one else better qualified or with more experience. either way its a gamble no one can guarantee promotion in whatever you choose its people selling there job /company neither can they guarantee long term job security, there are benefits in the private sector and some aspect especially to social life that i miss but its a ruthless world out there. I dont really understand why you would need to come to a forum to discuss such a offer or get advice from people you have never met and no nothing about, so Im naturally sceptical about such alleged offers , but if you are really looking ot leave, and have this offer look at what you are getting financially in salary and benefits not the headline figures, and remember at this stage you still have a job until you retire in the police that hasnt changed yet private sector there is no such guarantee
  10. sykes

    Police March Coverage

    One of the problems we have is that the vast majority of the public dont know what we do and do not have any real day to day contact,they are not aware of this strange thing we speak of the office of constable it means nothing to the average person, what people pick up on is what the read in the papers catch on the news or some may visit web sites like this but rarely does anything come into the mainstream that effects people on a regular basis. I have family members and none police friends who visit this and other forums and in the main all they recall is constant moaning from alleged officer about how hard done by they are, nearly all the talk is about pay and pensions that is their perception, not saying they are right but today we have a march i really dont know what people expected but to start banging on abut eroding the service damaging the office of constable etc etc means nothing to those who might with more knowledge support our cause. I say might the march has not received as much attention as public sector because they have gone on strike removed their labour and caused disruption to some degree, we havent, having said that there has been some good coverage on national and local tv, we were never going to get wall to wall coverage The federation have done a good job up to now taking into consideration their limited options the cost of TV adverts is extortionate so I cant see that option getting much support what now, well we need a drive to explain the changes to the service how they will affect the public, there is a good opportunity to pick up on the so called need to save money yet HMG have admitted to have wasted £100million on the next fighter plane for the carriers, if that kind of money can be thrown away how can the maintain the argument its all about savings we dont have the big hammer of strike action so we need a continued attack on how money is wasted, the fact HMG dont like the public sector they want to privatise everything and the long term problem that will bring We still have the halfwits who believe we get a percentage for every ticket we issue how will they feel when this job is privatised and is then genuinely a revenue generator where the long term serious investigations are overlooked for a high turn over fixed penalty regime in order to meet the private sectors profit margins
  11. sykes


    Where do you get this information, who are these officer about to be binned under A20 , and when was the terms of the pension scheme finalized because i must have been off in a different worlds when it all happened a world where i read the facts and get up to date information, the world where everything tells me nothing has been decided yet, the world where in reality we could end up a lot worse off than some think, a lot better off or see no difference, so why keep stressing yourselves out in lala land we dont know what will happen but we need ot be ready to take some kind of action if/when the bad news comes along. In the meantime can anyone tell me how i get a transfer to these stations where all the rumours start, im sick of working in the real world, where leave is been messed around shifts cancelled overtime no longer worth doing with less resources than we had 10 years ago all i want is a couple of sets in fantasy land where everything is made up, ive got some cracking rumours to start well not really rumour because some one i know heard about a bloke who said he thinks there will be a massive recruitment drive, 25% salary increase, the right to strike, increased leave and allowances all starting next week, there you go posted on a forum must be true
  12. sykes


    If you want a update from the FED then go on their website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the details of police pension are still to be decided but there are some good links that helps to understand some of the implications of the proposed changes, obviously we need to look at the specifics offered to police officers but at least it gives us some idea of where things might go
  13. sykes


    Why do people who do overtime become the target of criticism everytime a thread similar to this come up, Im in a position (old) where i can afford to tell the job where to stick O/T some people need the extra money no matter what rate it gets paid at. Slightly different take on payments with the increased allowance for working anti social hours 22:00 -06:00 now accepted any one else found their forces suddenly changing shift patterns my Farce has now decided that from 03:00hrs min staffing is all that is required, we cover a large area heavily populated and usually run with 1 &12 now from 03:00hrs its 1 & 6 never been required before taking that over a year that in excess of 6500hrs of payments taken away from the section in payments.
  14. sykes


    A god point that appears to have been missed by some who look to jump on any negative bandwagon they can. What is should do is galvanize those who stil have their heads in the sand thinking it wont affect them
  15. sykes

    Specials used more and more.

    A interesting if somewhat predictable thread, it is in the main a re hash of the old arguments with little provided in the way of hard evidence as to how the increased number of specials will impact on Regular officers, Taking the assumption that most who have commented are police officers then the lack of any fact based evidence or a rational argument does not bode well for the service anyway, one person personal experience cannot be used to condemn the whole of the special constabulary and should be taken in context either a bad experience or a bigoted view point. What few seem to realise or mention despite having all this knowledge is that the changes were proposed in place a number of years ago, this was partly as a result of feed back from regular officers who wanted specials training to be standardized across the country and bring them up to a higher standard. This was in part to prepare the way to a direct entry system where specials after completing certain core skills and gaining relevant experience would be fast tracked into Regs, there were also discussions about having a national specials unit, trained in Driving, PSU, statement taking to name a few of the roles, this was kept fairly low key but anyone involved in training regs or specials should have been aware of the proposals, then things went quiet Now along comes this farce of a coalition looking to privatise anything and those things it cant privatise it wants to destroy and its no suprise that in our field the role of specials comes to the table There is no doubt the govenrment want to do to us what it did to the Army..........Look back at what the TA was intended for, now look at what they are doing today and the plans for the future, they are routinely deployed around the world on operations because the regular army does not have the resilience, Now look at the police reduce Regular numbers and recruit more specials, even the talk of a national unit should be a indicator of where this is going, we will have absolute minimum staffing on for example 24/7 response however come Fri/ Sat night a team of specials will be drafted in to assist in the ' peak' periods of course HMG will give all those who are CRO a contract so they only misbehave during these times, A lot of specials want to be regular officers but to get in they have to serve their time as a special so you cant blame them when they take up the role The plans by HMG are a worry and are going to affect everyone, yes i'm worried about my job but also about the fact I have family and friends who might be need a police response in the future but find as with everything else its by appointment only due to reduced numbers But what i wont get into is this petty slagging off of specials there are good and bad same with Regs it is not those joining as specials who are the problem its HMG and ACPO who are hell bent on cutting back the service and relying on a reserve force to pull us out the crap when it goes wrong they are the ones to blame not the specials, but then again to focus on the real reason would require independent thought ist so much easier to bring up a old argument that although relevant at the time misses the point today