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  1. OldAfricaHand

    Death by Taser

    I really do love the stories the papers tell - it seems Atkinson's nephew, 31 years-old who wasn't at the scene, blames the Police for their heavy-haned actions; a neighbour says the Police could easily have subdued him, his niece says "we are a close family" but she hasn't seen the deceased for months, wannabe (illegitimate) daughter now wants to get to know "her Dad's family", and Karen Brady thinking he was Ron Atkinson's son - you really couldn't make it up - or perhaps you could - with a sufficiently fertile journalists brain
  2. OldAfricaHand

    Death by Taser

    BR Headline in the Daily Wail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3742815/Dalian-Atkinson-s-lovechild-tells-heartbreak-bankrupt-ex-Premier-League-Tasered-death-police-screaming-Messiah-trying-strangle-FATHER-85.html
  3. OldAfricaHand

    Death by Taser

    I saw it on-line this morning - apparently, his father is in his 80s ..... I will try to see where it was I picked it up and get back to you.
  4. OldAfricaHand

    Death by Taser

    The death of anyone in Police custody is a matter of concern. It particularly concerns me that people jump to conclusions about deaths in custody, that is - they focus on blaming the Police Officers involved in the arrest etc. The reality is that many people die suddenly - very few of them in Police custody. I guess we should appreciate Kevin Maxwell's comment "Clearly, we do not know the full circumstances of what took place" but, being a cynic, I suspect that remark will be lost in the uproar that will inevitably accompany this incident. Racism certainly does ruin lives but I wonder if Mr Maxwell's organisation recognises that racism is directed at people of all pigmentation and none; it is also evident within specific ethnic groups. This is a very sad occurrence but, if as reported, the individual was strangling his own aged father, what action should the officers attending the scene have taken?
  5. OldAfricaHand

    Medical report

    Maybe you should contact your GP and tell him about the deadline. Of course, as it's not an NHS activity, he might be looking for a fee!
  6. OldAfricaHand

    Olympics 2016

    I am happy to see that we aren't doing too badly in the medals table; I hope it continues!
  7. OldAfricaHand

    New Manchester United signing

    The bulk of his signing fee may well go to the parasite who is his agent - typically, the player gets about 25% of the fee - so someone will have to pay some tax although I suspect the agent will have a "tax-efficiency system" in place - probably The Caymans or somewhere similar! Mind you, I think it's true to say that any of us on this forum could manage a very good life on GBP5.4 million (it would qualify me to bring my family to settle in the UK , I could buy a little house on the hills outside Ramsbottom, get a nice little motor, send my boys to a good school and have a Man City season ticket ...... what more could I ask for ) Have a great weekend everyone
  8. OldAfricaHand

    New Manchester United signing

    I'm one of he few Blues who, if push comes to shove and City are not in the contest, will support The reds - it's a Mancunian thing - at least for some of us
  9. OldAfricaHand

    All Lives Matter.

