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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3817057/Lesbian-couple-murdered-toddler-Liam-Fee-spotted-sharing-kiss-let-day-release-time-just-five-months-20-year-sentences.html I know it is the DM so facts may be in doubt but, somehow, it doesn't seem right to me that a pair of murderers, only five months after being sentenced to a minimum of 23 / 24 years in prison, should be allowed out for personal meetings at which they can meet. The "severity" of their sentence is such that they should be spending a hell of a long time banged-up and not getting any privileges etc. Still, maybe it's their human right
  2. OldAfricaHand

    Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe to retire

    I saw BH-H interviewed on Sky last evening - he was very clear that he wants to "pursue further professional opportunities" ....................... I'm sure he will have a fair few captains of industry knocking at his door or he may have to do with a seat on the Board of Control Risks but that would be a nice addition to his pension I'm sure Anyhow, all the best to him - whatever we might think, he has done his time, paid his pension contributions; so he's entitled to a decent retirement I guess.
  3. OldAfricaHand

    Hypocrite Blair

    Mmmmm. Zulu', you are right - maybe it could be done at Marble Arch - the site of the old Tyburn Tree, where traitors and dissidents were dealt with.
  4. OldAfricaHand

    Hypocrite Blair

    I was going to comment but it is pretty pointless because I will only be happy when Bliar has been arraigned before a UK court for his treasonable acts, found guilty and disposed of in a way that is no longer in line with UK legislation, ie executed and his body buried in quicklime at a undisclosed place! It's not worth raising my blood-pressure saying more than that!
  5. OldAfricaHand

    Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

    I think Momentum will eventually over-reach itself and become discredited. It wouldn't be too difficult to de-stabilise Momentum but we no longer have a security service that has a remit that isn't controlled by politicians and who, as a result, are petrified of allowing this sort of activity. However, if they upset the private sector too much, the lefties will bring down a whole load of crap upon themselves - foreign investors are particularly averse to activities that threaten their investments and do not have the "ethics" that might be forced upon British institutions!
  6. OldAfricaHand

    Great British Bake Off........is off......

    It is a sad commentary of Britain that a programme on baking has such massive ratings - but, then, I get monumentally p#ssed-off with all the cooking programmes that appear on the BBC and associated channels on the SA satellite offering we get. As there is no competition, there is bugger-all that can be done. Mind you, at least they re showing over & over again, all the Top Gear episodes with Clarkson et al - he's a pain but frequently amusing!
  7. OldAfricaHand


    BR Late on the night of the murder (6 October 1985), the call went out to Specials in the Met to parade for duty the following morning. Such was the concern of the authorities that there was going to be further disorder and most Regular officers were to be held available and not on Division. Many large employers released their Special employees for duty that day. there was considerable anger and fear around London. People were very subdued. Of course, it wasn't the first time that a Police officer had been murdered and, for example, the Braybrook Street murders of the Foxtrot One-One Q car crew was "bigger" in the sense of the number of officers murdered. However, the cold-blooded murder of an officer during a riot on a normal London housing estate seemed much more portentous of bad things to come. There was an air of real fear around that day. So in a societal sense, the murder off PC Keith Blakelock is something that should have been pursued until a final conclusion; if iy is still an open case, it needs to be publicised as such. If it is not an open case, someone should explain in detail why that is so!
  8. OldAfricaHand

    Oh Dear, Vaz.

    I agree entirely, Skydiver, but on this occasion I believe it is imperative that this pompous, overbearing individual be hung out to dry - he has done his best to ruin the reputations of some who have appeared before his committee; so he deserves all the scorn he gets!
  9. OldAfricaHand


    I know what you mean BR but as far as I am concerned, the murder of an officer of The Crown charged with the protection of The Queen's Peace is pretty "political" to me and certainly a very high priority. If I was a cynic, I would be asking whether his colour - BLUE - was anything to do with the politicians' failure to pursue the matter - after all, there were probably not enough BLUE votes to make a difference to any of the feckless characters who inhabit The House of Commons.
  10. OldAfricaHand


    Bear in mind that Stephen Lawrence's mother is now a Peeress; so she no doubt has some clout with the politically-motivated Met leadership - or am I just being cynical. I have never been comfortable with the way the case was handled - whilst I do not condone in any way, shape or form, the murder of anyone, the changing of the law to allow for trials of suspects to be conducted until the "right" verdict was achieved laves me with an unpleasant taste.
  11. OldAfricaHand

    Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    We all make mistakes. However, if a Chief Constable makes three such mistakes or ill-judged decisions, he really has to have his competence questioned. Is this not the sort of thing that PCCs were crated for; if so, what is the relevant office-holder doing to examine this matter?
  12. OldAfricaHand

    Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    I think you are all being too kind. The Chief officer concerned should be suspended and subjected to a rigorous examination - starting with his thought processes - clearly he hasn't thought through the consequences of his ideas; one wonders if this extends to operational decisions
  13. OldAfricaHand

    Oh Dear, Vaz.

