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Zulu 22

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  1. Zulu 22

    Start arming UK police?

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion but the point of attitude is well demonstrated. We had armed criminals and we had IRA terrorists with in descriminate bombings of any place of mass gatherings. Ask some of your senior colleagues.
  2. Zulu 22

    Start arming UK police?

    Where do you get that dangers are greater from. The protection now is greater than 20 years ago. What you need is greater enforcement with less gun ho. What I have nioticed in the last few years is a huge deterioration of officers attitudes and the ability to speak and converse with the public.
  3. Zulu 22

    Judges win pension case

    Leigh Day are one of the legal firms facing enquiries and prosecution for the cases that they were bringing, on Legal Aid for Iraqis falsely trying to sue soldiers for compensation from the Iraq war. The cases were thrown out of court. If anyone was tempted to sign up with them, then, ring them and find out.
  4. It is essential that the identities are known before you try and inform relatives. I had a straight forward Fatal RETC once. Went to the home asking a mother if her son still owned a car Reg No. etc. She replied Yes. We were about to break the sad news when she said, "Oh just a minute he sold it last week". She then called and woke her son who was able to tell us who he had sold it to. The cuts came about because of Winsor, and austerity measures but also, indirectly because of the Edmund Davies report which gave guaranteed annual pay rises which had pushed us way above the national levels.. If you think that them Guardian article is correct then seek out some retired officers who were serving prior to 1974. My father was one and he was in receipt of State benefits because of his family and his wage was so low. In those days officers could not afford cars, foreign holidays, or Gym subscriptions. In 1969 his take home pay was £60 per month including CID allowances and expenses.
  5. Zulu 22

    Start arming UK police?

    I have never seen an AFO on a front line Public Order, PSU event. I have only known them respond to firearms events, or on a general security patrol such as after the Manchester and London events. This forum has officers of service and experience and all are, generally against the routine arming of Police. The newer brigade seen to have a different opinion, and that alarms and frightens me more.
  6. Zulu 22

    Start arming UK police?

    Non of you had better say any of this on the other Police Community forum as you would be shouted down by the Met, PCSO's and Specials. You will even get the odd insult for having an opinion against arming of the Police. It appears that many of the younger breed are very pro arming with an alarming Gung Ho attitude. They refuse to see the dangers of every officer being armed. We on here seem to have more experience and we all know of officers that we would not trust with a pea shooter, never mind a side arm. Like OC I have been trained and carried firearms. Every shooting incident turns into a witch hunt of the officer with very little, if any support from above. It was after one such incident where one of my team was being pursued by enquiry, after enquiry. What ever I wanted to say on his behalf was ignored and as a protest I handed in my firearms ticket, and was immediately moved from the team onto other duties. The officer got very little support and, where he was completely cleared of any blame, there was no apology support or anything. Firearms are lethal weapons and in the wrong Police hands only disaster can follow. There have been cases in this country where the use of firearms has been touch and go, and that is by AFO's. If you look into the system in the US it is littered with cases where officers have lost their heads, or over reacted and people have been fatally shot when it was unnecessary. There may be a case for an increase in AFO's, but all that would do is decrease manpower on the streets still further. AFO's are officers on mobile patrol or on standby waiting for an incident to happen and respond to, or attending intelligence incidents. If that Intel is wrong or flawed then you have a case similar to the Grainger case in Manchester where a man was shot dead who was supposed to be in an armed robbery team. No weapons were found and the public enquiry is still in progress. The fact that the four men were in a stolen Audi seems to be a point to be ignored by the press and public. Have I carried, Yes, would I carry again, No, if still serving would I want all officers to be armed No.
  7. Zulu 22

    Start arming UK police?

    I heard on the news that a member of the public was wounded by a gun shot! The incident started with three men, in a van, mowing people down on the bridge as the earlier incident. A gun would not prevent that and it would be pure chance if an Officer was on the scene in the first place. Mark and Yorkshire make very salient points. Now retired I would not want a gun. When serving I did have one and handed in my ticket to disqualify me from having access to one. So at that time my answer became like Mark's.
  8. Cuts started under Jack Straw wit the PCSO's who were, originally, for the early years financed by the local authorities. Once they stopped that they came under the police budgets, with no extra funding for them. The rest is history with offices being replaced by cheaper PCSO's, less powers and the public do not realise. Have no idea which your Force is but the manning levels are very similar, even within the large City forces. It is a travesty that the local motorway in your area is policed by AFO teams rather than dedicated traffic officers. We always used to joke on the Motorway that as a qualification you needed to be able to run a sub 10 second 100 metres dressed in all your kit. Yet when ever our SMT's are asked about Police numbers they come out with the old tired phrase, "We have adequate numbers to Police any eventuality" Recent events in Manchester showed that up as a true farce. Officers on mutual aid from all over the Country, AFO's from North Wales West Midlands, Lancashire, Yorkshire, etc, etc.
  9. Our cuts came under Labour, before May, but, to be fair, they have continued under her since. I don't know the figures but the NPA has increased. Labour have never been the friend of the Police Service, and the Conservatives always were pre Winsor. Since then I have noticed that they both have no concern for the Police except trying to gain Political control by PCC's
  10. Zulu 22