    Black lives are no more important than the lives of any other person irrespective of their skin pigmentation or lack of pigmentation! It is these very protesters, who are pursuing an issue in USA and failing to focus on the black-on-black deaths in UK, who generate feelings of anger against black people. The right to protest is a cherished British privilege, acquired over many years, but I seem to recall that sec 121 Highways Act made it an offence to willfully obstruct the free passage of the highway. Now, I imagine the Highways Act has been replaced by later legislation but, surely, the right of people to pass without obstruction along the Queen's highway has not been removed? being simplistic, if the right of free passage still exists, i hope ALL the individuals involved in obstructing the various highways have been arrested and will be dealt with. OK, numbers may make it impractical but at some stage, a stand has to be taken and those people who commit these offences need to be made an example as a signal to others that such civil disturbance is not acceptable. Ironically, if this sort of incident occurred in my neck of the woods, the Police would very quickly clear those causing an obstruction and they might not be too gentle in the process. This campaign seems just another example of a small group of trouble-makers seeking to cause problems. They need to be identified and dealt with accordingly.
  10. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    You are right about newspapers being a dying art form but I am not so sure about your assertion that grammar, spelling etc are at the same standards as in previous times.However, I do not read enough UK newspapers to be able to be sure about the standards. I also agree that the spurious "journalism" degrees have a lot to answer for (perhaps not the best grammar ); a more focused subject degree gives a greater level of specialist knowledge. You could be right about the internet - it does provide easy access to information but the veracity of much of this information is often uncertain. The absence of the internet would require significant up-skilling amongst young people but I think it is safe to say that the internet won't go away and, indeed, its influence on daily life will increase as time goes by. we shall see ...........
  11. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    Like many occupations, I suspect that journalism has lost much of its traditional skill - research, communication / interviewing, writing grammatical English etc. For the most part, I suspect that what we have now are "news" journalists who rely on the internet to provide them with leads and the ability to cut stuff from sources and paste it into their articles; presumably, from what we often see in the media, they do this without much thought. So it only to be expected that not only can they be wrong but they are also guilty of being unable to write anything without giving it their personal "slant" or that of their editor
  12. OldAfricaHand

    Orgreave Inquiry

    So maybe I'm thinking back to "the old days" (55 - 60 years ago) - seeing the mounted branch in and around the city centre on big events. Sad that the Bootle street site will be "developed" if they are simply demolishing and replacing with something ugly and boxy! One of the charms of Manchester city-centre is the varied buildings and the back-streets.
  13. OldAfricaHand

    Olympics 2016

    Banning Russian athletes is much more about making the Russians aware that their State-sponsored doping activities are not acceptable. I do not care about individual Russian athletes and how they might feel but I do care that 100s of other countries' athletes will be doing their very best without additional help from drugs; it is for them that the Russians should totally be banned. Frankly, the Russian doping activities in sport are just symptomatic of the country's approach to doing things - they will do what they want (eg walking into another country, killing a "dissident" in another country and similar) safe in the knowledge that no-one will make any effort to stop them. the rest of the world has become SOFT! Russia needs a lesson; sadly, we cannot nuke a little corner of their country as a "lesson"; so some other ways must be found - banning them from ALL international competitive sports competitions is a start.
  14. OldAfricaHand

    Orgreave Inquiry

    Indeed but I would expect some left-wing QC to join the two organisations - after all, they were the government's bully-boys - apparently I always though there were stables at Bootle Street
  15. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    RM I take your point. It was a spurious complaint - actually caused by spineless managers within the complainant's unit who refused to properly counsel him because he was known to have a chip on his shoulder about his ethnic background. It is actually ironic to me because I know many, many Africans who would baulk at the prospect of ever using a race card; one (a Ghanaian) told me many years ago that the whingers on race were usually British West Indians who were idle and had little education - he was very vociferous about this! I agree that HR legislation is important - my feeling is that we should be able to deal with it completely within the UK courts system - not least because many of the ECHR judges are poorly qualified and experienced - mainly "administrative lawyers" who have been given the jobs as favours by their governments! You are right about differing expectations of Brexit - I think the government should quickly publish a definitive (words of one-syllable) statement on what will be involved. That might make things clearer for everyone ..........but probably asking too much of politicians!
  16. OldAfricaHand

    Orgreave Inquiry

    "Be that as it may Mr Zulu, I put it to you that in your years in the Police in Manchester, you will have been near the scene of the dreadful government-inspired massacre and, I am sure you will accept, that you have occasionally heard the sound on horses' hooves on the cobbled side-streets - no doubt the mounted units of the Manchester Police and these will be very similar in sound to those of the yeomanry on that fateful day. So can you help me understand how you contend your absence from the scene absolves you, as an officer of the over-bearing authorities, from some responsibility?"
  17. OldAfricaHand