    Just got home to UK to see this story - we can expect Vaz to hang on as long as possible - after all the HP is full of people with skeletons in the cupboard and the days when we had a counter-intelligence service that took note of these and made sure they were accounted for in some way or other have long gone! I hope this spells the end of his primacy in Parliament and there will be more sordid details published that will do for him - he deserves it if only to punish his sanctimonious do-gooding auro that he developed around his sordid person!
  14. OldAfricaHand

    Well, who'd have believed it?

    Indeed, he might - as would so many others in UK
  15. OldAfricaHand

    Well, who'd have believed it?

    But surely CCTV can bee used to prevent the commission of an offence and telling lies to the British public might reasonably be considered an offence, obtaining a pecuniary advantage (more votes than he might otherwise get if he told the truth)
  16. OldAfricaHand

    Well, who'd have believed it?

    Maybe some of the DPA folk are closet Corbynites - we need to weed them out and put balanced people in their place - RM, can I recommend you or appointment, I don't always agree with you but I know you look at things very critically In another fatuous statement, Corbyn's campaign manager has called for Branson's knighthood to be revoked - to say that these people are off-their-hads is being kind,
  17. OldAfricaHand

    After the referendum - what now?

    They will once the victory parade has taken place through Manchester; there will also be a move to transfer the capital from London to Manchester as a way of reducing the civil service and justifying the HS2 project (if it still exists ) Have a great weekend everyone. I am off to Malawi to do some work and, next weekend, on the (Emirates) flight for Blighty for a holiday - can't wait - there's nowhere like Manchester when the sun shines (fingers crossed etc )
  18. OldAfricaHand

    Once a geek...

    I taught Chinese post-grad students at Manchester University for three years - they work incredibly hard and are very focused on succeeding - I guess one has to be successful to get anywhere in a population of one billion. The women were a lot more hard-working than the guys - they had to prove themselves to be star performers to get a good position once they returned home. It was enjoyable teaching them - so much more so than British students (the few times I taught British students, I was not impressed - the undergraduates, particularly, were little more than silly kids, no focus and a distinct lack-of-interest in time-keeping. Sad in many ways!
  19. OldAfricaHand

    Crime figures.

    If I was a cynic, I might wonder if the violent crimes that are not reported are those that take place between the low-life who live in and around the Ordsall area of Salford and a few other of the choice areas of GMP's ground
  20. OldAfricaHand

    Well, who'd have believed it?

    We do not actually know how long Corbyn was sat in the corridor area - it might have just been for the photo opportunity (or am I being too cynical?) and the train manger might not have known about the Corbyn group until a little while later - I assume all this happened just as the train was leaving London and the train manager was probably tied-up with other issues (and he only found out about it when he was getting a brew from the buffet car because he knew he would be busy checking tickets for a while ). Actually we don't really know but I am as unwilling to give Corbyn the benefit of the doubt that this was a real situation (as I would be a serial TWOCer driver a nice new motor late at night) - he's a politician and very many of his supporters are nasty, arrogant little seekers-after-Left-Wing power, who see no reason why they should not lie and cheat to attain their goals!
  21. OldAfricaHand

    Well, who'd have believed it?

    The family that were given the upgrade may well have been travelling on full-price tickets whilst Corbyn was using a discounted ticket (when in UK I travel regularly on he train from Manchester to London - Virgin West Coast - and the range of prices is amazing - more than once I have travelled 1st Class on a train on which the Standard Class seats were more expensive than the 1st Class - don't ask me how that business model works but I prefer to travel 1st Class at a fare below standard Class and have a free breakfast or refreshments + more comfort etc). However we view this, if you take account of the Virgin CCTV, it is clear to me that this was a put-up job - maybe spur-of-the-moment and not particularly well-thought out by the Corbynistas and his Momentum chums! If I was a Jeremiah, I might say that there will come a time when Momentum are as big a threat to UK society as any terrorists - a big thing to say but, if they do not get power, the Hard Left will do their best to ruin the country economically and socially just as Militant Tendency tried all those years ago !
  22. OldAfricaHand

    Well, who'd have believed it?

    If the Corbynistas were travelling as a group, why didn't they reserve seats in advance - presumably they knew they would be travelling on that day? The reality of this is that one of Corbyn smartass team thought it would make a good story; so they staged this. The individual supporting Corbyn's story on Sky News last night was Anna someone-or-other, the national secretary of Momentum - which is the 21st century manifestation of The Militant Tendency. MT does not tell the truth - its philosophy is that all non-MT people are sheep and will be lied to / manipulated etc as part of MT's strategy to gain power and influence. It is possible to dress a monkey in a suit but it is still a monkey - so with Corbyn, however benign he might look, he is still a Hard Left devotee - if he gains power, the UK will be at the mercy of the worst kind of political philosophy promoted by people with no principles nor desire for anything but personal power.
  23. OldAfricaHand

    Well, who'd have believed it?

    No doubt this was staged by one of his team educated at the Patrice Lumumba University in USSR
  24. OldAfricaHand

    Happy Birthday Croby

    Happy Birthday Croby'. I hope you have many more of them and lots of sunny, funny days inbetween. Have a Great day today!
  25. OldAfricaHand

    Happy Birthday, Westie

    Happy Birthday, Westie. May you have many more of them and lots of sunny, funny days in between! Have a great celebration today