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  1. Just a heads up that Derbyshire are to recruit 60 new student officers. As always, please check you are eligible to apply and check out the website for further details: http://www.derbyshire.police.uk/Careers/Officer-Recruitment/Police-Officer-Vacancies.aspx Good luck.
  2. Just a heads up for anyone keen on joining in the Cheshire (or indeed any) area, check out the link for details http://www.cheshire.police.uk/jobs/pcs.aspx It seems recently that recruitment seems to be opening up ever so slightly, there is hope for us yet. Good luck.
  3. TheOldBill0

    To old to join the police

    As a rule (at the moment), age shouldn't matter (apart from if you're really old), as long as you're fit and suitable for the job. But as mentioned above, now is probably not a great time for a career change to the police, I'd give it year or so to see what happens with Winsor and see if recruitment opens up.
  4. A heads up for anybody interested in joining Surrey: I had heard rumours (from Surrey officers) that they are coming out of the cuts looking quite good and are supposedly recruiting again. The catch is that you have to complete a 'Police, Law and the Community' course before they'll look at your application. It costs just over £1,000 to do which is a lot but might be worthwhile for anybody who is particularly keen.