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  1. Zulu 22

    Paying into Police pension

    Jenny you could ask, why are you still working. In effect yu are working for free as you could almost have the same money available if you were retired. Depending on your age the acturial figure for working out your Lump Sum commutation stats to decreaase. Ok you will be either half pay with a commutation figure or two thirds with smaller. When you take your pension you will be better off by the amount of your contributions which you no longer pay. You do not have the travel expenses, or the meal expense. I found it hasrd to believe when I retired as I took home about £30 per month less than when working full time. I do agree though check with your pension experts in the Federatuion and the Pay and Pensions Dept.
  2. Zulu 22

    Off-Duty Night Out

    If they are doing something that is illegal, believe me, they are not friends. In the job you have to be very choosey over friends.
  3. Zulu 22

    Where have they gone

    Where have all the old contributors gone to. When the site changed in January I found great difficulty in accessing the forum. I had registered originally with an email address I no longer used because it had been hacked. I could not change my password or anything. It was fortunate that I was able to contact the administrator and Moderators and they managed to sort out my new (Well old secure) email address and for me to set a new password. But where on earth are Quokka, Westie, Itoldyouonce, Cheese, Reasonable Man, GManc,Spider, etc,etc. I have joined one of the sister sites but it appears to be mainly Specials and PCSO's who know everything about everything, whilst, at the same time, knowing nothing. Experience is scorned as a dirty word. There do have to be different opinions, otherwise you would have a sterile environment with every poster saying "Yes I agree" agree, agree. I do hope that the old posters on here have not disappeared for good. Come back we need you. This edit was made after someone clicked "Like" The sister also seems to be very much Met orientated and they seem to work off different rules and even laws than the rest not us Plebs. And before someone replies, I am not anti Met, but there is life north of Watford Gap.
  4. Zulu 22

    Volvo cars

    It is stated that electric cars and hybrids will be cheaper and more efficient. Recently making enquiries into a car change I discovered that there is a huge bank of electric batteries involved, which are very expensive. Because to this you do not own the batteries in the car but you rent them for quite a considerable fee. The, of course you have to charge then, at a cost, and they will perhaps be good for 80 miles or so. The salesman was unable to satisfy me as to the cost of the vehicles, running costs, and if in fact they were cheaper and more economical. I wait to be convinced.
  5. Zulu 22

    Urinating In A Public Place

    Precisely, in one some shop keeper had to clean up the mess from his window and shop front. A Police Officer always has had discretion and much might also depend on the person attitude.
  6. A bit of a misunderstanding here I suspect. I was not referring to PC Lowe, from reading the news report I do not think that he could be criticised, the Judge and Jury certainly did not. I was making the point that sometimes the "Red Mist" can come down and some officers do sometimes forget things in the heat of the moment. In my time as an advanced driver I cannot think of any driver who I was not comfortable with when I was in the passenger seat. I always had total confidence in them in all scenario's. Generally speaking the Red Mist applied mainly to general drivers who got carried away beyond their driving ability. I would think in PC Lowe's case the conduct of the IPCC would be demoralising.
  7. We had a similar one, but not road traffic. PSD had investigated a complaint and decide NFA but the IPCC directed that they should face a discipline hearing. The hearing was held, taking two days, and the Chief Con dismissed the case. Never heard how the IPCC took it.
  8. The report of the accident and court hearing is in this link. I can find nothing further about the IPCC's subsequent action. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/west-midlands-police-driver-cleared-8492674 It was noticeable that after the unanimous not guilty verdict the Judge said, quote from the article. "Following the not guilty verdict, Judge Andrew Lockhart QC told PC Lowe: “This jury has acquitted you. "That is the end of this matter. You may now go and be with your family. I will not say any more. Some bright spark at the IPCC has obviously had perverted other idea's. With the IPCC we are always put in double jeopardy. It would be interesting if anyone does know the outcome of the IPCC's persecution.
  9. It is hard to judge as we do not know the circumstances of the four cases that you quote. Sometimes the "Red Mist" comes down and officers can forget the basics, but we do not know the details.
  10. What a useless system, money before efficiency, and I have not been gone all that long. If you drive properly you should not lose your job. In several cases officers have been aquitted and the Court had commented that the case should never have been brought. But it shows the support from above.
  11. We are taught in Police driving that no call us so urgent as to justify us being involved in an accident. We do have certain exemptions and we can exceed the speed limit and go through lights on red, but that is safely not blasting through taking a chance. Sometimes seconds saved can mean saving some persons life. Driving should never be a case of the red must coming down, but unfortunately it does happen. It should not but it does. The same principle could apply to the Police being armed, accidents should not happen, but they can and they do. The person who us always there last is always known to all his colleagues, but when the time comes he/she would expect timely back up from them. All about respect from your colleagues.
  12. Well I was one who always did hurry up on response calls using lights and sirens (Hate the term blues and two's). But, I never had an accident because Advance Police Driving taught me the defensive and safe side of fast driving with safety. However I did attend a promotion board interview when I was asked about Police Pursuits. My answer was basically, that I would love to know the official answer to that as neither the Home Office or ACPO (as it was then) offered any firm advice on the subject. How ever if I had ever received a call and arrived to find that I was too late to prevent crime or protect life I would never have been able to face up to my colleagues or even lived with myself. The fact that I had, taken the Queen's shilling" so to speak meant that I was prepared to fulfil my duties to the best of my ability and if that meant being in some form of danger that was what I was paid and prepared to do. That happened quite a few times and fortunately they worked out all right in my favour, and one night saved an officers life. One who never hurried just had no respect from his colleagues at all. With our training it was possible to drive quickly and safely.
  13. This type of comment infuriates me. On the contrary the reason we attend a Police Advanced Driving course is to hone our skill to a level where we are anticipating the road ahead and what other drivers might do. We are trained because there is need when these skills have to be used. If I had the attitude of refusing to drive on response then I would refuse to accept my pay as I would not be doing my job as expected.
  14. Zulu 22