    Orgreave Inquiry

    RM, I would want to be calling you ...........not sure how I'd approach it - either an "independent" witness - that is, someone who wasn't actually there . Although, perhaps, better as an example of the intimidating tactics of the Police "having interesting discussions with cars full of burly men with strong Yorkshire accents who were just going to visit friends" - probably the latter - no reason not to let some ar*e of a left-wing QC have a chance to blacken your character - after all, you have done sterling service for your country / community; so someone has to bring you down to earth
  18. OldAfricaHand

    The Referendum Discussion

    RM, You are right; I think we all now understand the difference. But, frankly, if we can exit the EU, I see no reason why we should not simply say - we are withdrawing from the ECHR. Are the consequences so great that they eclipse the EU exit? (I have a personal anti-attitude to the ECHR as I have been before it as a co-defendant for being a racist for refusing to authorise the promotion of a West African man who had failed many times to gain promotion within the UK Civil service and so decided to pull the race-card - although i did not have to appear personally). The irony in my case was that during the 5 years the case had trickled through the system, I had been shipped off to west Africa to advise Nigerian and Ghanaian governments on various things! I should say, our persecutor lost his case)
  19. OldAfricaHand

    Orgreave Inquiry

    Zulu' They won't want to call you to give evidence as you obviously have a biased view of the events - rather they will call "independent" witnesses and may even want to get IPCC involved
  20. OldAfricaHand

    Orgreave Inquiry

    You may well be right - the MI5 teams whose foe was the men-with-snow-on-their-boots have now long-departed the scene; so there will likely be no-one with the institutional knowledge from the period - very sad.
  21. OldAfricaHand

    Orgreave Inquiry

    ..............................and his chauffeur and his bodyguard/butler? I suspect it was NUM - I seem to recall, only a few years ago, he was being pressed to give up his NUM-funded apartment in the Barbican (City of London) but said he would take the matter to court oif the union pressed him further. An out-and-out scoundrel
  22. OldAfricaHand

    Once again in Bavaria

    I seem to recall that it was called a Fifth Column in the 30s and 40s. There is no reason to believe that it isn't something similar now - I am being neither a scaremonger nor a racist in this belief - it is a standard military tactic as far back as the Trojan Wars. All these young males may not be inclined towards violence but when you see them around in groups in parts of UK's big cities, for example Cheetham Hill and Rusholme in Manchester, one cannot help but wonder at their motivation at coming to Britain
  23. OldAfricaHand

    1% Pay Rise

    As an "on-looker", I would have said that the Police Federation have a DUTY to highlight the reality of the policing situation and cannot understand why they do not have a higher profile. I watch Sky News daily - when there is a policing "incident", Sky trot out various policing experts - mainly retired officers whose provenance isn't obvious to the audience. Why do the federation not put themselves forward as the experts on policing - is it because they are mainly serving officers and are thus prevented from commenting. If this is the case, perhaps they need to be briefing the "independent" policing "experts" on realities so that the message about the real situation is in the public domain?
  24. OldAfricaHand

    Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

    I think it just proves that Unite, like any other "political" institution will change its stance depending on its short-term aims. I am sure it wants to be in a position to "control" the labour Party leadership and Corbyn is the one who is more likely to bend to their will than any other?
  25. OldAfricaHand


    Notwithstanding any EU views on capital punishment, it seems the Turks (or at least their President) are thinking of re-introducing it to deal with the current situation. I can see quick trials by courts martial, followed by implementation of the sentence. Whether they are likely to execute all those involved is uncertain but I think we can expect to see a significant number of senior officers dealt with - it will be interesting to see if they are executed by firing squad or by hanging - I suspect the former is quicker and cheaper as not so much preparation is required As Zulu' said above, the Turks have a very bad record in terms of use of torture and abuse of human rights; so I wonder if re-introducing capital punishment will be a "step too far" for the trendy bureaucrats of the European Commission and stop their entry to the EU. Bearing in mind that they are a NATO member and very strategically placed on the Alliance's "border", I wonder how Obama will react?