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  1. OldAfricaHand

    Reasonable Man

    Belated Best Wishes .......................... age is only a number; so I hope you have many more of these days - and lots of sunny, funny days in between! All the Best
  2. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    I am surprised at you, RM. That is not a fair representation of lots of UK folk who do not want to remain in the EU - anti-uncontrolled immigration suppiorters are not closet-racists, just folk worried at the depredations of surges of foreigners on the British way-of-life. As for loonies and fruitcakes - well, I consider myself a tad eccentric but neither loony nor fruitcake (although I do enjoy a piece of good English fruitcake with a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon )
  3. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    Not just the pound and the dollar. My main UK pension dropped into my bank account today - it's about 2000 Pula less than usual. In the scheme of things that's not a lot but it's an amount that will pay for my boys' weekly Saturday morning golf clinic + a full English for all the family on Sunday morning each week! It will be interesting to see the impact on my old-age pension which should arrive next week. This was inevitable but, in the scheme of things, not-too-bad if the sovereignty issues can be resolved. We shall see ..............................
  4. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    RM I do not disagree with much of what you say on the immigration issue. However, the very fact that we have to allow free movement of all EU citizens mean that we have lost control of our borders because, in truth, the actual checks carried out on EU citizens entering UK are minimal - at best a cursory glance at a passport and, let us be clear, in some cases that glance is at the passport cover and not the particulars page - I have seen it happen many times. I do not believe British people by and large object to those EU people who want to work; it is those - and there are quite a large number in pockets around the country - that do not want to work who are resented. In addition, those immigrants from outside the EU - particularly from the commonwealth who come to work are also not resented - except, perhaps, by the idle & feckless people who make little contribution to society. The welcoming of refugees from outside the EU is a really major challenge - no-one is likely to object to taking a reasonable number of families who will integrate. However, taking a larger number of young, fit males who seem not to want to integrate but see UK as a haven from such things as military service, is not acceptable to most people. These individuals pose a threat to society - they come from lawless places, they have no loyalty to UK, they hang around town-centres and are genuinely seen as threatening by many people. Uncontrolled immigration is not acceptable but allowing people in with skills that are needed is perfectly fine. It is also a good idea to allow Brits who have lived abroad or who are the immediate descendants of British people to have access to the country - to many it is seen as "home" and it beggars belief that others with no loyalty to the country can be allowed in but they are barred. You say you are a free-market economist - fine, I do not disagree with the principles of the free-market but that has to relate principally to trade and not to uncontrolled immigration
  5. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    I don't think they are concerned about these issues - they have their own agendas - like Bliar trying to pack the coutry with people who kight emerge as labout supporters in due course. As for those in the European commission - they would be very happy to see UK sink under the weight of refugees / immigrants etc - weonly have to look at the Calais "jungle" to see how the French government wanted to screw UK
  6. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    To be fair he's Mark Carney not Fred Karno! But being a Canadian, he is an example of "globalisation" and I would rather trust him than the IMF - run by a French woman who is currently under investigation in France for expenses and other activities. As for the treasury and CBI - it really depends on who you speak to - some are more like Jeremiah than others!
  7. OldAfricaHand

    North Yorks Officer sacked

    A lot of sound advice isn't "politically correct in this day" but it's still very sound and should be passed on
  8. OldAfricaHand

    Euro 2016

    On arrival back home (I hope they will be flying on the cheapest, most uncomfortable flight possible) the England team should be taken straight to a football field in the remotest part of England - ideally on a 1950s former military camp where they will be housed in Nissen huts, fed on a budget equal to that for people living in old-age homes run by local authorities, and they can spend the off-season learning how to play football. To keep the politicians happy, the camp can be managed by G4S. It will be an appropriate time for them to reflect on the fact that although they are international footballers, they would have difficulty demonstrating that they are a credible team; it will also useful for them in their individual clubs when they get back to being millionaires! Pathetic bunch
  9. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    Irrespective of whether the referendum result is binding, what troubles me greatly is that the minority whose views did not prevail, now think it is acceptable to demand a second referendum with changed rules so that they are more likely to win or, at least, the majority will not prevail unless a specific threshold is achieved. Do they not understand that a majority votes wins - even if, as in many general Elections, the "majority" is still only a minority of the potential electorate. Not only do they not appear to accept "democracy" but in order to bolster their case for a second election, they pad the numbers signing the petition by at least 42,000 fictitious people. Seriously, this is an attempt to pervert the electoral process - perhaps someone should be held accountable for these sort of actions? I think it is right that Cameron resigned but he should have gone immediately so that the Conservatives could have appointed a new leader within a shorter time. In turbulent times, the one thing that is vital is effective and honest leadership- I know that is asking for a lot but, surely, there must be somebody who fits the bill. As it is, one can only speculate about the dialogue that will be taking place today between Cameron and the EU "leaders" - at some stage they will no doubt ask him to leave whilst they decide Britain's fate. As Merkel has said she will stop any other country from leaving (which would affect her grand design for German domination of Europe through a pact with the French and the obsequious Belgians) it could get to be a bloody few days - I do hope the Dutch get a referendum - after all, they do not want to be swamped by a Euro-State nor do they want to be "controlled" by Juncker, a Luxembourger with Nazi associations and the taint of espionage in his removal from office in his home country. We shall see!
  10. OldAfricaHand