    Advanced Driver Wings

    Sorry, but just let your driving do the talking.
  11. Zulu 22

    Walk The Beat

    You will learn more and gather more information walking the beat than at any other time. Sadly it is an art which is a dying art.
  12. It is a similar story all over the country, I can only speak for GMP. I served on a Division as a PC when the Sub Division I worked on had 44 officers on the street. 15 years later I returned as an Inspector when we then had 28 officers on the street but over a bigger area. Within months I saw this reduced within weeks to 24 officers. When I retired 5years later this number had reduced to 16 officers. That does not sound too bad, some might think, certainly SMT but this is for a sub division that has 5 large towns, three of which, at one time in history had their own Police Forces and their own Chief Constable's. This is the reality of Policing of which all in authority should be ashamed. The one's to suffer from this, the public tax payers, and the Police Officers who are left stranded under an intolerable burden. Who are the authors, Politicians of all parties, PCC's and Chief Constable's for remaining quiet instead of shouting from the roof tops, not mumbling in a sealed room. In the recent climate the streets of the City centre are teaming with officers, those officers are mainly from out of town divisions giving the false appearance of street strength.
  13. Zulu 22

    Manchester attack

    It depresses me to say so but, the Government must withdraw the EHRA so that they can deport anyone partaking in terrorism, in any way.
  14. Zulu 22

    The general election (June 2017)

    It is very easy to promise the earth when you will never be in a position to introduce it. Everything has to be paid for and the hard left have no possibility to fund it. Corbyn, McDonald and Abbott seem to be devoid of even the basics of finance.
  15. Zulu 22

    The general election (June 2017)

    You are sounding like a Corbynista, and they do nit deal in reality. They don't condemn IRA terrorists who reveled in murder. We have no other option, and the elderly would can afford it will not miss it, neither will they go cold otr starve. If you live in the country you will know that foxes are indescriminate killing machines.
  16. Zulu 22

    Manchester attack

    It was a female officer there with her husband and two children. Manchester is strong, when you hurt one, you hurt us all but, we will survive and refuse to yield to terror. Condolences to all caught up in the atrocity.
  17. Zulu 22

    The general election (June 2017)

    I would agree with OC on this. If you receive any pension, other then the OAP, then you should not need a winter fuel allowance. This living abroad in countries like Spain, Cyprus etc, should not be eligible for Winter Fuel Allowance. If they want to say that they have paid in therefore they are entitled, then not so. Why would a Millionaire need a fuel supplement? When they were paying in there was no such thing as the winter fuel allowance. It was meant for those genuinely in need. My parents enjoy their Old Age Pension but they do not believe that they should get increases above the level of other sectors increases. Perhaps Mrs May is being a lot fairer than people give her credit for. As for Social Care, at present a person pays for their care until they reach a level of £23,000 savings. The proposal would raise this level to £100,000. Like everything that the other parties are promising, they will not have to provide, if they did the unanswerable question would remain, Where are they going to get the money from to finance this.
  18. Zulu 22

    The general election (June 2017)

    The alternative is like Turkey's voting for Christmas day to be brought forward to June. I would not trust Corbyn or McDonald with anything, least of all the economy.
  19. Zulu 22

    Brady - Good News

    It must be good news week. This morning I awoke to, the great news that Ian Brady is dead. My father worked on the original enquiries and was amazed at some of the rubbish written about Brady and Hindley. As far as he was concerned they were the most evil people he ever met. Neither showed any remorse for their actions. May they both now rot in Hell.
  20. Zulu 22

    Ill health retirement with depression

    Because he has the right to expect a Duty of Care. Sometimes officers have dedicated themselves so much that they know very little else and by age are not in the Labour market. I am surprise that you have intimated if you don't like it leave. It is different for Officers in regular day jobs. On the front line it is hugely different. Larryd, you are welcome, stay safe.
  21. Zulu 22

    Pay scale and shift allowance

    I would suggest that you can get an accurate figure from a) Your Force Pay Department, or alternatively Your Federation Branch Board Office. I am retired now but up to two years ago I could have given you a 100% answer. If you know your annual salary figure and divide it by 12 that should give you a monthly gross figure. If you take off one third of that which will be your approximate stoppages for tax, Nat. Ins., Pension contribution etc it would give you a rough idea of you monthly take home. But as I say your Federation Office should be able to help.
  22. Divide and conquer comes to mind. Throughout the years the Met Federation have taken some very questionable proposals to the National Conference, and thankfully many have been voted down or rejected. The Met might be the largest Branch but they do not have a majority when it comes to candidates and votes. As far as I am aware the Federation was authorised by Act of Parliament. The Met sometimes have to be reminded that they are not the be all, and end all of Policing.
  23. Zulu 22

    Bye bye UKIP

    Yes advertising space is rented out. Some places are not putting up UKIP candidates as tactical voting. Neither do they have the financial backing to do it.
  24. Zulu 22

    Ill health retirement with depression

    Take medical advice from your doctor and involve the Federation over your concerns and predicament. That is one of the reasons that they are there. Your health and welfare come before anything else.
  25. Zulu 22

    Bye bye UKIP

    They should remain to see the people's will is fulfilled. They are not finished until we are out of the EU and it's unelected Commissioners.