    Hillsborough Verdict

    I agree with the previous two posts. I do not think that the families will ever feel that they have some peace and justice, or be satisfied, I do not think that I would be satisfied, but are they seeking their pound of flesh. I find it amazing, still, that true justice has not been identified. They are blaming, quite rightly, just about everyone involved, Police, Ambulance, Sheffield Wednesday, the F.A., everybody except the fans, who have been exonerated completely. I would, wholeheartedly, agree that the Liverpool fans who were victims were the complete innocents in the whole tragedy, but, to exonerate the fans, on the last minute, some who climbed the gates and those who rushed headlong into the back of the already full pens carry no blame whatsoever. That adds to the injustice of the whole tragic incident. It was a culmination of the F.A. selecting a ground which was unsuitable, Sheffield Wednesday for their Ground safety, and the Police for having a person in charge of the game who was not qualified to deal with such an event, and a complete breakdown of the communications surrounding the event and those taking part. You could also proportion blame on those who decided to make pens at football grounds as a form of crowd control after incidents like Heysel. Am I some sad biased football fan, no I have family in Liverpool and Manchester and have attended at Anfield, and Old Trafford in equal number supporting both teams, but would I dare make these comments on Merseyside?
  15. Seems very much like following "Roadcraft" instruction. From memory, No call is so urgent as to justify being involved in a road accident. That is why the advanced course is so demanding. You are exempt from many things but you still have to drive with care. If some officers become "Gung Ho" when driving, think of them with a firearm. Doesn't bear thinking about.
  16. Zulu 22

    First Post Mortem

    Most Forces, I know of, these days had dedicated Officers acting as Coroners Officers so an officer never sees a PM. It is good experience though as you never know what you will have to deal with. If you have a rather messy Sudden Death to attend you would not want the embarrassment of keeling over in front of the public, so it could prepare people better. I was lucky as I was a Cadet and I was taken to a rather messy death and the Officer took me with him to the PM. Both he, and the Pathologist talked me through the whole process which was invaluable.
  17. Zulu 22

    First Post Mortem

    It is a rare opportunity indeed these days. MY first was not a great hit but it started me smoking again, after being stopped for 12 months. Visually I had no problem, as I was told, "Do not think of it as a body, but a piece of meat in a butchers shop. It is a corpse, no feelings but a dead body". I was ok with that as I got the visual impact correct in my mind. However the smell was something that I got completely wrong although, at subsequent P.M.'s it did not affect me because I then knew what to expect. If you want a tip to help with that, get a small jar of "Vick" and smear a very small amount on your nostrils it masks the smell, and that advice was given to me by a pathologist. If you watch and listen you should find it extremely interesting, if he is giving a commentary on what he is doing; showing the sights of a Cardio infarction (Heart attack), or of Cranial haemorrhage (Stroke). If he corpse is of a smoker he/she will show you the condition of the lungs. Non Smoker pink and healthy whereas a smoker will look black and resemble more of a large piece of Coke from a fire. Also prepare yourself for when they use a saw to open the skull, it can be like a dentist drill going through you. There will be many who will leave the room, or even pass out, it is nothing unusual. Hope this does not put you off too much but, hopefully it may prepare you better. Edit, Forgot to mention, the body was once a person so treat the whole process with respect.
  18. There is a strong rumour that you cannot spend what you gave not got. That rumour has not yet reached many Politicians, even after years of failure.
  19. Any party offering University Students no tuition fees and thus saving them at least £27,000 is going to get their vote. If someone offered me £27,000 to vote for them I might just think about it. For every £ given to someone then some else has to pay for that.
  20. At least she is not promising the unaffordable like a certain Jeremy Corbyn.
  21. Zulu 22

    Ill health retirement with depression

    I am not sure about the Scottish Regs. In E & W they have the power to recall you for a reassessment medical are able to recall you. What ever you do you need to speak to the Scottish Federation they are there to help you and the see you through circumstances like this.
  22. Ring DVLA as it all depends on conviction, any restrictions and dates.
  23. We must not turn this tragedy into a Political points scoring event. It is a tragedy that should not have happened but we must wait for the evidence to come forward. Emotions are running high but are, wrongly, being fuelled by political motivators. The Emergency services have done a fantastic job and it should be remembered by all that searching the building, finding and retrieving the bodies is a huge task and cannot be unduly hurried. It will be a harrowing time and because of the event, it may be that some of the bodies are not identified, as was the case in the 9/11 in New York. The Forensic experts will do their job but it is a slow meticulous process. The families need support and sympathy, and not to be used.
  24. The money could come from the overseas budgets, but it won't. On the Logistics of the whole thing, where are the officers going to come from. It takes time to advertise, recruit, and train to a level where they can actually do the basics of training. It is very easy to lose numbers but extremely difficult and time consuming to replace the. This on't a guesstimate but, I would think that it would take 5 years minimum to recruit and train to manning levels of pre Winsor as Austerity.
  25. Zulu 22

    The general election (June 2017)

    Corbyn gathered support from the under 25's especially in University area's. He promised them he would scrap Tuition Fee's to buy their votes. If somebody offered me a financial incentive of between £27K and £72 K then they could certainly buy my vote. He would reintroduce University Grants, Clegg similarly offered the same when he was not in power. When he went into a coalition, and he was in Government, he realised that the country could not afford to do that. Corbyn and McDonald promised the earth and merely said "It has been fully costed" but never satisfactorily said where the money would come from. The one good thning to come out of the election is that OC's friend Nicola Sturgeon, and Alex Salmond got a good old kick from the Scottish electorate.