    Hate incident / crime

    Does that not suggest that some people are being treated differently because they are from a particular segment of the community - I seem to recall my oath in 1968 included the words "without favour or affection, malice or ill-will" - are these no longer principles by which the Police should operate?
  11. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    Bearing in mind the chaos that reigns in the Labour Party today, if Cameron called an election, Labour could very easily be decimated in many constituencies - the level of in-fighting and lack of confidence amongst the opposition MPs would cause considerable confusion amongst the lectorate. The other amazing thing to me is that over 3 million people think that because they couldn't get their way in the referendum, it is OK to change the rule and vote again so their side will win. If as some pundits suggest, the "remain" vote was principally young"people, it strikes me that the education system has failed to educate them in what "democracy"means; so someone needs to step in pretty sharpish to rectify that!
  12. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    In my naivety, I am assuming that should the "Leave" vote win the day, the following day Cameron and his "Remain" cohorts will all tender their resignations from their posts - this includes cabinet ministers, government officials, senior industry leaders et al - I say this because it is apparent the more I read that all these "nay-sayers" have no confidence in UK's ability to operate in a new dispensation, ie without the overarching "nanny regime" of the EU. If they do not immediately depart, I would urge Boris Johnson to enter No 10 and defenestrate the lot of them because it is clear that they would be incompetent to continue in thir jobs. The more I hear from Cameron and his financial poodle, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the more I believe they are scared witless at the prospect of government without the EU - this must be the case or why else would they come out with such obvious clap-trap as we are now hearing almost minute-by-minute? It ought to e possible to find a cabinet who will pull together and get the country moving - it might need some non-political appointees but that would not be a bad thing in a time of challenge.
  13. OldAfricaHand


    Ms Toms needs to get a life and a sense of proportion / humour. It is worrying that such a narrow-minded individual is an elected representative at any level!
  14. OldAfricaHand

    Fracking licence Granted

    I would have thought that highly likely. Perhaps any demonstrations should be handled by private contractors - it might give government a perspective on what they are doing by decimating the Police strength in England and Wales
  15. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    RM We do not surrender our sovereignty to the organisations you mention, but we do engage in collaboration over which we have significant influence. The sovereignty issue is not just about what we have surrendered so far but the almost certain extension of EU (that really means unelected second-rate Eurocrats) control over aspects of our daily lives that we need to control ourselves - this includes the biggies like immigration and national security - do we really want a European Army - when you are in a tight corner and some bastard is shooting at you, you want to be able to rely on those on your team - I'm not sure I am prepared to trust the lives of British servicemen and women to a rag-tag army that has little cohesion and sense of loyalty. I might trust the Germans, the Dutch, the Portuguese and the French Foreign Legion - as for the rest I wouldn't want to take a chance. The monetary union could be forced on us - s well it might when it is breaking down and they need something to bolster it (I don't trust any current UK politicians not to sell this for who knows what personal agenda ). Maybe you think I am a "Little Englander" but I look to history - ours (which impresses me) and the European countries (which doesn't impress me - not counting the ancient Greek and Roman cultures) - for guidance. I know there will be a rocky time immediately after exit but I believe we will proceed into Churchill's "sunlit uplands" - it may take 5 years but it will be well worth it for future generations!
  16. OldAfricaHand

    Fracking licence Granted

    An interesting comment I saw on Sky News was that none of the councillors involved in the decision were actually representatives of the area for which the licence was granted. So I can see a deal of opposition being generated. I don't really know much about fracking but in the effort to improve sustainable power options, I guess it is but one option?
  17. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    And, may I ask, what will be bad about that ..or a blue passport??????
  18. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    The relationship we have with all these organisations is somewhat different from that we have with he EU / EC. UK has a veto in the UN Security Council. Most of the others we have much more influence so that we have a greater say in what they decide; so whilst they have some impact if we agree with them, they do not seek to dictate the minutiae of life in the same way as The European Commission - the EU's secretariat!
  19. OldAfricaHand

    Isms, isms, isms.....

    Interesting to note that the dragon-slayer, the Sturgeon woman, hasn't made a more positive pronouncement - surely she hasn't been captured by the men in her electorate to tone down her view?
  20. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    That would be a good start - along with having a passport channel for British citizens - apart from UK (I don't visit Europe - except Switzerland occasionally on business) all the countries I visit at least have an immigration line for their own citizens - that to me seems like a reasonable minimum requirement at any border!
  21. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    These individuals are a shining example of the canker of the EU - place-men and women appointed by their chums - politicians whose agenda had very little to do with the promises they made pre-election!
  22. OldAfricaHand

    BBC News features on HMP Wandsworth

    Of course, under Sharia law, he would have a problem - difficult to pick pockets with any hands
  23. OldAfricaHand

    What did they expect?

    I believe something similar to this happened in the early 70s, in Blackpool, Supt Gerald Richardson responded to a jewellery robbery in progress and gave chase with another officer. Both officers were shot and, sadly, Supt Richardson died. He and his colleague, a PC I think, were awarded the George Cross. Perhaps senior officers were somewhat different in those days? Of course, he had no vest or other kit and it probably would have taken too long for the station officer to issue the .38 revolver that might well have been the only firearm available!
  24. OldAfricaHand

    Hillsborough Verdict

    What is interesting is that there are 7 charges in connection with crowd disorder outstanding against Liverpool. Of course, this does not have a direct bearing on Hillsborough (because that was 27 years ago) but to my mind it suggests a culture of fan misconduct appears to exist at that football club that might, in certain circumstances, contribute to a disaster. As BR said, one can only speculate about what might have happened in terms of an enquiry had some fans been killed.
  25. OldAfricaHand

    Not the police this time

    The firms concerned are apparently Security Search Management & Solutions, Bexley, Kent, and Deacons Canines, from Anglesey